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  1. never got back to me.i found some other ones. steve.
  2. i will take them. steve. 518-858-3133 call me ken.
  3. 6 years ago. thank you.
  4. I would rather not put it in the water as i would have to winterize it again. boat ran perfect before put in storage. $3,000 as is. thank you.
  5. stevereu

    Cannon Downriggers

    ? was not me.
  6. stevereu

    Cannon Downriggers

    If you will take $100.00 shipped I will take them. steve 518-355-4535. thank you.
  7. sorry, trailer is not included. forgot to put it in the post.
  8. will take $3,000. thank you,steve.
  9. Penn Yan 26', Twin Screw, (Tunnel Drive) Ford Motors, 1978, Many New Parts, Gas Tanks, Manifolds, Props, New Canvas. Boat Has Been In Storage For Last 6 Years. Trailer Not Included.. Boat Located At Mike's Marina, Mexico, NY $3500 Steve 518 355-4535
  10. Boat Trailer, 14,000 GVW, 6" Galvanized Tubing, Yard Trailer, Had 26' Boat with a 10' Beam on it, Have 4' Extension to Weld on to Hold 30' Boat, Trailer in New Haven NY. $2,300 518 355-4535
  11. i have one, good shape, in new haven n.y. steve 518-355-4535 $60.00
  12. Garmin G.P.S., Model 547,Color, 1 Year Old, Went to a Bigger Machine, $250 518 355-4535 (Steve)
  13. I am not at camp, Please call me, 518 355-4535 Steve
  14. 14,000 GVW, 6" Galvanized Yard Trailer, Had 26' Boat on it, Trailer in New Haven, NY $2,300 518 355-4535
  15. trolling motor bracket (sold) thank you LOU