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  1. I had this on a Wellcraft I since sold. It mounts to the top of the drive and the lift arms. I had a 15 hp on it. Trailer everywhere. Nice about is your trolling motor is right in the middle of the boat. I used it for about 4 years. Trade for a 15# rigger weight, or something Holland / Java NY area
  2. Bob, Just a long line or where you using boards? Scott
  3. I've used homemade boards for over 25 years and stilll work great. What does help is to drill holes from the bottom up and add lead to make the board ride lower in the water. It keeps the jumping way down when the waves start growing. I think I have 4 holes about 3" deep in each board. Then I just slide pencil lead in with epoxy, still there today
  4. I have had both like some others and would hands down go for bunks for you application. The main purpose of a trailer is for the boat, not the human problem of loading and unloading.
  5. Tip your transducer up so you can see your riggers on the graph. You can then make your own chart with rigger read out vs actual on graph. You'll have to note speed as well. I run 12# ball on my temp rigger and 10# on the other three. With the weight differance and drag all play together well Scott
  6. reason for selling? where you able to use the unit on downriggers and what were the drawbacks. I would assume you have to manually pull the cable up when raising the rigger
  7. Over the years I have great luck with boards small stick baits and keeping the speed under 2mph
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