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  1. I think I have one, I didn't dig it out but if I remember right it's about 4" x 4" with a center post that the rigger sits down onto. I have the rigger to go with it as well, hand crank with a 3' boom
  2. some really great info I'm looking forward to trying bait this year. One question can you run bait with other rigs like spoons or should you keep everything in bait? I have 3 down riggers, boards and so forth.
  3. I thought it was too good to be true, but this site has a lot of detail, someone did a lot of work to steal your money
  4. I would say crossing behind a deep water troller with boards and copper line is one to stay plenty far back of. If you have riggers @100' you could catch a copper rig pretty easy.... my error, I see traviling man just said the same thing
  5. has anyone used www.thebigfishstore.com for rods/reels? It looks like it's overseas. I would assume china. They have the Diawas Seagate SGTLW60H reels for $75 each. Minimum order is $300 with $45 for freight. I am thinking or ordering 4 of the seagate reels($300) but have to go over the $300 for them to accept the order. I may add some rods but before I shell out money (plastic) overseas I want to ask if anyone else has delt with them...thanks
  6. I also have the Moore sub troll, I had one of the first units, they were called a "Penguin" analog speed digital temp. had a few issues which Morre took care off. Loved for a few years then started to see the digital speed & temp so I upgraded to that. I HATED the digital speed, it flips around so it hard to pinpoint your exact spped, so I switced back to analog speed. With a simple needle to show the speed you can at a quick glance pin point your speed when you get hit. I also found that mounting it on my downrigger board at teh back of the boat is the best location. It has worked great on the coated cable for many years.
  7. Capt Rich & Fleettracker thanks for the info, I like Diawa equipment so 2 new Seagates to be ordered. I have 2 older Sealine 47 that I was thinking to spool with Blood run 32# copper. I was thinking 150' and 200'. Any thoughts on 32# and if you think I can get that on the Sealines, I'm not sure of the mono capacity for them
  8. I was on the Blood Run tackle site and they have a chart that shows how much copper & backer will fit on a few different reels. All of their information shows reels that are fairly large to fit 400' plus of copper with a good amount of backer. I would want to buy the new Seagate but from the blood chart I don't think it will hold enough copper. I sent a email to Diawa to see if they have a copper capacity chart for the level winds.
  9. Shore casting with 3/4oz little cleos, glow spoons is very good at night this time of year. I have caught many knigs in the Niagara river with the glow spoons. There good for about 3-4 casts then you hit them with a camera flash and throw it again. It's a lot of fun.
  10. It's tough with the little fish, but what I do is simply hold the fish in the water along side the boat kick up the speed a little until they kick back. Never lost a small fish doing that. I hols the tail and one hand under the belly, then rest them against the boat. It takes about 3-5 minutes for them to catch their breath.
  11. I have had many fishing boats over the years and now enjoy all you mentioned in a 19' Lowe, 115hp. Three is best but 4 anglers can all be seated, deep V is a must and yes it is a tin can, but an all welded one.
  12. drill out the breech plug hole larger. Never miss fire again
  13. Saw you tow in progress as we fished them inside fish. They had lock jaw. Nice to see the fire depatment ran out for you. Usually a Tow Boat US goes right for your wallet
  14. dial-a-bouy the night before. A great tool for local real time (usually) weather reports. Do a little search find the bouy of your location, call in and BAMM a real acurate weather report 1-888-701-8992, follow the prompts and enter the bouy of your location: Oswego bouy OSGNG Olcott OLCNG Middle of lake north of Rochester 45012
  15. WOW you guys know how to fish, I'm still learnin'
  16. I had this on a Wellcraft I since sold. It mounts to the top of the drive and the lift arms. I had a 15 hp on it. Trailer everywhere. Nice about is your trolling motor is right in the middle of the boat. I used it for about 4 years. Trade for a 15# rigger weight, or something Holland / Java NY area
  17. Bob, Just a long line or where you using boards? Scott
  18. I've used homemade boards for over 25 years and stilll work great. What does help is to drill holes from the bottom up and add lead to make the board ride lower in the water. It keeps the jumping way down when the waves start growing. I think I have 4 holes about 3" deep in each board. Then I just slide pencil lead in with epoxy, still there today
  19. I have had both like some others and would hands down go for bunks for you application. The main purpose of a trailer is for the boat, not the human problem of loading and unloading.
  20. Tip your transducer up so you can see your riggers on the graph. You can then make your own chart with rigger read out vs actual on graph. You'll have to note speed as well. I run 12# ball on my temp rigger and 10# on the other three. With the weight differance and drag all play together well Scott
  21. reason for selling? where you able to use the unit on downriggers and what were the drawbacks. I would assume you have to manually pull the cable up when raising the rigger
  22. Over the years I have great luck with boards small stick baits and keeping the speed under 2mph
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