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  1. 9 times on ten the problem is with the transducer cable that is not push in; this is not the best plug that I've seen.
  2. You can adjust them by putting them on 0 ft at the water level
  3. I'm on the road, I'll check again if there is 8 the price will be fix accordingly
  4. I can do the 10 for $90 shipping included
  5. Choose some items that you need and we will discuss price. I don't want to give it away but I can make some good deals. Look on Scotty website with the parts # that I will list. 1-241 1-257 2-1025 2-244 2-344 1-136 10-1170 I also have 3- 1liter outboard gear oil 80-90 grade
  6. I may have a new Icom. Let me check tomorrow
  7. Main line to the separator then 1 line from the Verado and 1 from the kicker to the filter. I have a bulb prime pump on the kicker none on the Verado. No problem
  8. A nice day in that area some nice browns and 1 Chinook most on stick bait
  9. Same here most of the browns caught has lamprey or fresh lamprey marks.
  10. I have nmea2000 cable 25ft new Price:$40 1 ext cable for transducer with black connector Price: $40. If interested I will be in Fair Haven for the week coming. Let me know and I will bring it with me. I'm leaving Saturday so I need to know before I leave
  11. I have 1 inlet and 2 outlet on my water separator filter
  12. I install a automatic acr and a switch. That acr sent the power to the battery that needed. you can view it here: https://www.bluesea.com/products/7649/Mini_Add-A-Battery_Kit_-_65A How to install: https://d2pyqm2yd3fw2i.cloudfront.net/files/resources/instructions/980014350.pdf If you're not sure you can send a email to them and they are very fast to answer. Hope this help
  13. For the little needed I always use the real Seastar oil; personnal choice
  14. I would not use anything that is not meant for hydraulic steering specially if I intent to install a autopilot; a autopilot pump is not cheap.
  15. Seastar hydraulic oil: http://www.seastarsolutions.com/products/hydraulic-new/hydraulic-fluids/seastarbaystar-hydraulic-steering-fluid/
  16. I have test a WeBoost at my camp where I had 1 bar; with the booster I was getting 3 bars
  17. A good booster cost around $500 and it works when you do have a signal; if you are too far and get no signal it won't work. Can't boost something that doesn't exist.
  18. Thanks 😊 I just found out why I couldn't have access to that license, it's because it's still effective until April 30 and the system doesn't offer to renew before it's finish so I'm gone wait but the link will be good for my friends that are coming with me.
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