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  1. I have Traxtech tracks on my boat. They make a few universal base plates which i used to mount all my older rod holders. You could mount the bimini support bracket to the base and keep it in the track.. use a quick release hitch pin to raise or lower the top without removing the base from the track. universal bases with a mix of rod holders Notice the lower left corner of the pic. I have 2 sections of track on each side, I left a 8" space between the tracks so I could add / remove from both front or back of the track. Notice also... I replaced my rear bimini hard post with an adjustable nylon strap and moved the mount inside away from the track.. Another option would be to mount one section of track forward of your bimini mount for rod holders or a diver rod, and another section behind for the downriggers. Tracks are aluminum so cutting and drilling for customization is easy.
  2. this would work too... WD-40 Specialist 10-oz Gel Lube, No-drip Formula with Smart Straw Spray Lubricates 15X longer than the competition (2) Protects against rust and surface corrosion up to 6X longer than the competition (3) Get unbeatable, long-lasting protection with this thick gel formula, resist water and displace moisture with self-healing protection, it prevents rust for up to 1-year and is 50-state VOC compliant Safe on multiple surfaces including metal, plastic and rubber, use it when repairing your car, on walls, on your garage door, or on hinges, once applied it can withstand temperature ranges from minus 100°F to 500°F Offers long-lasting lubrication without the mess. It won't run and is ideal for vertical surfaces and moving parts like chains, cables, rollers, gears, and bearings https://www.lowes.com/pd/WD-40-Specialist-Spray-and-Stay-Gel-Lubricant-10-oz-No-Drip-Formula-with-Smart-Straw/999989768
  3. did a quick search.... you can get a spray... WD-40 Specialist Silicone Lubricant with SMART STRAW SPRAYS 2 WAYS, 11 OZ WD-40 300014 Specialist Water Resistant Silicone Lubricant Spray 11 OZ (Pack of 1) Made in the USA Silicone lubricant provides a protective, waterproof and low-friction coating to multiple surfaces Our quick-drying formula cures into a clear, stain-resistant hard film that protects your surfaces from the elements Safe to use on metal, rubber, vinyl, and plastic without a messy residue. 50-state VOC Compliant https://www.amazon.com/WD-40-Specialist-Resistant-Lubricant-STRAW-SPRAYS/dp/B00631GSSI/ref=sr_1_3?dib=eyJ2IjoiMSJ9.qpo1EXxXEAs08loPbiZflJv3JuiGHpFusf8wO-xrneczs6mFw9OC4sSCDU_IuYbDAK8BGr-QehqTTp-5fnDOL5swNIfaF0WH0WXr5BLFiGvO3iQUYejLBLuvXgNYuJOrdt6uD7lz2yduehA1nBRlPUN2Tiv_YKavor3HP6NxYYl-4CCBhNIa4gw50mMedjbSI4yjPxk1Eiq9idX0CtJbe162g2EWDOK-KI1aa_bdMb8.V-2VEES0I-2BBTe4W7aSeBjjBgUnpyjPuqRqAXg_flQ&dib_tag=se&keywords=spray+silicone+grease&qid=1708359961&sr=8-3
  4. Available at your local home center Danco 0.5 oz Silicone Faucet Grease Resistant to most harsh chemicals Retains its consistency in temperatures from -40° to 400° F Odorless scent makes this product easy to work with during application Container size: 0.5 oz Does not contain petroleum Contains high raw silicone content making it better for a long term lubricant 95% Silicone and safe for nitrite/rubber o-rings Water resilient and oxidation resistant Used to lubricate faucets and help stems to turn smoothly
  5. 45 trolling spoons, 9 - DW Super Slims and Stingers, 24 - NK 28 size, 12 Mag size, mostly all original Northern Kings from Rochester. A few B.Fuller, Moonshine, and Silver Streaks in the mix. $150 for all, shipped to your door, lower 48.
  6. https://www.thegpsstore.com/Marine-Electronics/Fishfinders/Furuno-FCV-628-Fishfinder-with-RezBoost-Technology combine this with an Airmar P66 transom mount transducer ... No too much cash, stupid easy to use, been happy with my 620 (older version without rezboost) for the last 11 years.
