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  1. Yes I see it, looks like a mini charter boat, nice set-up !!
  2. I ran a 1987 Hardtop Islander for 21 years before I bought my Baha, great boat, very economical and caught a TON of fish on Lake Ontario. Good luck with your sale, great value in a big water boat!!
  3. 19 foot or 22 ft.?
  4. Reels 47sh.zip Reels 47sh.zip Reels 47sh.zip
  5. Happy to text pictures !!
  6. Used very little Daiwa 47 LC in box spooled with 12 lb. test Trilene plus leader, $80 shipped to your door. Will text pictures, tiny bit of rash on edges.
  7. Gregg I'll take them
  8. Boat ?? It's a home, very nice !!!
  9. Kyle check out Walleye.com boats for sale you may find something there.
  10. Now that's a great funny story, can't make that stuff up
  11. Outfishin, how big were the baitfish inside the salmon's stomach? Just Curious..................thanks Pete
  12. Scalloper is your boat a Duckworth ? I've seen them in magazines, really cool design.
  13. On Lake Ontario look for 42-44 degree water and you will find kings.
  14. I heard today that the bite is west of Oswego toward Fairhaven, thermocline down 100 ft. over 250 -300 + fow. Pay attention to wind direction and good luck man !!
  15. You can pull out of Catfish creek anytime with a small boat. They even launch 30 foot boats there at Wally's.
  16. Due to a cancelation this camp is available August 27-September 3rd. Prime time for the salmon season. Sleeps 5, dock included, fish cleaning station, freezer, basically the whole 9 yards. Call Al @ 1-518-369-3673.
  17. Call Arney's Marina they may know some contacts or Dirty Goose Capt. Casey Priscoe.
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