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  1. I have a brand new still in the box pair of Wolverine slip resistant work boots (never even tried on). Size 11.... $100+ shipping https://www.wolverine.com/US/en/durashocks-sr-direct-attach-lined-6-inch-work-boot/18122M.html?dwvar_18122M_color=W03123#cgid=technology-durashocks&prefn1=toeFeatures&prefv1=Soft-Toe&prefn2=workFeatures&prefv2=Slip+Resistant&start=1
  2. That rubber mat is a great idea! I was concerned with the chair sliding around and marking up the deck, which is the main reason I posted this. Oh yeah and my father's safety a little bit too.
  3. Yes they are, I know I keeping saying I will post pics and I really will soon! Boat is stored for winter I just need to get down there and get some.
  4. I'll buy new not a big deal, I was just looking for brands to look into.
  5. Anyone found a good deck chair for non-slip floors? I'd like to get my father out fishing with me more this year but he has balance/standing issues. I wouldn't bring him out in anything less than optimal conditions but I would like to find a chair I can bring and setup on the back deck for him to fight fish while sitting. The rear facing seats in my boat now are fine for him to sit in while we're traveling but too close to the hardtop to fight fish in. Any recommendations?
  6. I have a different style boat (Hardtop WA) but my remote controlled spot-light is mounted right behind the cuddy hatch. Works very well there no glare.
  7. Still for sale... Riggers are in my basement but the battery end cables are still installed on the boat which is in storage until April. I will ship the cords to you in April at no cost if the riggers are purchased before the boat is out of storage.
  8. Cold Water are awesome reels I have 8 of them. You are going to need roughly 100yds of 20lb mono backing plus 1000ft of wire to completely fill that reel so the counter will be accurate. Just FYI.
  9. You could splice sections of mono into your leadcore and then have something to attach to your releases. Personally I think the more knots you add the more potential for failures you have so I prefer to run dedicated setups, but many people run segmented leadcore. I have acquired enough rod/reels over the years to have dedicated setups. I have 2,3,5,7,10 color leadcore setups, seems to cover just about everything I need.
  10. I’ll take this if it’s still available.
  11. I have a 2018 Tohatsu 8hp for sale if you’re interested send me a PM.
  12. Have you tried 3M 5200? That stuff is basically permanent after you apply it.
  13. Do you actually know where the leak is? Could be in a hose and none of that stuff would stop a leak in a hose. First priority would be finding the leak (or telling us where/what is leaking) and then we can better help with a repair.
  14. When you think about the price of the rod/reel/line/lure you will be putting in the rod holder... spend the extra on a quality rod holder especially for dipsey setups. Go with a Berts, traxstech, big jon, etc. First year I got into salmon I was using the same plastic Scotty rod holders I used for walleyes, first time a Salmon hit it I thought for sure it was going to rip it off the side of my boat! My setup with wire line and everything prolly cost well over $250 and I was putting it in a $12 rod holder. Needless to say I switched to Bert's ratcheting rod holders and haven't worried about it since.
  15. FishingFool34

    No Answer

    Here is a better price on the TR1 core pack, I would call to confirm they have it in stock before placing an order just to be safe. https://www.boatersland.com/garmin-tr-1-gold-marine-autopilot-without-throttle-and-bracket-ne.html
  16. FishingFool34

    No Answer

    Yes that is exactly what I am saying. I’m in a very similar position as you and have been researching this for a while now. My kicker is older (2005 Yamaha 9.9 carb)and is not compatible with the new reactor system. I like you already have a throttle control unit for my kicker as well. There’s nothing you would be doing that would void any warranty, everything would be factory Garmin parts installed exactly how they say. You would just not be purchasing a completely separate and optional part from them.
  17. FishingFool34

    No Answer

    I don't understand why carb vs EFI matters if you're not using their throttle controller. All you need is core system and cylinder mounting kit for your kicker. I think you're still looking at the Reactor 40 system info... 1999 Merc 15hp & newer (looks to be same p/n as the 9.9)is listed below with the part number for the cylinder mount for the TR1 Gold AP system. https://support.garmin.com/en-US/?faq=iWIKkJsON5AUtL3TUMduC7 West Marine has the core TR1 system in stock and the cylinder mounting kits you can get from a couple different places if you do a google search. https://www.westmarine.com/buy/garmin--tr-1-gold-marine-autopilot--17143165?cm_sp=Onsite-Recs-_-DY-_-Search-Results https://www.mygreenoutdoors.com/garmin-tr-1-cylinder-bracket-kit-f-mercury-9-9-1999-2004-mercury-15-1999-2009-120-1010-01/ That should be everything you need to run the TR1 system with your iTroll.
  18. FishingFool34

    No Answer

    I think the issue with the new Reactor 40 kicker system is that it is all electronic, where the TR1 system is mainly hydraulic. Missing electronic components like throttle control may cause a fault or error in the system. But in the TR1 system the throttle control is completely separate of the main hydraulic AP so having something different controlling the throttle wouldn't have any affect on the main AP system.
  19. FishingFool34

    No Answer

    What was the reason you couldn't use the Garmin TR1 Gold AP system? The system is a generic system designed for kickers, you purchase the specific cylinder mounting kit for your motor and specific throttle control unit separately from the core AP system. If you use the iTroll for throttle control instead of the separate unit that Garmin sells, the TR1 should still control the steering without any issues. With all the people running the TR1 system here I wouldn't be surprised if someone has the system with an aftermarket throttle control like Trollmaster or iTroll. There is an old thread on the walleye central forums about a guy with the TR1 system where the throttle control that came with the TR1 stopped working. He said instead of fixing it he added a trollmaster throttle control and hasn't had any issues. https://www.walleyecentral.com/forums/showthread.php?t=281314
  20. Yeah prolly even worse than that lol. I was in disbelief when I opened it and saw what it was. Funny thing is, I’ve kept it in my atv since that day and never had to use it again.
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