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  1. East Fork is offering great smallmouth harassment and parking,porta potty and picnic like setting for 500 for two hours, get it while it’s hot !!
  2. Use a face mask they are 5 bucks .. and it doesn’t mess up your pores
  3. I think that was on your dads hit list … nice job Hunter man
  4. Nothing beats Family in the woods together… congratulations!!!!
  5. Big congratulations on a stud of a buck ,Hunter great job!!!
  6. Finally a good wind , down wind of bedding… come on day cruisers, let the grind begin…
  7. Cameras have been dead best part of two weeks for me in 8r was thinking the same … this dead zone is normal gave me time to get work done so I can start my Vacation till Jan 1 … Bring on NO, VEMBER….
  8. A few doe earlier.. and just had my first close encounter with a bear ,, looked like a two year old probably 150 ish?? He came in right behind me which is up wind in this stand ,, as I stood up he spooked and bolted .. made the ticker pump !!! Not sure he could even see me .. mabee the wind spun on me a bit ..No shot..
  9. Same in 8r #1and 2 both showed up up top ..got up to take a p… at 0300 saw both shooters ,, wind check and 3 hrs later in the stand … Dam cameras….beautiful morning so far …
  10. Good luck to all tomorrow!!! Great day to not see boats … and recharge my batteries… been all to long since my last sit .
  11. I heard of a buck killed this morning!! My shrink wrap guys saw it !!! BUMMER
  12. Moon phase ,, just out of velvet, isolation is coming to a end , single buck movement to establish ground. My 2 cents like clockwork every year…
  13. I thought I was dreaming when I saw that picture first for me .. in 20 years of game cameras… and thousands of pictures..
  14. Go,,,, comments please,, what type of critter do you think this is ??
  15. Little late for the party,,, but glad to see you’ve made the switch, you won’t be disappointed. As you know I’m a SPYPOINT guy.. these cameras all have their quirks on you get them all fired up and running you will learn as you go.. good luck I run 12 now year round.. it’s like being there when your not.. lol you’ll see the ONE I’m after two years with him !! Hopefully Mallory or I can seal the deal this year!!!! Bring on October 30.. FYI East Fork shut down for deer season
  16. Hopefully they open season here in September, won’t be long as population is expanding
  17. Bear all day ,, seen it many times last few years in my plot .
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