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  1. the tuxedo and alwife patterns work very well.you will get browns on ontario with them,but they perform much better for me on the adirondack lakes for landlocks,lakers,perch,and smallmouths.
  2. nice job reel doc,frostbite fishing on the finger lakes,love it!!!!!
  3. im not living in any bubble,im not hiding in my basement,and im not livivng in the woods with the bears,im out in the world living and enjoying my life like a free american.chowder,if i had an elederly family memeber in a nursing home,than i wouldnt be going to a fishing expo with people coming in from all over,thats just common sense,but it doesnt mean that the rest of the world needs to be hididng in their basements and nobody can be out doing what they want.you make common sense decisions for you and your family and everyone else can make common sense decisions for themselves and let the world get back to normal.
  4. aint nothing going to be any different in march or any other month in this state.the panic p*rn ,covid theater,and the fear mongering being pushed in this state will never end.if they want to have this show,they are going to have to move it to florida!!!!!!i truly feel sorry for all the people who put alot of time into making this happen,just to have the carpet pulled out from underneath them,again!!!!!!
  5. there ya go,it will definetly give you little more speed cause of the less drag,good luck with your project!!!!
  6. mcwally,i cant be 100% sure if they were burbot or bowfin,im pretty sure the guy said they were burbot,but if you wanna come down this summer to the little salmon to try for them,let me know,ill sit on the dock with ya and see what we can come up with,ill even supplky the beer!!!!!!
  7. 20" might be good if it was a single engine setup,dead center on the transom,but you may need the short shafts with the twin motor setup.im just guessing here,you will have to see where the plates are in relation to the bottom of the transom.
  8. just like big motors,smaller motors come in different length shafts,short or long,i believe short shaft little motors are 15" and long shaft are 20"
  9. did you keep the anti-cavatation plates even with the deadrise of the transom?the anti-cavitation plate is supposed to be even with the keel of the boat.with you going with twins,the motors are now outboard of the keel,so higher up on the dead rise of the transom,thus the motors are too far in the water when on plane causing your rooster tail???
  10. july and august,he gets them right in the marina at mikes
  11. charter boat next to me caught one trolling for browns in the spring two years ago in mexico bay.i know a guy that comes couple times a year to fish for salmon and at night he chunks up perch and puts it down on bottom right in the little salmon and catches quite a few of them.
  12. LOL!!!!! how do we have the right to decide when the lefty socialist government and the blue socialist states keep ramming mandates down our throats????how is that letting us decide what to do???millions of people were forced to get shots and boosters,the government made people either get vax or loose their jobs,how is that letting people make a decision for themselves???
  13. whats really lacking and even more rare these days is COMMON SENSE!!!!!!!!
  14. mcwally,you speak with too much common sense for some to understand,dosent matter if you die in a car accident,heart attack,or cancer anymore,heck doesnt even matter if you die,as long as you test postive,you are playing a part of the covid theater and thats all that matters anymore,!!!!
  15. i agree with rolmops,with covid theater running rampant in this state,there is lots of gulible people hiding in their basements,so attendance might be down.why dont you just list everything here on lou,group it together as a lot.great place to sell and buy equipment.
  16. its not all political,its mostly monetary now.we know that the lefty socialist party is in bed with big pharma,so as long as the lefty socialist party keeps selling shots for big pharma,they will keep recieving billions of our tax dollars.its a brilliant plan that unfortunatly is working
  17. well i have no respect for him,yes we all no what his job is,but instead of getting honest scientific data from him,we get fear mongering garbage that is handed down to him from his string handlers.
  18. they were biting in mexico bay yesterday!!!!
  19. fauci is nothing more than a political puppet.he doesnt talk science,he just spews fear mongering garbage handed down to him from the lefty dictatorship.
  20. now showing.....COVID THEATER,highest earning show in american history!!!!!!100 billion dollars and still climbing,keep taking them tests and getting the shots and boosters,theres no telling how much this show will end up earning!!!!!!!
  21. in the liberal mind,all it has to do is sound good on paper,who cares what the actual reality is.
  22. woodys and sonnys in port ontario,all seasons in pulaski.
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