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  1. I did a pic yesterday of my screen while running 28mph over 400ft and being able to see fish in 100ft
  2. Over the years I have tried a few set-up and I ended using the Panther and it does what it's suppose to do.55-2400_2600 install.pdf 55-2700 spec.pdf 55-5705 spec.pdf
  3. NMEA 2000 is standard so that kit can be use with any brand.
  4. When you update just check: shaded relief and you need to put the 4 pins over the lake; sometimes you don't see those pins it depends on how you zoom in or out
  5. To get the shaded relief you need the Platinum and yes it's a good improvement
  6. Just want to share this; I was updating my card and I decide to give a try with downloading relief shading for lake Ontario and it looks cool. Maybe C-Map offer something similar but I don't own one so I can't compare
  7. Do you like to fish with stick bait but don't like it when it gets stuck in the net while risking hurting yourself? There is a chart from VMC that indicates what size of single hooks can be used without changing the action of the lure. See the photo.
  8. I ride in 2 boats that have that and it works. Ride is confortable. There is also Air Wave that are suppose to be very good to. I didn't try those.
  9. You can use the same transducers that the Live can use
  10. You can buy a kit from Mercury to convert to a tiller
  11. This is with a Lowrance Livesight; I think it was on my 1st experience with it? I intent to use a lot for the season's coming IMG_1857.MOV
  12. Nothing specifics and it doesn't make any sense. Some groups with a agenda probably
  13. It will only work better with the Point-1 that is specific for the AP. They didn't put 2 different part number for nothing. The two versions, Point-1 and Point-1 AP have different software with different dampening characteristics. Point-1 is optimised for stabilizing the chart display and for radar overlay, Point-1 AP with much less dampening is optimized for autopilot usage.
  14. If you are using a P-1 that you had priour to the installation of the AP, this is your problem; the one that come with the AP is specifically to use with the AP. So,definitely thats going to cure the problem. And yes you absolutely need to do the calibration.
  15. Did you move the Point-1 antenna? 1st start by calibrating the Point-1
  16. When the daughter start selling the famous Surton I bought quite a lot but unfortunately the plating didn't last; after a few times in the water they become kind of black and when I contact them regarding this problem they told me that they are aware of the problem and they say it's because there is a product that they were not able to use because it was unauthorized by the EPA.
  17. In the $50. I just found this online: https://www.anchor-caddie.com/products/scotty-boat-caddy-new-release-scy452
  18. Very interesting: We're super excited to officially announce the release of our newest product, the 452 Gear Caddy. Designed with a wide variety of anglers, and a broad set of applications in mind, the Gear Caddy offers an extremely flexible storage solution for boats and kayaks of all shapes and sizes. It would even work great in a truck bed, a car trunk, or anywhere else you might need to keep things organized. We've built it to work seamlessly with our time-tested post mount system, attaching to any 241 mount, or any of our other products with a post mount receiver. Increasing its flexibility, it can be mounted via post from the bottom, the side, or attached to most gunnel tracks. All the hardware to secure the 452 to your craft or vehicle is included, and is made from heavy-duty, marine-grade materials. There's a dedicated cell phone slot, with a notch cut out for charging cables and headphones... A drink holder... A magnetic tray to keep fish hooks and little bits of tackle from going missing... slots for bait, lures, knives, scales... handy attachment point to keep rods in place... The storage possibilities are truly enormous. As always, everything is designed, manufactured and assembled by real (awesome) humans at our Vancouver Island plant in beautiful British Columbia, Canada not China I'm ordering one next week https://scotty.com/product/452-gear-caddy/
  19. A little late but here it is anyway, from the archive: https://www.princecraft.com/us/en/Owners/product-archives/Catalog-Archives.aspx
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