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  1. Looking for Prizm’s. Pearl’s,Flash,Tiger stripes. Prefer 30’s,35’s. Large lots preferably. Will look at others
  2. 4.50 ea. YOUR CHOICE!! 5 P.C. minimum
  3. 40.00 takes ALL!! free pick up along Rt 81 near Scranton,Pa or will ship.
  4. Clears? I use PayPal everyday. You have your money as it has already been taken out of my acct. it doesn’t take time to “clear”! also my address is in the PayPal transaction is this the first time you used PayPal? If so money might be held up on your end as they verify your details but I can assure you I have already paid and money was deducted from my acct!
  5. I’ll take these if still available
  6. I’ve been looking for them also. Found a few. Was surprised at how much they are selling for. The non-Rattle can be bought fairly cheap. Any idea as to why the rattle tots are selling for so much?
  7. Take all 8 for 24 dhipped
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