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  1. http://www.geteskimo.com/wide1-inferno-flip-style-shelter Brand new in box $ 250.00 Thanks Mitch
  2. fitz67


    Anyone have any info on the smelt run?
  3. fitz67

    Lake Erie Perch 2016

    Go out of sturgeon the boats will be hard to miss . 52-57ft is usually a good starting point. Picked up some nice one this morning.
  4. fitz67

    Lake Erie Perch 2016

    Made it out this morning flat calm bright/sunny. Did not light them up slowly picked away at them. Nice day to be out though.
  5. fitz67

    Fishmaster owners

    Whens its calm you will be fine with any decent chop it tends to bounce up out of the water.
  6. fitz67

    Lake Erie Perch 2016

  7. fitz67

    Lake Erie Perch 2016

    So last year it took off the first week of May. What are you guys thinking this year with such different conditions?
  8. fitz67

    MVP Brown Trout Bait

  9. fitz67

    buffalo to stergeon

    Went out of the SBH 7/11/2015 6am-1pm 2 man limit 49-52 ft out along the line found a pod with no one else around and had our way with them. We probably should have been done much sooner but we lost a bunch at the back of the boat .Orange monkey puke and black /purple harnesses did the trick. We were running them off snap weights 50/50 style with the majority in the top 30ft. We also picked up a couple on the bottom running 1 bouncer. Good Fishing Fitz
  10. fitz67

    Lake Erie

    Thanks for the tip. Hope to give it a go Friday if weather cooperates
  11. fitz67

    Lake Erie

    Nice catch harnesses or sticks?
  12. fitz67

    Buffalo nite bite

    What is the program for night eyes ? Trolling shallow with sticks just like spring browns ?
  13. fitz67

    Lake Erie Perch 2015

    Went out of sturgeon this morning extremely foggy but well worth it.
  14. fitz67

    Lake Erie Perch 2015

    Thank you for the report.
  15. fitz67

    Lake Erie Perch 2015

    I know its early but has anyone been out ? It should be about ready to bust loose. Hoping to get out sometime this week weather permitting.