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  1. I’ve been there. Again did you land the fish?
  2. (2) Cannon Magnum 10A Electric Downriggers - 40" fixed booms, 5 position swivel bases, front dual rod holder, retro ease weight retrievers, and gimbal mounts. $300.00 each or Best Offer. For a test I have lifted 16 lbs ball with the electric. They worked with ease. (2) Cannon Unitrol 6 Manual Downriggers - 40" fixed booms, rear rod holders, retro ease weight retrievers, and bases. $135.00 each or best offer. SOLD (2) Manual
  3. Two Cannon Mag 10 Electric Downriggers with Swivel bases. New cable and terminations. $350.00 or best offer. (716) 609-2990 No auto stop, fixed 40" booms.
  4. I just received a letter from Catharine Young - Senator 57th District. She is in favor of law S.4195 which would make the three rods permanent. She says that the three rods expired in March this year?
  5. Been up to the Big O since April 6th. Time to move to my home port at Hidden Harbor on the Cattaraugus Creek. Fished two tournaments which I love. Pt. Dalhousie and the Wilson Invitational. Didn't do as expected but a great time for adrenaline junkies. Caught lots of Kings, Cohos, and some very big lakers. We unexpectedly caught a 75 lb 5' Lake Sturgeon during the Pt. Dalhousie Tournament. I look forward to my time on Lake Ontario every year. Be back Labor Day. Walleye are starting to pick up and I live two blocks from the Catt. Jim Tunney
  6. Great Reports and video on how to reel at first release. This proves you don't have to run like a crazy man to get to the rod. I noticed you reeled up all the slack before you picked the rod out of the rigger rod holder.
  7. Looking for a good motel around Pt. Dalhousie for April 26 27 28. We use to stay at Holiday Inn but I hear it's changed hands. Thank You Jim Tunney Looney Tunes Sportfishing
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