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    I get mine from the West Coast. Their stock is depleted, but they will email you when they get new product. Link below. Jim S. http://www.outdoorproshop.com/VK-Veivi-Salmon-2-Flashers-p/vkveivi-salmon2.htm
  2. Hodges Marine has new Uniden fixed mount DSC radios for around $90
  3. Thank You for the heads up..... I checked the website and both my marine extinguishers were in the recall. 2 new replacements are on their way to me, free of charge.
  4. Carbon in my Merc!

    I have an older 2 stroke Merc, and have been using Sea Foam in my fuel for the last 4 years. It has made a world of difference in performance. I troll the big lake all season and have no more carbon problems. There is a "de-carb" process you can do to clear the existing carbon using Sea Foam. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BXcfsmuruc0
  5. Braddocks

    Just saw your post Friday afternoon. Plenty of water at Braddocks for smaller boats. Launched my 17 ft. aluminum this morning, marina on E.Manitou Rd., watched a 16ft boat launch out of the West side marina. 3-5 ft. of water most places. No problem with lake access, stay in the marked channel. Good Luck. .
  6. Updating my electronics

    Once you hit that price level, you will have a ton of options. Check out Furuno.... commercial quality at a reasonable price. My sounder is Furuno and I couldn't be happier with it. https://www.hodgesmarine.com/Furuno-Gp1870f-7-Color-Gps-Chartplotter-Fishfind-p/furgp1870f.htm
  7. Missing Fisherman Found Dead

    I have used this information to better prepare my boat. It talks about small, ocean going boats, but pertains to the Great lakes as well. I closed off through hull fittings, increased pumping capacity and battery isolation circuits to keep afloat in an emergency situation. http://www.docksidereports.com/small_boat_safety_at_sea.htm
  8. Fish id

    big one is atlantic
  9. We've been out with John twice, and attended one of his seminars years ago at Bass Pro. I picked up a lot of info each time.. A real nice guy. J.D. and Capt. John
  10. Other online stores?

    Monster Tackle, Angler's Avenue, Lake Michigan Angler, and Frank's Great Outdoors have all treated me well with online purchases. Good customer service from all of them.
  11. Out of Braddocks 9-11-2017 Made a quick run out of Bradocks Monday morning with a newbee, lots of bait in the 60-120 range right out in front of the bay. Temp. down 70 ft. was around 60 degrees. I know the kings can be out of temp. this time of year, so I saw no need to head deep without taking a look inside. We hit a small brown on a 4.5 watermellon Apex, and 2 kings, 19 and 26 lbs, both on a chrome Pro Troll paddle with a aqua fly 70 over 90. All in all, a decent morning for 2.5 hours of fishing. Newbee Eric with 26 lb. king
  12. Canvas Snaps

  13. We caught a stubby little brown last year.... nick named him Leroy...