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  1. Thanks its definitely a work in progress but really fun.
  2. One of my main goals this year is to place a fish in the LOC derby , thank goodness I still have the Summer and Fall Derby's because it doesn't look like Spring is happening. Wednesday, started inside coming from the river heading to Braddock's,I saw a whole bunch of boats and my inner dialog said "that seems a good place to start, those boats look expensive, they must know where the fish are". So we set up in 35 feet of water, a spoon heavy program, spoons on all three riggers, spoon going to the copper down the shoot, and a couple of stick baits on the planner boards. Now I own planner boards, I use planner boards, however I have a sneaking suspicion that the world is playing a planner board prank on me. I never, ever catch fish on planner boards, actually I very really ever catch fish in under 70 feet of water, however the boats around me were really expensive and running planner boards. so half waiting for Austin Kutcher to jump out of the cabin and telling me I'm punked, the planner boards are in (I agree that is pretty mint early 2000's MTV reference). Ok then the action starts, first we get a hit on the copper, three cranks and its gone. Then the left downrigger goes off, then the right, holy crap at the same time, this is going to be the best day ever, drinking beer, catching fish, hanging out, just awesome. Well the right hit a dipsy line and was cut and the left never made it to the boat. So being the expert angler I am I decided to run over that same spot, for 2 hours with nothing else happening. So we headed North. Once at a 100 feet and outside of Braddock we accidentally caught a 7 pound Laker on meat. This fish didn't fight that hard, mostly because we didn't realize it was on the line and was pulled up in a routine line check by the downrigger, however one is in the books and we didn't get skunked. This is when we gave the boat the nickname "The Clown Show". We did end up catching a 12 pound king a couple of minutes later and lost two more. So the moral of the story is, I have no problem finding fish, however I'm awful at catching them. www.flybridgefishing.com
  3. One thing I always look at on old boats is how clean the bilge is, usually it is a good sign on how the boat is kept.
  4. Lakers are guaranteed I’m finding the king bite is ending early.
  5. Go out to 80 feet of water, go slow, drag spoons along the bottom and catch some Lakers. Guaranteed fun for children.
  6. Going out tomorrow for the first time this year. Are most people going East or West right now? Justin
  7. I bet the prop is just too small, which is why the rpm’s are off and you are going slow. What size do you have on? I had a 23 cuddly with a 5.7 and I believe it would go high 30’s.
  8. Isn't the max RPM for that engine around 4500RPM's? If you can get to 5200 you have the wrong prop.
  9. Does anyone know where I can buy blank or glow spindoctors or paddles? I would like to create my own. Justin
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