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  1. Sent pm Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  2. Pm sent Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  3. Global Warming?

    Anchorage Alaska 34 degrees for today, no fair Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  4. Jigging for Kings

    Hi everyone, I’ve been wondering if anyone has ever tried/been successful jigging for Kings on Ontario. I fish the Finger Lakes mostly and catch a lot of lake trout doing this and have wondered if it would be productive for kings. I know they do it in the ocean but haven’t heard much of it on the great lakes. I was thinking of trying it maybe around Labor day when the salmon get a little closer to shore. Thanks, Josh
  5. 1st shelter suggestions?

    Did u try utube? Ive seen other assembly jobs shown on there. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  6. 1st shelter suggestions?

    Lol i just fish out of my truck 😀
  7. First Cayuga Trib Brown

    I'm not very good at identifing the smaller fish but i can say that the big one is a brown for sure . when i caught the little one i thought it was a brown but could see how it could be a salmon too. not experience enough with the little ones (esp salmon) to know the difference. Josh
  8. First Cayuga Trib Brown

    Yea that mark i thought was really odd. if it wasn't a lampry i have no idea what would have caused it. Think that it would survive with whatever it is? As the skin got darker the more sunken in it got. I've never caught one with a mark like that before. Not sure if it was a stockie or el-natural. Josh
  9. Fillet Knives (Big Fish)

    Will do, thanks guys. Josh
  10. Fillet Knives (Big Fish)

    Hello everyone, This isn't exactly tackle but it I would assume it is an important part of the equipment for those who keep and process their fish. I'm looking to get a new fillet knife for those "Big" fish (Stripers/Salmon/Lake run Trout) and was looking for some recommendations/suggestions. I've historically always bought cheaper Stainless (cabela's fisherman kit) fillet knives that always seem dull no matter how much I sharpen them (I use those basic carbide sharpener that you slide the knife through). I was thinking of buying one of the styles below (see pic) but am not sure they are really worth it ($50 - $150). I'm wondering if the type of stainless (or plain steel) matters in how long it keeps it's edge? In all the advertisements I've seen the knifes always seem sharp but they are trying to sell knives. guess my real question is two part (can you make a cheap knife sharp and is there really a noticeable difference in steel quality). Another problem I have with my knives now are is when you skin the fillet I always whack my knuckles (unless fish is on edge of table where it falls off LOL). (anyone use those bubba blades?) Questions: - What knife you suggest (characteristics you like, length/stiffness/etc) - how long does it stay sharp (this is relative I know) - how do you sharpen it Josh
  11. Parasites?

    Thanks for the info. Good to know. Josh
  12. My First Cayuga Tributary brown . The Small one was my first measuring in at a whopping 9-10 inch lol. Notice the Lamprey bite (I think) on its back (wow). The second one was better at 5.9#. Josh
  13. Parasites?

    Fished down at murphys today and go 1 keeper out of 17 shorts. The fish had some sort of growths on it. Ive seen them before but not really sure what they are, figured someone on here may know. It was on both gill plates and one on the side toward the tail. Josh
  14. New deer call is working good for me

    You can get two bucks! Just not same season. If im lucky ill get 5 tags in ny a year, unlucky only 3. 1 buck bow, 1 buck regular, 1 antler-less (muzzloader or bow) and 2 DMPs