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  1. I just get my wife to steer the boat. No batteries to recharge.
  2. Is this stuff still for sale?
  3. Takes all the fun out of get your line caught on all the brush and branches . Maybe the old timers were a little smarter eh!
  4. Never saw a fly rod that was only 5'10" long ?
  5. Yes, Shoot the cormorants. There even on Canandaigua Lake now !!!
  6. After the egg take open up that damn gate and let the rest of the salmon coming go do there natural spawning. It's pure cruelty to see them fish struggling to get past that gate. They what to get to where they were born !!!!!! A little more natural reproduction can't hurt.
  7. Right on HB2 since I enjoy trib fishing just as much as lake fishing.
  8. Gee I Got A thought lets all be in Charge of our selves!!Like most responsible people
  9. We pay the taxes for Salmon so PA and Mass people can catch them HUMM. I know its good for Pulaski dont preach to me
  10. Russians biggest snaggers on the river nothing ever done . See it every year on the Orwell and Right on HB2
  11. Russians biggest snaggers on the river nothing ever done . See it every year on the Orwell
  12. By the way there's to many salmon in that river any way its all ways a **** show there.
  13. Looks good on the DEMs every thing going to hell they created !!!!!
  14. I'm sorry. but whole conversation has been a blast. But I must have been talking about the wrong pee hole ! And by the way milkyman the impeller speeds up and slows down with engine RPM.!!! Its running off frickin drive shaft!!!and that time it takes to start peein. is the t-stat opening!!!! all 6 of my outboards work that. Mine are all big 2-strokes even honda 8.8 kicker 4 stroke . Maybe different for new 4 stokes don't know don't have one don't care either. How did I come to this conclusion? mud bugs plugged up both T-Stats started motor no pee. Took apart both t-stats cleaned water channels and housings. put back together no it pees aaaaaaaahhhhhh
  15. I once had an old evenrude V-4 that had same problem .Would get hot after 10 mins. Did all the stuff mentioned in this topic. Damn thing still got hot . Final pulled heads and found cylinders scored . Lots of friction makes lots of heat even when properly functioning. Motor still ran too. Hope that is not your problem.. I junked it.POS. Probably happened when impeller was damaged and we ran it to long trying to catch one more frickin fish. Ha
  16. iF YOU WANT TO SELL THIS CALL JEFF AT 585-202-1275
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