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  1. if you cant find them needle fish are close
  2. thanks for the reply's was out last year to 1/2 the week blown off the lake this year same **** fished 3 days headed home 3 days early do to forecast and had it get pretty snotty latter in the day fished mexico bay
  3. i know was just out of the salmon river 2 weeks ago trolling on the lake
  4. have never been there is a small 16ft lowe good enough
  5. was out this week wind was bad fished 2 days off mexico nothing yesterday 2 browns to the down stream side out side the salmon river in 25 ft had to cut the week short thunder storms today went home last night with a 16 ft i am at the mercy of the wind morning were ok by noon not so much
  6. great report ill be up next week hope it holds up
  7. thanks kind of my plan to wind permitting ill be up the whole week have a cabin at selkirk
  8. can you guys mention dept and possibly which part of bay im going up the 21st hoping o catch the brown bite have a 16 ft so i cant go every were
  9. Haven't done spring browns yet but run Davis instruments fish seeker can be set 5 to 80 ft deep and fished on light tackle you can find them at bass pro or on Amazon $9 each
  10. tanks already have a cabin at selkirk long haul from Pulaski to Niagara
  11. thanks heading up may 21st fishing out of salmon river
  12. have my own boat sorry have a cabin at selkirk launching at the public ramp
  13. thanks for all the reply's i caught 1 years ago off 9 mile in the spring went to check line snapped it off the rigger 3 cranks bam not big about 24 in i am going up end of may thats why i asked mostly looking for browns and steel head but a salmon would be sweet in the mix i have seen fishing shows on cable were they do good in the spring the show were farther and son slam them fishing 411
  14. what would be the best month to target them on the big o
  15. didnt get much fishing in my buddy blew his rear brake lines and had to replace 1 caliper cost him over $800 and had my trolling motor crap out so lost auto pilot power just cut out day 1 and 2 stuck in camp ground day 3 get the truck back fish the pm nothing day 4 one 29 in laker on a flutter spoon day 5-6 nothing read fish off the plant but no takers it was the vacation from hell but still better then working hope the next trip runs better and was told i was 2 1/2 weeks early oh well
  16. no my brother was standing on the bridge said the hole river was covered he was able to see my spoon
  17. i will be tent camping sun till fri if i do anything ill let you guys know if anyone else will be around mexico or the plant and you want to share what channel your on
  18. im no expert but was up at the salmon river labor day weekend years ago they were already in the river i know its more about temps and water level for staging fish your better off mid till end of aug by sept they are making the run and once they turn in the river not very good eating you want them fresh still in the lake
  19. thats why owasco will be plan b
  20. thanks for all the help i am new to this site nothing but great bunch of fisherman here i love it i do know what i am doing for trolling so hoping to share what i get from all the help we do have some big trout were i am from but nothing like the big o our state record laker is 30 lbs
  21. seen that but no lake trout just praying to get out on the big o towing its most likely 6 hrs from were i live if i use my 4 cl out lander my buddys getting his pick up checked to see if its good
  22. i will be camping at selkirk i only have a 16 ft if the big o is to rough anything near by with lakers ad browns i know the finger lakes are like 2 hours drive more towing
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