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  1. Let me know if you are interested in the Flasher lots.
  2. All of the fly lots have been purchased. I do have some attractor lots left.
  3. Updated……. Double Keel Otter Boats. See listing for pics and information
  4. I am clearing out the basement and will be selling 8 “ Doctors and E Chips, Flies and four Penn Reels Copper rigs. I am selling the attractors in groups. They are in very good shape and/or new. The prices for the attractors/flies include shipping within the USA or I would be happy to deliver to Wilson, Olcott or The Oak. The attractors prices are in the pictures and the flies are $24 per 12. They are ALL NEW un-rigged A-TOM-MIK flies. I have 3 Penn 345 GTs. Two are on Okuma or Rapala rods that are loaded with 500 or 600 Copper. One is in the box. The 340 is on a Quick rod and is loaded with 400 copper. The drags are smooth and the reels are in like new condition. The Copper rigs are $175.00 each and will need pickup/delivery or we can discuss shipping. JUST ADDED BIG JON DOUBLE KEEL OTTER BOATS! Pics below. $130.00 for the set. FWIW I was a member here for many years, however, I have been inactive since 2012 and could not login to my existing account. I can be reached here or at 716-432-5011.
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