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  1. i saw a posting in the new york outdoor news paper that the wells fish and game club is having a tackle show/swap meet this saturday,the 14th at the wells historical society.i think you have to go on facebook for more info.
  2. elosta tackle show is march 11th at the brewerton fire dept.i believe the doors open at 8.great show to pick up tackle or sell tackle.
  3. thats great news that its dead,too bad they had to waste tax payer dollars on the study.
  4. second time this has happened in the last few days
  5. fran mosier of animal art taxidermy right in mexico.315-963-3817.he has done couple salmon and a brown trout and is working on a brook trout for me now.he has done a few deer for my nephew over the last few years.we are very happy with his work.super nice guy to deal with.
  6. troll controll feature is awesome on those motors as well
  7. i run 9' medium okuma white diamonds for braid diver rods for browns on ontario and all the adirondack lakes,plenty of back bone to pull the divers and light enough to make it fun on small fish
  8. lets see what the left wing whack job lefty puppet biden has done -locked the country down for two years,crushed the economy and small buissnesses, and mandated people get jabs that only 20 percent of the population needed just to enrich big pharma to help the socialist democrats grow their campaign account. -on day one shut down us oil production to please his left wing puppet string pullers.which led to sky high oilprices which has led us to sky high inflation, -ignored all violence and has helped put tens of thousands of career criminals back on the street -shut down the building of the wall which has led to over 4 million illegal alliens into our country that we the tax payers have to pay for now -which makes him a violator of his oath of office -botched afghanistan withdrawl that killed 13 american soldiers -pledged to reunite america,thats a joke,just look at this post!!!!! wait i have 300 more,but the poles have closed
  9. well the people on government assistance,criminlas,illegal aliens,and every other country in the world except for america are better off now then when trump was president!!!!!!!
  10. hmmmm,lets see,record high oil prices under obama led to the economy crashing,trump gets in,oil drops to lowest prices ever,economy booms,socialist democrats use the scamdemic to cheat their way to win the election and oil goes through the roof again,yeah,its the oil companies creating the problem,not the socialist democrats policies,you can only try to fool the american people for so long,thats why the socialist democrats are going to get whiped out tonight,well if they cant cheat their way through another election.
  11. hudons would most definetly have them,make sure you get the right size ones,whether its a long track or short track.im not far from hudons and im out to mexico all the time,if they have them,id pick them up for you and meet you in mexico???
  12. north country storage barns,their main office is in philadelphia ny,but they have a site in sandy creek/pulaski.they will deliver right to your house.i have a couple of their sheds and are very happy with them.you can spec out your shed on their website.
  13. i just climbed in my boat and tested the pl-259 antenna connector and it is showing no continuity between the center pin and the outer shield.which i believe is how it should be cause there is a plastic tube that sepperates the the inner core wire from the outer shielding wire.if you are showing continuity between the two,i would think theres a short somewhere in the wire or the antenna itself and if thats the case,trying to transmit with a shorted antenna probably isnt good for the radio.
  14. two thumbs up to elosta and the mexico vfw for having this event.glad to see they didnt cave to the tyrants running this state.im really proud to be an elosta member!!!!!
  15. well jello head is still saying its just temporary,so dont buy that kayak just yet!!!!!lol
  16. hoping it holds rest of the winter!!!!!!but its not
  17. the tuxedo and alwife patterns work very well.you will get browns on ontario with them,but they perform much better for me on the adirondack lakes for landlocks,lakers,perch,and smallmouths.
  18. nice job reel doc,frostbite fishing on the finger lakes,love it!!!!!
  19. im not living in any bubble,im not hiding in my basement,and im not livivng in the woods with the bears,im out in the world living and enjoying my life like a free american.chowder,if i had an elederly family memeber in a nursing home,than i wouldnt be going to a fishing expo with people coming in from all over,thats just common sense,but it doesnt mean that the rest of the world needs to be hididng in their basements and nobody can be out doing what they want.you make common sense decisions for you and your family and everyone else can make common sense decisions for themselves and let the world get back to normal.
  20. aint nothing going to be any different in march or any other month in this state.the panic p*rn ,covid theater,and the fear mongering being pushed in this state will never end.if they want to have this show,they are going to have to move it to florida!!!!!!i truly feel sorry for all the people who put alot of time into making this happen,just to have the carpet pulled out from underneath them,again!!!!!!
  21. there ya go,it will definetly give you little more speed cause of the less drag,good luck with your project!!!!
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