  7. There is a new digital article out from Great Lakes Angler on lake trout... nice to see a local guy get some recognition... https://www.glangler.com/blogs/articles/lake-trout-an-amazing-fish-and-producing-a-growing-sport-fishery-darryl-choronzey "Then there’s a special company out of Hilton, New York, Gambler Rigs that have a series of both lures and gang trolls designed specifically for Great Lakes lake trout anglers. Their trolls are constructed for tracking down lunker trout and the various color patterns can be matched identically to the trailing Gambler Rig. It’s interesting to note the Gambler Rig is a combination of Worden’s Spin and Glos and tinsel tails. The same company also produce a special “Peanut” rig, utilizing the original Wordens Wobble Glo. Do they catch fish and big fish at that? You bet! "
  8. https://marinehowto.com/winter-battery-storage-self-discharge-characteristics/
  9. This is a very nice unit. I have been using the 1st. generation FCV- 620 for al number of years ( same unit without the "rez boost" software.) Matched it with an Airmar P-66 transom mount transducer. Duel frequency and easy to use. Someone's going to get a deal on a great fishfinder..
  10. Fishing out of a 17 ft. aluminum Starcraft since 1996... pick your days, watch the wind. My opinion, there are always fish to be had inside 150 ft. of water... brown trout along with lakers and kings mixed in close to bottom in the colder water. We have to change tactics and presentations to match conditions. I've fished out to 600ft. in my little tin boat, and been blown off the lake on a 10 meter Trojan.... wind speed direction make my decisions for me. https://www.windfinder.com/#10/39.5000/-98.3500
  11. There are a lot of low hour, "weekend warrior" boats out there that haven't seen much water. Winter is on the way, guys don't want to store a boat they hardly use. Good deals can be had... Make sure you drive before you buy..
  12. Sorry..... lures and both reels are sold. Downrigger rods are still for sale.
  13. yup.... add $5 and I will ship to your door..... lower 48
  14. Lures and reels are sold... 2-downrigger rods: 1- 8'3" Light Action, 1-8'6" Medium Light Action, $10 each PM me... pick up near Braddocks Bay
  15. PeaLaunch Rates Peak Season April 15th-October 15th $10 weekdays $18 weekends Off Season October 15th-April 15th $6 everyday Season Launching Pass $219k Season April 15th-October 15th $10 weekdays $18 weekends Off Season October 15th-April 15th $6 everyday Season Launching Pass $219
  16. Purchased from here many times, great products.. https://www.ebay.com/str/madrivercustomfishingtackle?_trksid=p2047675.l2563
  17. I'll agree with that statement. I was running solo a few years ago, early spring, rigger was down 4 ft. in 8 ft. of water East of Braddocks Bay off Crescent Beach. DW- SS Chicken wing...... just over 16 lbs.
  18. https://www.michiganangler.com/
  19. I've been blowing through there on plane the last couple of weeks.... the water level is still high but dropping like a rock, so will be idling out with the trim up until it gets dredged.
  20. That rod, along with the great memories of your dad make you luckier then most.... Your post reminded me of this video.... special to me, as a young boy I was called "Jimmy" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zfZhReSOP9w
  21. Use this link... the wind direction and speed updater every 10 minutes.. Use past data to determine if conditions are getting better or worse.. https://www.ndbc.noaa.gov/station_page.php?station=olcn6
  22. When you flip the switch to auto, there is a plastic "flap" that makes the cable retrieve slot in the rigger narrower. the stop bead hits the flap on the way through and trips it back to the off position. Make sure the flap is moving when you turn the switch to "auto". I use 2 stop beads close together on my Scotty's to avoid any problems. Scotty customer service is excellent. One of the counters on my 15 year old rigger fogged up and was hard to see. I sent an e-mail to them and got a phone call the next day to clarify my problem. 2 new counters sent to me free of charge, no questions asked. If you need help contact Scotty and they will set you up. Normal cable return opening Switch in "auto" mode, "flap" narrows the opening, stop beads should hit the flap and trip the switch and turn the rigger off
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