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  1. J.D.

    We need more leverage

    Bob, I would send an e-mail to "Tuna's Reel Troubles". They are reel experts, many on this board ( myself included) have had reels worked on by them. A few years back, Andy was able to set me up with larger "power handles" to fit my older Diawa reels, now used for wire divers. He may have an answer to your dilemma. http://stores.tunasreeltroubles.com/power-handles/
  2. Iggy, You will be fine with you 16 footer, watch the weather and pick your days. I started out in 1990 in an old 16' semi vee with a 40 hp. This one is 16' 8" deep vee Starcraft with a 90 Merc. Bought this one new in 1996, still running strong after 22 years on the lake. Plenty of fish to be had from these multi - species boats.
  3. J.D.

    Live Well won’t drain

    Nope.... Disconnected at both ends and did a shake and pull with a buddy, and the hose got about 8" longer. Just enough to drain properly. My guess is that slack in the line flopped around running in the waves, and the bouncing moved it from it's normal drain path.
  4. J.D.

    Live Well won’t drain

    There my be a loop or bend in the line somewhere, much like the trap under your sink.... it lets the air and snake thru, but won't drain on its own. ...... ask me how I know....
  5. Fishmaster.com makes folding T tops.....
  6. J.D.

    Stackers on riggers

    I use a fixed slider for Mup rigs. bottom small spoon back 10', top larger spoon back 5' and up 5'.
  7. The Bay Bridge Sport Shop has 2 "fisherman's apartments" for rent by the day or week.
  8. I have a large Rapala plastic cutting board the same size as my cooler... a few wet towels between board and cooler lid keeps the board in place. https://www.amazon.com/Rapala-Pro-Series-Board-19x48/dp/B0084ED9RK/ref=sr_1_5/136-0515460-2602058?ie=UTF8&qid=1527863049&sr=8-5&keywords=rapala+cutting+board&dpID=21E4b4QanOL&preST=_SX300_QL70_&dpSrc=srch
  9. Bay Bridge Sport Shop. On the south end of the bay, but nice fisherman's apartments with docks, gas, etc. https://baybridgesportshop.com/rooms
  10. J.D.

    Cheap Chineese Kicker

    Online Outboards has 2018 Tohatsu 5 HP MFS5CS Outboard Motors for $1350. No tax, free shipping.....
  11. J.D.

    What fish finder do I buy?

    Decide on you price range, then get the most "pixels and power" you can afford. Duel frequency is a great feature, the other special features are up to you. Most manufacturers offer the operator manuals free online in PDF format. Download the manuals and check for ease of use. Some units make you go through a ton of menu options to make a simple adjustment. I chose a Furuno 625 unit 6 years ago because it has dials and knobs rather than a ton of buttons, and their bullet proof reputation. Take a trip to Bass Pro or Cabela's and look at the units for yourself. Play with the functions and find which unit will work best for YOU in your price range.
  12. I was out a week ago Monday. Going out, no problem, stayed on my saved gps plot from last fall. Coming back in, my 17 foot tin boat with the top and side curtains up got hit with a gust of wind from the North East, and pushed me off course to the West. Before I could correct, I slid into the mid channel debris and hit the steel that's just below the water... ( it had a buoy marking it last fall) Ended up with a 14ft. gouge along the bottom of the hull, a sheared off rivet, and a snapped off Airmar P66 transducer. I've made repairs and am good to go, but may run out of the Genny until they dig the debris out.... not worth risk with a light boat.
  13. J.D.

    Best Stick Bait Boxes

    Been using RM Lure box for the past couple of years... great for keeping the "go to" baits organized
  14. J.D.

    Older Lund w rotten flooring

    tmcaul, On the back of the boat, usually on the upper right hand side, you will find a series of numbers stamped on the transom. In most cases, the last 2 numbers are the year the boat was manufactured. As far as replacing the floor, time consuming, but not a hard job. Best advise is try to save the old pieces and use them as templates to cut the new floor.
  15. J.D.

    Yakima Flashers

    I use the Hot Spot version of these, usually running an Apex 4-5 ft. behind. Adds a bit of flash, but not as aggressive as a normal flasher
  16. Trax-tec sell a base plate that you can use to mount accessories. I used them to mount my older rod holders for my tracks. https://www.traxstech.com/product-p/a-600-6.htm
  17. After seeing this thread, I made a Shelton Fish Descender out of a coat hanger and a 1lb. snap weight. Looks like it will work just fine, and can't beat the price...
  18. Square tail, brown, V shaped tail, Atlantic.
  19. J.D.

    My Old Boat

    My Old Boat Having a bit of time to myself today in this cold weather, I thought I would share the latest project on my old boat. 1996 Starcraft 17 footer. 20 year old nasty, smelly, worn out carpet. Time to rip it out ! Pulled the center floor section out completely to get a look at the fuel tank and under floor structure. Starting to lay in the new heavy non skid vinyl from Great lakes Skipper. The only seam is under the front seat pedestal bases. The center section was wrapped separately and Installed. No seams on the sidewalls, one piece up to the rod lockers. Very happy with the finished product.
  20. J.D.

    Sea sick

    Over the counter "Bonine" IS Meclizine.....
  21. Starret Surface Plate cleaner. Some of my grinders at work are cream colored and get covered with grinding dust, graphite and coolant. Surface plate cleaner is the only thing that cleans them up. I use it on all my light colored surface to remove the gunk.
  22. J.D.

    Sea sick

    X2 Bonine
  23. J.D.

    Sea nymph help

    Here's a link to my floor project last year.... https://www.lakeontariounited.com/fishing-hunting/topic/62636-my-old-boat/?tab=comments#comment-461346
  24. I jump between the big boards and inlines with the Sam's pro release, and a red OR- 16 release with the pin in the middle, off the back of the board. Anglers Avenue has a video on how to rig the Sam's. I hated inlines until I switched out to this rigging. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1eIdZWT1-CA
  25. J.D.


    I get mine from the West Coast. Their stock is depleted, but they will email you when they get new product. Link below. Jim S. http://www.outdoorproshop.com/VK-Veivi-Salmon-2-Flashers-p/vkveivi-salmon2.htm