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  1. You can pull out of Catfish creek anytime with a small boat. They even launch 30 foot boats there at Wally's.
  2. Due to a cancelation this camp is available August 27-September 3rd. Prime time for the salmon season. Sleeps 5, dock included, fish cleaning station, freezer, basically the whole 9 yards. Call Al @ 1-518-369-3673.
  3. Call Arney's Marina they may know some contacts or Dirty Goose Capt. Casey Priscoe.
  4. I get the same result when someone sends me a pm. Don't get it???
  5. I have a live web cam on Sunset Bay just west of nine mile point directly on Lake Ontario, if any one wants a snapshot of the lake just send me a text, I'd be happy to give present lake conditions to any LOU member.........Pete 207-229-0450
  6. I recemtly sold my raymarine X-5 because it binds up the steering column
  7. Yeah same here Covid has been a blessing and a curse, bought a beautiful home on the Eastern shore of Lake Ontario and hoping to sell my business in the next 6-12 months and do what I've dreamed of doing for as long as possible. Hope this year is as good as 2018. On Lake O. it was nothing short of incredible!!!
  8. Hey Mike, how's it going? I have bought the latest Raymarine Element HD12 inch screen, hasn't been installed yet. I feel I need new technology and better capabilities.......Pete
  9. So hard to get someone to install, could do it myself but I want it done perfectly. I have a Garmin dash mount but it is 2009 technology, the new Raymarines are state of the art. Will let you know.
  10. I bought the Raymarine element 12 " still waiting to be professionally installed.
  11. We have found many mature Coho's in early September in Mexico Bay
  12. I have a live web cam on the Eastern shore of Lake Ontario on Sunset Bay, I would be happy to give lake condition to all LOU members either by PM or text. 207-229-0450. Hope 2022 is a great year for all after all the crap we all been thru.
  13. If anybody wants to know lake conditions, I have a live web cam on my home on Sunset bay and would be happy to let anyone know current lake conditions either by PM or text 207-229-0450
  14. X2 Greg makes all kinds of quality products at a great price shipped promptly !!
  15. Couldn't agree with more Gill-T, have fun in S.C. and come on SPRING !!!
  16. Yes you too Mike, the Retail meat business has been off the charts, trying to find a buyer in an economy where no one wants to work. Came out the last week of August just to watch the wind blow 20-25 kts. Oh well better luck next year. Have a good winter Mike, tight lines.........Pete
  17. I went with the Raymarine Evolution 150, it was $2100, the X-5 sport pilot worked great but it made steering difficult at the helm when docking the Baha, especially in hot weather. It was designed for power steering or could have added sea star assist, I thought I would be off just replacing the Raymarines. Hope next year is better fishing what little a got a chance to go. Thanks Mike
  18. Fishnatzee, sorry just saw your post, will text you pictures, thanks.
  19. Just found my receipt, paid $1800 new.
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