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  1. If you have any to sell or know where I can get them, please let me know. Email is [email protected] Thanks.
  2. Hi everyone, I am selling this gear for a friend as I did a few months back. He is getting on in age and does not have use for all of the tackle he's purchased over his lifetime. As you'll see from the pictures, almost everything is still in the box or in like new condition. I can ship the tackle but at the buyers cost. I am located in Toronto. Email me at [email protected] $350 for 45 Flatfish / Kwikfish style lures and 98 various crank baits (two small clear boxes and large flambeau tackle box inc.) $30 for 30 Steelhead Jigs 143 Lures for $400 65 Various Cranks / Lures 59 Various Cranks / Lures (all new) 19 Spinner Baits / 7 Spoons / 7 Spinner baits I will also include 100 replacement treble hooks
  3. L375G-1 Size 1 2X Treble Nickle 40 packs/5 hooks to a pack L375G-2 Size 2 2X Treble Nickle 50 packs/5 hooks to a pack L375G-1/0 Size 1/0 2X Treble Nickle 40 packs/5 hooks to a pack L375G-2/0 Size 2/0 2X Treble Nickle 40 packs 5 hooks to a pack $100 takes it all. 850 hooks in total. Great for replacing trebles on trolling spoons. Email me at [email protected] Located in Toronto
  4. Looking for various tracks, rod holders and risers. Please send a pm.
  5. The blanks are green. Not sure when they were mfg'd but they are brand new for 2012. Warranty cards are available too. A great rod for life.
  6. Never been used, brand new. Price $300 firm. They all come with a Sage tube for rod and reel ($40 value). Retails for $525 plus tax. I have the following models 8 wt 9' 4 piece 8 wt 9'6" 4 piece 7 wt 9' 4 piece 7 wt 9'6" 4 piece pm me if interested. Thanks.
  7. Looking to purchase 2 Walker Swivel Bases. Please let me know if you have any for sale. Thanks! Justin
  8. All very good observations. I've attached a picture if that helps. I was informed recently that this is a great site with a lot of info and reports on rigging (I frequent on spoonpullers more as its prodomenantly Canadian based). If its part of the board rules to not have your first post in the classifieds, I'm fine with the moderators removing it. As far as price goes, it's negotiable and I'm open to and offers. I also noticed the price I originally put was incorrect. Please see original post for updated price.
  9. I have 106 Trolling spoons for sale. In extremely good condition, most not even used. Please email me if you are interested. [email protected] $275
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