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  1. Snowmobile

    Does it have papers for registration?
  2. Is 16 foot deep v to wimpy for the big lake?

    I actually caught the trolling bug long ago, on a much smaller scale though. My family had a cabin on a lake in the poconos and some of my fondest memories are of my father and uncle drinking beer and trolling up and down the lake. My beer days are over but I'm looking forward to trolling on a grand scale now.
  3. Is 16 foot deep v to wimpy for the big lake?

    I have a flat bottom John boat already. It just absolutely blows in the slightest amount of chop. I explored a little bit in the bay but I've only been here since the end of August. Really getting the itch to get something more appropriate.
  4. I actually looked at the link when I saw this, but it was already sold by that point. Thanks for trying. I would have put a new floor in and used the boat.
  5. Is 16 foot deep v to wimpy for the big lake?

    Thanks for the advice everyone.
  6. Is 16 foot deep v to wimpy for the big lake?

    Ok, excellent advice. A setup like yours is pretty much exactly what I want. It seems tough to find a decent deep v like yours in the 16-18 foot range that isn't junk. Although I'd prefer an 18 foot I think, the 16 I'm looking at is solid with a great outboard.
  7. If the guy ahead of me falls through I'd like to take a look at it. I'm in Webster and have the cash. Pm coming.
  8. Is 16 foot deep v to wimpy for the big lake? In the market for a new boat. Just moved to The Rochester area from Philadelphia and my flat bottom johnboat doesn't cut it up here with the wind and chop. Ideally I'd like a boat that is easy enough to trailer and launch in the fingerlakes and in lake ontario. I'm minutes from irodequoit bay and would likely fish it alot but would like to make occasional trolling runs on the big water. What set up do you guys recommend? I've got someone who will sell me a 16 foot deep V side console with a 70hp Honda outboard for a really good price but I fear it's too small. I definitely don't want a dedicated offshore troller so I was hoping this would work. My whole boating life has been on the small lakes and middle and tidal delaware river of PA so this big lake stuff is new to me. Advice needed, thanks in advance!