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  1. jmco

    Bass gear

    If you decide to split the lot, I would be interested in the 4 boxes of crank baits.
  2. jmco

    Center pin, loading line

    Thank's for the replies, it's appreciated, and knowing the reel is set up properly. John
  3. Hi, I'm new to center pin fishing. I got suffix advance monofilament for the main line. My question is do center pin reels typically use a braid backing, before loading on the main line. If so, what would be the proper poundage, and suggested manufacturer. My understanding of loading braid, has to do with the proper balance of the spool. Any info/ insight is appreciated, so I at least get off to a good start. Thank's in advance, John
  4. jmco

    Salmon fly rod selection

    Thank's for the reply John, great advice, I'll hit some local shops and start there. Better off selecting a rod that way, as compared to ordering one via on line.
  5. Salmon fly rod selection Hi all, wondered if someone could give advice on selecting a fly rod for salmon River, wading fishing. I was thinking 9', 9wt., 2 piece, but wasn't sure what action rod would be best suited. Any input is appreciated. Thank You
  6. Hi, looking to buy fly tying material I can tie my own flies, streamers,egg patterns for the river. I have paypal, and will cover shipping, of coarse. Thank You
  7. Sent youa pm, I'll purchase the fly equipment
  8. Payment sent, you should see it in PayPal. Thank You
  9. I'll offer 30.00 for the flat fish.
  10. jmco

    Crank bait colors

    There we go, that'll get em. Are they made out of wood, or cast resin.
  11. jmco

    Crank bait colors

    Picture didn't post. Have you had any success on stick baits for salmon or steelhead.
  12. jmco

    Crank bait colors

    2.5 Square bill, on a new blank.
  13. jmco

    Crank bait colors

    Here is a magnum re paint, perch type. Gotta do some 2.5 square bills too, not just deep divers for the river.
  14. jmco

    Crank bait colors

    Interesting Storm Warning II, I'm sanding some magnums for re paint, a couple of those patterns interest me. Think I'll paint some tomorrow. Thank You.