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  1. lone wolf sit and climb climbing tree stand 200$
  2. Summit Viper SD climbing stand like new 200 $
  3. 300 for all 3 . They work just fine.
  4. 3 Scotty pro pack 1116 60" adjustable downriggers for sale with swivel bases. 300$ Thanks Mitch
  5. Usually right after the ice clears the lower river which best guess should be right around good Friday this year.
  6. http://www.geteskimo.com/wide1-inferno-flip-style-shelter Brand new in box $ 250.00 Thanks Mitch
  7. Anyone have any info on the smelt run?
  8. Go out of sturgeon the boats will be hard to miss . 52-57ft is usually a good starting point. Picked up some nice one this morning.
  9. Made it out this morning flat calm bright/sunny. Did not light them up slowly picked away at them. Nice day to be out though.
  10. Whens its calm you will be fine with any decent chop it tends to bounce up out of the water.
  11. https://www.lakeerieunited.com/
  12. So last year it took off the first week of May. What are you guys thinking this year with such different conditions?
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