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  1. This is the first one she couldn’t make a good shot on . Came in at 10-15 yards from blind sure he heard us moving and smelled heater I was sad to see him walk away also but had to keep it together for her
  2. I would say yes no one has more hummingbird swag than Ricky
  3. It was a incredible trip , and she pulled a muscle as the two of us drug him up a steep slope. The saga continues lol..
  4. For sure pat !!! Going through pictures now and going to post some more trail cam pics. Of good bucks
  5. No idea what’s available over there but we did google hunting leases in southern Iowa and you can get a good idea of what things are ..
  6. Hey guy!! Thank you for all the comments and support, she is still on cloud nine ..she’s driving now I just did 11 hrs behind the wheel.. where do I start ,,, Christmas morning last day . Emotions were all over the place, apparently she was praying all night for a chance . Well we got into blind early it’s was a Crispy-5 and would eventually warm up to 11 which felt like heaven, at 0730 looking behind her through icy blind windows she says doe … here comes 8 walked within 10 yards , heater going and dead down wind of us , they would eventually wind us and move up to the top of the draw we sat in the bottom of . Ten minutes later a beautiful 8 wide ,heavy 125-130 ish 3 yr old comes directly in the same path as doe ,, ff dad a buck !!!!!! He’s ten yards, I turn open window he’s staring directly into my soul don’t move I whisper, he gets cagey start to trot up draw I open window all the way ,say, get on him , she does but he stops looks back all she can see is his head and butt. He trots out of our lives , as you can imagine she’s crushed that was my only shot it’s over , never heard my daughter swear that much ever, that’s all I wanted for Christmas, let’s just quit, all that time, what a joke I am , I guess I can’t kill a good buck , you would have smoked him,,, it went on for an hr. After I calmed her down and got her back in the game , her comes a small 6 she passes, next another group of doe, another high 4 point she passes on , it starts to snow I tell her their going to motivate now , just as I say that here comes a real nice 6 point heavy horns long beams I told her shoot him if she wants he’s coming in from up wind perfect , she is on him and whispering to me to stop him , I never heard her so she attempts a grunt ,,, it sounded like a rabbit getting choked out ?? Scared the crap out of the buck he bolted , she turned to me and as you can imagine oh boy , had to listen to all that again,, we are just increasing chances today that’s all ,putting your time in , it will happen,,, then another group of doe come in down wind and bed for an hr after watching them they finally got up and all paraded by the blind at 20 yards we saw so many we lost count, then at 4 she’s see another deer coming out of the cedars after everyone else did , I can’t see this deer yet ,, it’s 40 yards out and up wind coming right in she’s on him I finally see him from behind a tree ! I say to her kill this one , looking directly over her right down her gun barrel I let out a soft grunt he stopped BANG !!! We watched him wobble away and go down!!!! She was buck blind , didn’t know if she hit him , did he go down? I don’t remember aiming, I said good that’s USUALLY the best shot!! It was . We had to cape him out debone him in the barn I wanted to do a full shoulder on Her first buck and you can’t bring brain matter or spinal cord out of state into NY . My bucket list is definitely not just a sip from Iowa it’s going to be a yearly trip now , it a special place I suggest anyone reading this thread, to go while you still can , life is so short. It’s something I’ve never experienced, and to see it With Mallory made the trip . Thank you all for the inspiration along the way and happy to have shared this experience. Much love Tom and Mall
  7. Gota give it to this kid she ground it out in brutal conditions.. all week minus Thursday. Had two other missed opportunities today both on other good bucks, too much of a story I’ll update you guys later on or tomorrow on our way home we Gota cape him out and debone him in the barn !!!!! Merry Christmas!!! We are blessed…
  8. Merry Christmas guys again ! Hoping for a Christmas miracle today. Warm spell -3 with sw calm wind 5-10 , supposed to hit 20 today. It’s amazing how much warmer-3 feels rather than -13 , last day for us is this beautiful country side . Keep you posted.
  9. Merry Christmas sir !!! Yes Mother Nature is a bioch..
  10. Evening report,,,, suck , was like a day in 8r at home. 4 yotes , which obviously was our problem 6 long beards one doe .. two bald eagles.. la la la la la …. Great wind for blind where I killed Wednesday so we are headed in early for another day sit .. I Gota give perks to this 22 year old young lady ,,, she has sat all day every day on this trip .. great bonding time together couldn’t ask for a better Christmas,, well maybe a Christmas buck for My kid.. Merry Christmas all you guys much love Tommy B
  11. Christmas Eve Morning report from Iowa warm weather has arrived it’s 0 out and only-20 wind chills.. got in bright and early hunting same blind as we hunted Monday one doe and one yote so far.. bright sunshine looks beautiful. Enjoying the hunt .
  12. Night time pics but it all died due to Weather today we saw 11 doe one spike.. that I think yotes moved then they bedded down behind us and I kicked them out when I went to pull a camera.. not much around here at all some Mexican joint closed one night open the next and the pizza ranch that sells mostly fried chicken.. it’s like we walked back in time.. the people are wonderful here … not like home asshats
  13. Wow that was cold af ,, sat for 5 hrs in a blind with the heat going and still cold,, got back to truck and let me tell you that -45 with that wind is dangerous. Quit for day went to show Mallory Cumberland regroup for warmer temp and less wind tomorrow. Behind farm parking in the cedars for the day .. and Gator you were right it’s the middle of no where!!!
  14. Yo!! We got in at 6:50 a tad late but we took our time due to -11 and 20-30 mph winds wind chill of -45 yay got in and after a flash bang from me buddy not lightning correctly, which was extremely exciting!! We saw 9 doe already… Marina For sale ,,,, moving to Iowa ,, lol mall says thank you! We will check in later
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