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  1. 2022 Old Town Sportsman PDL 120 Fishing kayak, Photic Camo, 12ft with pedal drive. I bought this brand new and have only used it 4-5 times. Comes with a paddle, YakAttak anchor trolley system, 3.5lb folding anchor, (2) RAM HD Rod holders, (2) 13.5" RAM adjustable extension arms, (2) RAM HD kayak mounting bases, Garmin Striker 4+ Sonar/GPS with transducer on a raised mount and an adjustable sonar mount. I'll even throw in my storage box with rod holders (just an old milk crate with pvc tubes for extra rods). No issues with it at all, just didn't end up using it as much as I thought I would. $2500 Picked up in Rome, NY
  2. I have a 2003 Yamaha 9.9 kicker motor (F9.9ELRB), long shaft, e-start, manual tilt/trim, with controls for sale. It came with my boat and was working when I removed it to upgrade to a 15hp at the beginning of last season. I put a new fuel pump on it and replaced the throttle and shift cables 2 years ago. I don't have a tank or fuel line for it as it was plumbed to the main tank on my boat, So currently I have no way to test run it and because of this I am selling it "for parts". I will add pictures to this once I take them. $1000 picked up in Rome, NY.
  3. They have a website too just FYI... I've used them many times as they are local to me. I've even had them make up custom designs for me. https://oneidalakefishingtackle.com/collections
  4. I fish out of a 24ft WA boat built for the ocean and I won't fish anything beyond a 1-3 forecast. Even that has me slight apprehensive because I have seen it end up being much worse than forecasted more often than not (not to mention I drive an hour each way to my boat). My boat could easily and I'm sure safely handle more than that, but I fish for fun. I want to be comfortable and enjoy my time on the water, I'm not looking to go out and get beat up.
  5. This is where I go mine from... hard to beat their price imo. https://www.madsdocks.com/poleholders
  6. I’d say August is worth heading out to the trench and giving it a try. There’s usually always lakers around, Salmon might be around or it might be a bit too early. Otherwise there’s always good walleye fishing in Henderson bay.
  7. 12ft, don't know where I got that number from but that's what I do. If fish are looking but not biting I will adjust the distance sometimes but I always start at 12ft. You definitely don't want to run a slider with a FF on the rigger or you will end up with a mess every time. A slider with a spoon on the rigger is fine and I do that pretty much anytime I have rigger deeper than 20ft.
  8. Goodluck, I've been looking for a new handheld remote for mine for months. Everyone once and a while a used setup will pop up on ebay, that's prolly your best bet.
  9. I'm not running a Robalo brand but I am running a 23.5ft WA style boat. Personally I wouldn't go any smaller than 23ft for Ontario especially if you plan on fishing with multiple people. You can comfortably fish 4 people on that size boat, anymore than that and it gets a bit crowded. Boat is still easily manageable with 2 people and fishable solo if you run an auto-pilot. I looked at similar style boats to the Robalo with the slanted "European" style transom and I didn't like the looks of them (seemed like netting fish off the back would be tough?), I opted to go with a more standard vertical transom style boat. After 4yrs of owning and fishing off a WA I can say my next boat likely won't be a WA style boat. I think too much room (width of cockpit and cuddy) is given up to allow for the WA aspect (bow access/fishability) of the boat which I never used. My next boat will be a Penn Yan Tournament, Sportcraft Fishmaster or Baha Cruiser Fisherman style boat.
  10. I have a pair of Ziggy Planer Boards (Port & Starboard) they are the "Copper" model which states they can pull up to 350' copper or 15 colors of lead. These come rigged with a Sam's Pro front release and OR-16 clip in the back. I had no issues with these, I used them for my 10 color and 300' copper and they pulled them no problem. I'm looking into getting a couple longer copper setups and will need bigger boards. Can pick up in Rome during the week or Mexico on the weekends. $80 + shipping
  11. Anyone have a Garmin TR-1 Gold system that doesn't work? Looking for some parts for mine and obviously can't find any due to fact it is discontinued. Just wanted to see if maybe someone has one laying around with maybe a bad ECU or compass but other parts still work. I'm mainly looking for a remote (handheld or wireless with receiver) and the pump. Has to be the TR-1 GOLD, the older Gladiator and standard TR-1 systems are not cross-compatible.
  12. my 300 weighted steel fit very well on a 55 size convector with plenty of room for backing
  13. Like the title says I have a 45 size Okuma coldwater with 200' of weighted steel and either 30lb or 50lb yellow braid backing (I can't remember the size I used). Looking for $150 + shipping or pickup in Mexico on the weekends. No issues with the reel or the line, just never find myself using this setup for some reason.
  14. I am not 100% sure the kicker has a charging system, I assumed it did as the specs on a 15hp Pro-kicker state it has a 12amp alternator. I run alot of other electronics, Garmin 93sv, Fishawk Xd4, 2 Digitroll 10 riggers, Garmin TR-1 kicker autopilot, VHF radio. My old kicker was a 2004 9.9 Yamaha, i don't recall what it had for an alternator but I always saw 13v+ while it was running even with all my electronics on. I don't think it's possible to get this model kicker without a charging system, which makes me think there is an issue with the my motor.
  15. I'm a Garmin guy so I cant really speak on the latest and greatest HB tech. I can tell you that for salmon trolling Lake O, I find both side and down imagining to be basically useless.
  16. I'll take the 2 new ones. PM sent
  17. I recently installed a new to me 2015 Mercury Pro-kicker 15hp on my boat and I don't think that this kicker is returning a charge to my batteries. I monitor voltage and am only seeing 12.5V with the kicker running and as the day goes on it slowly fades down to 12.1-12.2V and starts to trigger low-voltage alarms on my boat. When my main motor is running on the same gauges jumps to 14V+ so I know the gauge is working properly. The electric start on the kicker works fine so I know it's connected to the battery properly. Is it possible to get a Pro-kicker that has electric start but no charging system? The Model# is 1F15452EK, what should I check first?
  18. Your bow sonar should use the built-in transducer in your trolling motor (if there is one) or you should get a mount kit to mount the transducer to your trolling motor. You won't ever be able to get down to only 2 transducers on the transom as long as you have 2 different brand sonars on the boat (HB and Garmin) and a fishawk. You would need to eliminate the Garmin or settle on 3 transducers, you could always mount the fishawk transducer on the other side of the transom. Just run your probe on the same side of the boat that your transducer is on. Networking the 2 HB units wont help you eliminate a transducer from the transom either.
  19. 30lb mono, I use Berkley Big Game.
  20. I have two used Cannon Mag 5 HS downriggers. These have been upgraded with dual rear rod holders, extendable booms (3-6ft I believe) newer style enclosed boom end swivel, newer style solid pin power connections and low profile swivel mounts. These were removed in working condition only thing needed is the female battery side cables as mine stayed in the boat. I will post pics later this week. $500 pickup only in Rome during the week or Mexico on the weekends.
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