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  1. I am by no means an inline board expert, I do know a cross wind or trolling parallel to the waves will cause the boat to "slide" sideways. My boat sticks out of the water a lot more than that tiny board, and a cross wind will push the boat sideways much faster than the board, the line gets a bit slack and the board drops back. The up wind board on the other side pulls like a rented mule as the boat "slides" away from the board. The "slide" sideways can be considerable, and being out in open water, we don't even notice it happening. Just my $.02 from an old guy..
  2. I agree with Chuck Smith. FYI, my riggers are 30" forward of the transom. Port side rigger
  3. I use Scotty 1099's on a 17ft. tin boat. 24" booms out the side in tracks. No problems.
  4. DING DING DING !!! We have a winner !!
  5. I checked it out this morning (Friday)... One guy needed to kick in 4 wheel drive to get out..
  6. Stopped at the boat ramps today..... things are a bit "fuzzy"
  7. This an excellent set of lures for someone just getting into the sport..
  8. I ran a 2004 Merc 115 2 stroke years ago. The motor was a "2+2", meaning 2 cylinders shut down under 1800 RPM. It trolled like a dream. I am running a 1996 Merc 90hp. 2 stroke with oil injection I purchased new, and have been trolling with it since '96. I use 93 octane fuel, add Sea Foam fuel additive, and use a good grade of 2 stroke oil. I change out plugs every spring. If you have a "2+2" motor, you're in great shape to troll with it.
  9. Best I have found: More effective at repelling biting flies than DEET, Sawyer Premium Insect Repellent Spray with 20 Percent Picaridin is great for applying to skin as well clothing, outdoor gear, and more. Safe to use on the whole family, Sawyer Premium Insect Repellent Spray offers effective protection against common disease carrying nuisances like mosquitoes and ticks. Additionally, Picaridin is effective at repelling biting flies, stable flies, black flies, gnats, chiggers, and sand flies. This long-lasting topical spray with 20 percent Picaridin is effective for up to 12 hours against mosquitoes and ticks, and for up to 8 hours against biting flies, gnats, chiggers, and sand flies. The non-greasy spray has a pleasant low odor that evaporates when dry, and it won't damage plastics of synthetic coatings. Sawyer Premium Insect Repellent Spray is safe for use on clothing, backpacks, synthetic fabrics, watches, sunglasses, and more. https://www.ebay.com/p/1766235984?iid=112318090397
  10. The smelt I use is cleaned and frozen in a bag from the supermarket.
  11. I also fish out of Braddocks and almost never troll East or West because of the currents. Try taking a diagonal course, it will be easier to maintain preferred down speed.
  12. I remember that fall too. The wife and I walked out almost to the channel markers..
  13. My largest king ever ( 34 lbs.) was caught on smelt jammed into a Rhys Davis meat head in August 1994.
  14. Get rid of the "fish icons" and read the sonar picture. 2or 3 fish icons close together may not be fish at all, but a bait ball. There are plenty of vids on You Tube to help with interpreting your fish finder. I run my gain on manual and adjust as needed. It takes a bit of time to get the picture dialed in ..
  15. My neighbor who used to fish the big lake many years ago is moving and cleaning out the loft in his garage. He came over with a small cardboard box and said; " I forgot I put this box in the loft about 30 years ago,... would you like to buy them cheap?' Needless to say, I did..... all white backs...
  16. Just the opinion of an old guy, if your box doesn't include some of the original NK-28's your missing out.
  17. sid, Virtually all sonar manufacturers offer their user manuals online as PDF's. Check out the menu formats and ease of use. I selected a Furuno unit years ago because the settings are done with knobs and dials, I didn't have to push 10 buttons to access a feature. The 600 series are nice units.. https://www.hodgesmarine.com/furfcv628-furuno-fcv628-57-fishfinder-wrezboost.html
  18. Amish Outfitters has spectra line in various lengths.
  19. Dipsys have settings 1-2-3. Slide Divers have settings 1 thru 6. Look at the pic below. Dipsy on the left, S/D on the right. Set both weights to "0", hold them weight to weight as shown. With a marker, transfer the dipsy 1-2-3 settings to the S/D. The new marks on the S/D should match up approx. to 1 1/2, 2 1/2. and 3 1/2. You now have dipsy settings marked on the S/D. Use the Precision Trolling Guide Dipsy charts for the S/D with the new marks. Diver depth has many variables, but this gets me pretty close.
  20. I use the Dipsy charts with my Slide Divers. Add "1/2" to the SD setting. Example: Dipsy settings: 1,2,3. Set the Slide Divers at 1.5, 2.5, 3.5.
  21. Michigan Stinger Standard Spoon Gin and Tonic, regular and glow would be a close match
  22. As a follow up to my last post, I use shorter rods ( 7- 71/2 footers) on my 17 ft. boat, easier to store and handle. The short arm riggers allow a bit more room for the shorter diver rods. Pic of Starboard side set, 2 rigger rods stacked 10 ft. apart, the forward rod on the left is a wire diver. Everything clears nicely.
  23. We've been fishing 24" booms off the side forever, never had a problem... Scotty # 1099 Depthpower
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