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  1. Painting lead jigs...

    What do you mean straight dipping? Not being sarcastic, what kind of paint, is it in a jar, or can? Name/brand of paint? Thank you Glen
  2. Painting lead jigs...

  3. Painting lead jigs...

    Bought a lead pot, ladle, and a 5 oz flutter jig mold. Have never melted lead or painted jigs. Any advice on the process, or on how to apply paint to the jigs? Thank you. Glen
  4. Introduction

    I am the second from the left. whoops.
  5. Introduction

    Hi, my name is Glen, I live in Portland, OR. Spend 90% of my time fishing for salmon in my 2014 Weldcraft 20' Angler. Looks like a lot of similarities with the way Lake Ontario is fished for Salmon and the way we do it here, be it the ocean or rivers. Added a picture. Looking to contribute and learn from this group.