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  1. I like to run big flashers when I run twinkie rigs... 13" kingfisher or 12" fish n chips. If I run a clean meat rig I will run a standard 8" e-chip or spin doctor.
  2. You won't be on your own... I've passed on the last two weekends because of poor fishing reports. I'm coming up this weekend no matter what (exception being weather of course). There were some pretty big bags weighed in the invitational out of Oswego last weekend, so there has to be some fishing around willing to bite. Just have to find them!
  3. Depends on their placement compared to where I'm marking fish. If my coppers are right in the zone I'm marking fish, I'll run anything on them. This time of year when fish are deeper than my coppers I run spoons just for occasional Steelie or Brown. I don't fish super long coppers (300' max) for me.
  4. This what I used to do, works great. Just make sure you go with a long shaft TM, don't even consider anything shorter than 60" and depending on your model of boat you may want to look for a 72".
  5. I've been contemplating making a run up to Chaumont bay for a while now to try for some big walleyes. With these reports that might turn into a reality tomorrow. Long run in the boat but last few weeks of slow fishing in Mexico have me willing to try something different. Decisions, decisions...
  6. Strips and you can them from pretty much any local tackle shop.
  7. I've had good luck running Ziggy boards, they got a couple different sizes. I run the copper boards and use them for everything up to 300 with no problems. I don't own anything over 300 but they say the "big sexy" boards will pull 600 copper.
  8. Airbnb is usually my go to, to find places to stay. Looks like there is a good number of places near Sodus list on airbnb. Just find one that looks good to you. We do a couple trips a year while staying at Airbnb places, it has always worked out well.
  9. We don't ever yell at the fish for not biting... we yell at our lines for not catching fish. Thrown pennies to the "fish gods" plenty of times but may have to up it to quarters if that's the going rate now...
  10. Fish are absolutely stacked up out in front of the dunes in 120-140 fow. Had marks for hours, but not one single bite. Slide inside and marked Tons of bait and lots of fish in 90 fow, but only managed to picke up 4 browns. Disappointing to say the least.
  11. I'm headed up tomorrow, hopefully its better than it was last Saturday... goodluck!
  12. Garmin TR-1 Gold (older discontinued version) and Garmin Reactor 40 Kicker AP. Depends on the year/make of your kicker, the new Reactor 40 unit has limited compatibility when compared to the older TR-1 system. My kicker wasn't compatible with the Reactor 40 so I went with the TR1 system earlier this year and it works very well. Installation was very easy, did it myself in maybe 3hrs.
  13. Where did you find that? Readily available YES, in plastic bags or under lock and key while underway NO. That's what the boater safety guide says, why would in the cuddy be illegal? My cuddy is always open and unlocked when I'm in the boat. I have been checked several times and pulled them out of storage compartments in front of DEC and was never told they needed to be out and on deck?
  14. I can't comment on the adj brackets as I never looked into them my kicker came pre-rigged on a bracket. The throttle control options are iTroll, Trollmaster, ControllKing… I would prolly rank them in the that order, but it is also how they rank from most to least expensive. It really comes down to how many bells/whistles you want to have as any of the 3 will control your speed. You will for sure want the ez steer setup, locking kicker straight and trying to use your main as a rudder will not perform nearly as well as you think.
  15. I will do this as well otherwise you’re only charging the battery you currently have selected. One thing I do when I have both selected is make sure I leave the kicker running when I go to start the main. That way I’m never completely dead in the water.
  16. Start by replacing that battery and strongly consider putting in a battery switch and a 2nd "house" battery (Deep cycle). Start the boat on battery 1 (cranking) and then switch to battery 2 while trolling. This way you will never be left stranded, if you kill the house battery your starting battery will still be good. This would be a safety concern for me, especially if your kicker doesn't have a charging system. If weather kicks up out there and your only battery is dead it could put you in a very dangerous situation.
  17. Wow, glad to hear everyone is safe! Excellent job of handling the situation, you likely saved lives by making sure to get everyone in a pfd as quickly as you did! I'm out of Mexico and can't think of anything out that far that you could have hit? Sounds like it could have happened to anyone of us... I will be keeping a better eye out for sure from now on!
  18. I run meat rigs at the same speed I run everything else for salmon, 2.3-2.8.
  19. My old boat I had the fish hawk transducer mounted on the opposite side of my sonar transducer which was the kicker side and had no issues. On my current boat I mounted it right next to my sonar transducer (83/200) on the non-kicker side and have no issues with that either.
  20. I think most people back their LC setups with braid, but it depends on how many colors you're running. 12lb mono backing is prolly fine for shorter brown trout LC setups (1-3 colors) but anything you plan to target salmon with I use 30lb or 50lb braid as backing. I don't use the alberto knot but I do my tie my knots the same way by removing lead and tying to the sheath.
  21. Last I saw there was only ~25 teams registered for the tournament. Most of the names on the list are local boats, plus it's running out of Salmon Country so I doubt you would see much more traffic out of the state launch than normal. I wouldn't say you would need to change ports because of it.
  22. Looks like this should work... https://www.amazon.com/Propeller-Johnson-Evinrude-Outboard-114848/dp/B013QRZCOC
  23. Wingers are downrigger weights with "wings" on them. They are meant to deflect out to the sides to stay away from inside riggers.
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