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  1. You would just put the AP on your main motor and then connect the main to the kicker via tie-bar or EZ steer.
  2. Both items have been shipped, I sent each of you tracking info via PM. I hear there have been issues with PMs so figured I’d post it here just in case.
  3. Got it, will get back to you with tracking info once I ship
  4. Only a weekend warrior here, we didn't have too many issues with the weather but was by far my worst year of fishing. We had more skunk days this year than the last 3 years combined.
  5. Would consider trades for fishing gear... spoons, flashers, flies, etc
  6. Price updated... would consider trades for fishing gear... spoons, flashers, flies, etc
  7. I will take it, if something doesn't work out. I'm in Mikes Marina also.
  8. Google home mini (chalk), brand new never opened. $30+ shipping
  9. (4) size 0 and (3) size 1 dipsy divers, all used but in working condition $30 + shipping SOLD! (2) Brand new size 2 Chinook divers & (1) weight kit $25 + shipping SOLD! paypal or pick up in Mexico on the weekends.
  10. Brand new in the package charging cable for Ipilot and Ipilot Link remotes. $20 + shipping
  11. I would email Garmin support and ask them to be certain... their CS is usually very helpful.
  12. I have a pair of Ziggy's copper boards and they are rated for 350' coppers. I can vouch they work very well for 300'. Ziggy also makes a "big sexy" model thats bigger and says its good for up to 600' coppers. Just another option to consider.
  13. Its roughly the size of a .50 cal ammo can if you are familiar with those.
  14. https://spooncrankbox.com/ Just got one of these for this year and am very happy with it. I bought the crank box and have it split up 70% spoons and 30% cranks. You use the dividers where you want cranks and then leave the rest of the pages blank (without dividers) for the spoons. Works great!
  15. Honestly I've always used the Everstart Maxx from walmart (Lead-Acid). Haven't had any issues with them and regularly get 4-5yrs out of them, for less than $100 each thats always been good enough for me.
  16. I'll take these, PM me payment info
  17. I'd go with 31 group deep cycle batteries.
  18. So I have always wondered about this... Anytime I raise/lower my riggers I always have to adjust the rod/reel to match. How does being able to raise/lower from your seat benefit you, if you have to go back and adjust the rod/reel to match? Do you keep the drag loose on your reels or not keep a lot of tension on the rod when you set it? Always thought it was a cool feature but never seemed very practical to me?
  19. I bet you had a kink in the wire you didn't notice and the added friction of the line coming off opposite of the level-wind was likely enough additional resistance to break it. That issue was most likely due to you cutting off the previous tangle and throwing off the "timing" of the level wind further down the spool. Most ppl are using wire on a 30 size reel which filled with 1000ft of wire requires very minimal backing just to fill the spool completely and keep your linecounter accurate. Some don't even use backing as the counter is fairly close with just the 1000ft of wire on the reel. I would remove the remaining wire and put a new 1000ft spool on the reel and whatever backing you need to fill the reel. You shouldn't ever have a fish get out past 1000ft and into the backing IMO.
  20. You're trying to combine two things that don't need to be combined... the whole point of dipseys and weighted steel are to get a lure down to a certain depth. Weighted steel sinks on its own at a known rate, and dispeys dive to certain depths with a known amount of line out. No need to combine the two when they can each do the job on their own. Wire is used on dipseys because it doesn't sink on its own and its narrow diameter will cut thru the water better than say braid or mono which allows the dipsey to get deeper with less line out (with added benefit of collecting less fleas and easier flea removal). Braid is used on dipsey diver by some and I've heard of mono being used but not usually for salmon due to the line stretch and depths we are trying to reach. Stick with wire or braid on dipseys for salmon.
  21. I had a similar issue a few years back when I would fish depths over 90ft down. I switched to heavier rigger weights (15lb sharks from 10lb torpedos) and this brought everything back into my sonar cone.
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