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  1. Fished tonight out of Sandy. Had the first king on before I could set my first wire. About a 20lb king on 70ft rigger. Got the spread out and managed another king around 10# on wire spinny. 7 lb brown 10 color and a few skippies to finish off the nite. Had to cut off all my rigger rod leaders because of fleas. Nothing like last Saturdays Rochester tournament. 70-150fow Pretty god screen in 120.
  2. Tom at East fork is a great guy and has a launch there also. I don't think he has any slips open. We keep our boat right next door at Sleepy Hollow. Frank is also a great guy and i'm positive he has a few slips available. Then you don't have to worry about all the boats at the state launch.
  3. Fished west of braddocks out of sandy this morning. A little bumpy so we stayed btw 190 -210fow. Mostly a wire bite out 250-270 on sd fly. Nothing big. 6 kings btw 3 and 10#. Good screen, just fished the marks and didn't worry about temp. Most fish probably hit around 90 down. We had temps btw 53 and 68 down there. Dropped riggers lower into temp but didn't move any rods. Good luck.
  4. Pair of wood ski's $40. picked up. Only took picture of one.
  5. Yeah that was us in the whaler. i think my father was trying to keep you in site so we knew what direction we were going. I figured you were hooked up. That fog gets tricky when you cant see shore.
  6. We were the other boat out with you. same results. about 5 browns and 1 small rainbow. Dropped a couple. We didnt have GPS and that fog was tough. Not sure how far east we went but went at least 45min without a bite so turned back twards the bay. Packed at 1030am. there were some fish and bait in 40 to 50fow, could get them to go.
  7. With the forcast decided to fish for browns instead of bowhunting. Worked east of the bay in 20fow out to 50 after shipbuilders and back to the bay this evening. Nothing, didn't even mark a fish. Put all the equiptment away. Was hoping the perch report was better because tommorrow doesn't look like a good day to hunt either.
  8. Worked out front and out to 130fow last night from 5-8p. No releases. Not many fish inside. 120Fow looked good but couldn't get anything to go. Temp was down around 100ft.
  9. Fished that same area Monday. Those kings must be really angry. Hitting and just screaming line. Had a couple come unbuttoned but, the ones that came to the boat I was suprised at the size. Biggest 26lb. That fish took me out over 600ft. and not knowing how much line was left on the wire iI tightened down on him and turned him back to the net. Had to cut the spread down to 2 wires and 2 dipsies. Had to retie 4 flies from trebels beining so embeded they broke trying to unhook.A little bit of a run but well worth it for the action.
  10. Nice Job! Went out friday afternoon and struggled to get a bite. Switched over to a laker program so not to get skunked. After this report I'll be fishing tomorrow just have to get a little more water under the boat it sounds.
  11. Has anyone tried tying wire to wire after getting a knot or kink in the line. Last time I just threw away about 300ft. Now have 2 more rods with same issue. figured I'd ask before throwing it out.
  12. 8in spinnys 2.0 - 2.4 at he ball. Trying to keep it around 2.0. They must be a little lazy, until they have a treble buried in their jaw.
  13. The 130 to 170fow seems to be the place to be. Rigger at 100ft took a few on a mag gator. A captain friend gave me a tip to extend my fly leads. fly leads at 34in from hook to spinny is getting crushed. My best spinny is silver double crush glow with green dots. Only have one so ran a 42nd tonight that also took shots with pro am at 34in. total 4 kings over 20 1 and at 15lb 2 steelies on spoons. and a skipper king. The 15lb king was a sob and got into both wires on the port side. Needless to say no tackel lost but probably lost a few hundred feet of wire + down time being over active fish. Love the afternoon bite.Go get them. they'er hungry and silver.
  14. Also set up for browns early. Only picked up 1 4lber. Worked out to almost 300 and picked up a 12lb king on 10color pulling a lemon ice also. Only managed 1 other small skipper king out there. Worked back into 130fow and put down the cowbells and only pulled 3 lakers. Tough bite for us, pulled lines at 11am.
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