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  1. on our boat if you catch it it's yours
  2. I've done 2 of them only way to go got the kits from iboat on line well worth the money
  3. average retail is only $425 for that motor so I think I'll hold out for a 4stroke that way only one tank needed thanks anyway ps the boat runs great had it out at Mexico Point last Oct
  4. just returned from Tampa on 2/18 and now I want to go back for a couple of weeks
  5. I've been moving snow for 2 hrs and just took a break for a cup thanks I needed that thinking spring
  6. do you still have the kicker for this boat and if so is it a 4 stroke ps I have the boat now
  7. both parts are available at iboats 3.98 a set made by taylor made
  8. steelheader? more like boneheader there are kids that read the posts you might want to change that picture
  9. that would be correct 1 from each side vent down to the bilge and 1 to the blower and out the difference in yours and mine is the y pipe from the bilge to the blower that was added at a later date by the previous owners good luck Al
  10. most flintlocks are 1in 66 or 1 in 60 my cva is 1 in 66 and my cabelas hawken is 1 in 60 yours should be probably one or the other they are designed to be the most accurate for round ball because of the slow rate of twist I had a ts hawkin 1in 48 and gave it away the cva and cabelas were much more accurate just for grins try 6 grains ffff followed by 90 grains pyrodex rs with 45 cal pre lube patch and 50cal rb ffff 2 grains in the frizen pan I've taken them at 125 yards with that combo experiment and fun it only gets better
  11. great feeling, congrats, I'm glad to see somebody else getting into it I would rather use my flint lock than my high power or my shotgun any day and usually do good job
  12. I have 2 white duel crank 6s with 54" poles as well as the short ones, new cables, new swivels, and weight retrievers send me a pm if you are interested Al
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