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  1. Once I get deeper than 10ft. or so, I sometimes flat line a casting spoon like a Little Cleo or a Krokodile, or a Rapala countdown minnow. They will sink on their own a few feet without needing weights.
  2. "Lake Ontario dropped 3 inches in February and is now almost 2 feet lower than this time last year. Lake Ontario is predicted to be six inches to up to two feet lower than last year into this summer. Lake Ontario’s water levels are now dropping below the long-term average water level." https://www.mlive.com/weather/2021/03/all-great-lakes-going-down-quickly-distancing-from-last-years-record-water-levels.html
  3. HI-SEAS 100% Fluorocarbon leader...... been using it for years, best I've found for knot strength and abrasion resistance. #12 lb. the spring, #20 lb. in summer and fall.
  4. As of Friday noon, ramps are clear of debris and open to launch.
  5. I think I'll launch at the Genny until We hear what's going on there.
  6. Nice..... add the low water conditions and this spring should be fun. ... Can't wait until a few of of the big, twin screw V-8 go fast boats show up and use their deep draft and matched stainless steel props to dig a new channel
  7. Same here for years... body baits and spoons get a flouro. leader, everything else is straight mono.
  8. I drove by last week, it looks like the new ramps aren't even in yet. West Point marina at Braddock bay is a mess right now too. You can't swing a dead cat down there without hitting 3 or 4 pieces of construction equipment.... looks like a new sea wall and who knows what else. I hope they finish up soon.
  9. Check out this North shore forum. https://www.spoonpullers.com/forums/
  10. The rise I see here coincides with the extreme wind we had earlier in the week. This info. I believe is from Oswego, so the wind may have pushed the water up a bit there... it's showing a drop now.
  11. The first early trips out of Braddocks Bay will interesting. Sand pushed back in the channel plus low water, plus any debris flushed out of the bay into the channel..... I think I'll put my waders in the boat the first few trips and be trimmed up and moving at idle speed. Better safe than sorry.
  12. Lake level is below long term average, but trending up the last few days. I hope they put the plug back in soon. It's amazing how much the level can fluctuate.. Braddock Bay launch ramp June, 2019 Same Ramp, March 2, 2021
  13. https://baybridgesportshop.com/rooms
  14. They are VK-2 flashers from Finland. Very hard to find in the US now. I have 6 of them and run them all the time. Check out this video... If I didn't have enough, I'd be all over these. I run meat or Apex blades behind them... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g5e2OKLUYTw
  15. I like to tie my own flys. are the heads available separately ?
  16. Ask for the data from 1994 fall derby..... a monster year..
  17. Rochester to Braddocks Bay didn't look much better...
  18. No they don't. I use a piece of foam pipe insulation to hold the bait and wrap the leader around it. Stored in Plano 3600 boxes according to blade size.
  19. Too late... damn.. 48 Apex rigged on my boat. at least 2 in the water at all times....
  20. Airmar has a nice transducer bottom coverage calculator. Select your transducer model and check the variables. Nice info. before you buy. https://www.airmar.com/bottom-calculator.html
  21. I run the squid bodies in JDF bait heads behind dodgers and flashers.
  22. https://www.greatlakesfisherman.com/fishing-hunting-outdoors/topic/15617-reel-fill-calculator/
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