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  1. Wtb fish hawk x2 seeing if anyone had a used one thanks Sent from my SM-G930V using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  2. I don't have a facebook so I sent you a private message, you can put me down for 12 thanks.
  3. I have two on my boat for the past three years no problems and my dads probably had the one in his boat for close to ten years. I had all intentions of Optima till I saw the price
  4. As stated above snows are hard to hunt around here. I dont care who the guide is you would be lucky if you got into em good. Best bet would be southern PA or Maryland area, they are loaded with snows down there!
  5. Hello jlrjoz I dont know you from adam, but it seems that running from this may be a poor decision... Granted I have thaught of moving to PA may self for many reasons (better tax rate, and a feeling that my vote actually counts come election time, and now this bull..), but how long before you are running from PA, and where do you go then? I feel That we all need to stand up. I have been talking to different members of sporting clubs and discussing actual ways to protest this, and we are thinking of boycotting hunting liscenses for one year! We can all go and march in albany, we can all write letters to our reps but what good will that do? We need to hit em where it hurts, IN THE WALLETT! Granted the money is supposed to go back into the DEC and our fishery, but I dont see any other way to make a statement. If we could get enough people on board they would realize it by October. Maybe someone else has a better idea, maybe im going over the deep end as I see what my dad always warned of happening right infront of me. If there is one thing I know if we run from this now we wont stop running till its to late! Thanks for reading- Jeff
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