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  1. Run your mags between 230-300’ out and run your riggers 110-140 and put meat on every rod you have!!!! We haven’t been fishing near the plant but I know guys that have and they say the current is pretty bad,so fishing without a hawk,your down speed might be off,really need to be good at reading your rigger cables and diver rods to get your speed right
  2. I also used sei for a gearcase for my 200 hp yammie 2 stoke,900 bucks shipped to my door,2 years on it with no issues
  3. woodys in port ontario woukld probably be your closest place.
  4. impressive laker,congrats!!!
  5. another route to go is if your kicker has an external gear shift lever on the motor,you can buy a control king throttle control to control your motor speed.these units are great,start your motor,put it in gear and then just turn a dial to control your speed at the helm.super easy to dial in your speed just right.no need to install controll box or cables.probably be around the same price as buying new cables.
  6. Lots of lampreys in Mexico bay also,not quite as bad as few years ago,but not good
  7. i would call or pm hank at L and M marine in port bay.hank is a great mechanic thats been working on boats for a long time.he is a moderator here on lou,so you can pm him.
  8. mexico bay loaded with them as well,most ive ever seen.
  9. just the last one in front of the garage,the rest of them it seems you have to download to see them?
  10. only the triple tree is left,others are sold.
  11. they are yours kevin,i will bring them with me this weekend and leave them in my camper for you.
  12. 100 bucks for the triple track setup,50 bucks each for the ratcheting diver holders,and 25 bucks for the single with the red cap,i have 2 of them,other one is still on the boat.i also have 8 rail mount holders for 7/8'" to 1" rails,they are still on the boat and will be removed this weekend.15 bucks each or 100 bucks for all 8.can meet up in the old forge-pulaski-sodus area or can ship on buyers dime.
  13. why do ice fisherman get to run 7 rods/tip ups each and boat fisherman can only run 3???you get a small group of ice fisherman together on a smaller lake and they can take up the whole lake with 7 tip ups each and pretty much screw anyone else looking to fish that body of water.whether you run 6 0r 12 rods on a boat doesnt effect any other boat fishing.seems to me the law is backwards.
  14. well gill,i want to personally thank you for dragging out the scamdemic for years,inflation hitting all time high,national debt hitting an all time high,gas prices coming close to an all time high,crime hitting an all time high in just about all major cities,and letting in the most illegal alliens ever in us history,you being an independent and leaning right really makes you a patriot!!!!!
  15. call bill at 315-515-8278 to reserve a table if any are still available.
  16. legal system is independent of the government,now thats gotta be the most ignorant statement in this whole conversation!!!!george sorros billions=wingnut lefty judges and prosecutors=the liberal government to prosecute their political opponents,sound familiar????
  17. newsome,now thats funny!!!could be the only candidate worse than jello head joe,oh wait,i almost forgot about the cackling hyena harris.fisherdude,do yourself a favor and look up the sean hannity debate from a few months ago,between, newsome and desantis and watch the incredible embarrassment newsome made of himself on live tv!!!!newsome is doing such a great job running california,that the state has the highest outflow of people and businesses in the country,only second too.....yup,new york state.doesnt matter which socialist democrat runs,if the states do away with mail in voting,ballot harvesting and drop boxes and require id for in person voting,trump wins by 10 million+ votes.and for those of you that are going to say that mail in voting is secure,just go look what happened couple weeks ago in nevada primary,all mail in ballots were counted,even if the people didnt send them in!!!!!and of coarse the nevada secretary of state claims it was just a computer glitch,wonder how many"computer glitches" there were in 2020???
  18. i find spoon pads are a great way to store spoons and sticks in most cases.they can be portable,where you just hang them somewhere and then take them off when needed or more permanent like my setup.the diver docks are a great way to store your divers,they come with double sided tape,so you dont have to drill holes or you can mount them with the screws provided.you can get them from bass pro or theres a guy on ebay that makes them for half the price.
  19. call hank at L&M marine,great guy and great mechanic,like what was stated above,he will not bs you and if he works on your motor,it will be fixed the right way.
  20. hey earl,if you do need a surveyor at some point,i highly recommend brian garret(tall tails).he will give you a very thorough and honest survey.i know a few guys that used him last year and they were very happy.if you need his number,give me a shout.
  21. nice fish,it was probably picking up your rigger weight,try turning down your gain/sensitivity a little.
  22. ill be in mexico tomorrow and can meet up with you if they are still available,i left you a voicemail and sent you a text.
  23. not sure how close he is to you,but gary sneath rebuilders in poland ny should be able to help you out 315-826-7892
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