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  1. Bay Bridge Sport Shop has fisherman's apartments, dock, fuel, tackle https://baybridgesportshop.com/rooms
  2. My favorite spread is "I can't Believe it's Not Salmon" ...... made from mechanically separated lake trout parts...
  3. More options from the tackle menu on the left side of the page https://www.michiganangler.com/Flashers.htm
  4. I also use this on my rig. Great ,easy to use setup.
  5. I would give it a try. Back in the mid 90s' I bought a bag of frozen cleaned smelt from the local supermarket, split one down the middle, and jammed it in a Rhys Davis meat head. Ran it clean off the rigger in early August.... largest king of my career @ 34 lbs. Lots of options out there. ( I still use the smelt)
  6. Loop the line back through the bead. it holds in place but still can be adjusted. Watch the "Tangled Tackle" meat rig video on you tube..
  7. Send a PM to L&M ( Hank) he's a moderator on this site and a top notch marine mechanic... he'll have an answer for you
  8. Flashers are plastic, dodgers are metal. They have different actions and give off different sonic vibrations. I have days when a dodger will take fish when flashers won't, usually as my deepest rod. Run your favorite fly, plastic squid or hoochie behind them same as a flasher. Most summer mornings, I have one of each in the water to start and let the fish tell me what they prefer. Dodger on the deep rigger, flasher on a wire diver. Just my $.02
  9. Some kind of bad scent issue?? cleaning supplies, gasoline, suntan lotion, etc. Try something on the lures.... Smelly jelly, Pro cure, herring oil.... any bananas on board??
  10. I had one strip out a few years ago, re-tapped larger to #6-32 ( I think) and put a phillips head screw in. needed a screw driver to adjust, but works just fine.
  11. These are "boat rods", but I have been using them on downriggers for a few years now. I like the large stainless steel quad foot eyes as the fleas don't get stuck, lots of backbone with a very soft tip, one piece blank. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t43zNbKooJs
  12. Beautiful rig!! this shouldn't take long....
  13. W. Port Bay Rd across from the old Pier One Rest. Hank
  14. Just my opinion, but I would wait on the other rigger until the fleas show up thick and you see what happens to the power pro.
  15. I started fishing lake Ontario in 1989 with a friend in this rig: For the last 24 seasons, I've been running out of a 17ft. Starcraft , 90hp. Merc. I have learned over the years there is plenty of good fishing without going half way to Canada. I fish from Rochester to Sandy Creek in Hamlin, and almost never have to go deeper than 200ft. to find good fishing. When the big boats head offshore in the summer, it leaves the inside waters for us smaller rigs. Brown trout are usually shallower, find water temps in the mid 50's near bottom, and a few kings are always mixed in. Lake trout are on the bottom around 100 ft. if you want to fish for them. Watch the wind direction daily. The wind pushes the water temp.and bait pods around, and the fish move in and out in a heartbeat. Kings feeding out in 500 at sunup can be in 80 feet at sunset if the winds and currents change. Bottom line, do what's comfortable for YOU. Stay safe. I have 2 batteries, 2 bilge pumps, fixed mount DSC and hand held VHF radios, and always wear an inflatable PFD. Like others have said, when the lake acts up, we get to change gears and fish for bass, pike, and panfish.
  16. Is this "Wright on the lake"? I cut my teeth on lake fishing there in the early 90's. My buddy owned #13 across from Hedges..
  17. Your phone already has GPS. Download a marine app and use that to get started.
  18. The tail is the easiest way fro me to tell the difference. Browns have a thick tail with a flat fin Atlantics have a thinner tail with a "V" in the fin 3 browns on top. 3 Atlantics on bottom ( not my photo, copied from LOU years ago for fish ID )
  19. I've had a Depth Raider since they first came out. New one will set you back $450. Watch the classifieds on all the Great Lakes fishing boards, used ones come up for a few hundred. They work fine for down speed and temp.
  20. Anything you want is right here, this is his direct e-bay store. Fast shipping and always a few extras https://www.ebay.com/str/Mad-River-Custom-Fishing-Tackle?_trksid=p2047675.l2563
  21. Am I correct in the assumption that the first 3 or 4 lots are "The Illuminator" plastic spoon blanks, not brass?
  22. Been there, done that.... ( more than once). I keep telling my fishing partner, it's supposed to be fun, no more rough water. I officially retired this week and will only be fishing when 2 foot or less... now I have plenty of days to choose from. Thanks for the report.
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