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  1. Which downrigger? Just picked up a '07 G3 and want to put downriggers on it for the finger lakes. I have 0 experience with downriggers. Give me the scoop on brands...Cannon or Scotty, type....manual or electric and whatever would be helpful in choosing the right setup. Don't want to break the bank either. Looking around $500 for a pair. Here's me new baby......
  2. Nice! Can you hold it until May 2017? lol!
  3. Wish it was spring 2017. That's when I will be upgrading, and this boat is exactly what i'll be looking for. Timing is everything.
  4. Looks like it is in really nice shape for a 28 year old boat.
  5. I could understand where demographics would come into play if he was selling a particular product, but winterizing a boat?
  6. What does a persons gender, income and employment status have to do with winterizing a boat?
  7. And they say muskies are the fish of a thousand casts. LOL! Nice fish man. Got a 19lb'er off the Summerville pier last week...3:30am...on an egg sack.
  8. With much thought and consideration, pellet stove has been put on hold for this winter. I believe I have more of an insulation problem than a heating problem. That being said, wife and I decided to put our money into re-insultating the hose for now, then go from there. Going to get a contractor to come over and check it out. And also, I am going to need another vehicle soon. The 'ole Silverado is pushing 200k miles and getting tired. Need a reliable rig for those trips up to Lake Ontario. No truck payment sure was nice while it lasted. Thanks to everyone for their tips and suggestions. I really appreciate it. Who knows, might not need a supplement heat source after the insulation is redone.
  9. My home is a 1,500 sq. ft. ranch with a full basement. Current heat source is natural gas. Owner before us had a wood stove in the dining room, so a stone hearth is already in place. I live on top of a mountain that is wide open, and the wind blows most of the time. The pellet stove would be a supplement heat source.
  10. Nothing to do about fishing Lake Ontario, but I didn't know where to put this, so I just stuck it here. Thinking about buying a pellet stove. Love a wood stove, but too much like work for me. There are so many choices and out there. Would like to hear from anyone that has one...what type, top or bottom feed, price..etc...to please give me your opinion on it. Thanks....Dave
  11. Holy smokes! Very nice walleye.
  12. What a great idea for a bachelor party. Nice fish!
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