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  1. PCPete

    Dean's cove

    Does that scent stuff work?
  2. PCPete

    Fillet Knife?

    I have had some terrible luck with fillet knife's, possibly because I have been to cheap thus far to pay for a good one. Seems like the handle always comes off or the blade breaks, ect... I'm ready to spend whatever it takes to get a decent knife. Looking for recommendations. I'd like a knife I can trust for 5+ years ideally. -Pete
  3. PCPete

    Jigging for trout

    Thanks for the video @Pete Collin. Never thought of trying flashers but might have to give that a shot this year to attract attention. It may have even inspired me to take a trip up to lake O and see what its like fighting a laker over 10lbs. Some great info in there for anyone new to Jigging. -Pete
  4. Are these what your reffering to? - https://amishoutfitters.com/catalog/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=5&products_id=167&zenid=c354bbd4b7759f705a6da635e5dabb75
  5. PCPete

    Jigging for trout

    One of the best guide's I have ever found on how to get started lake trout Jigging on Cayuga is here - http://cayugafisher.net/pages/resdex.php It has almost everything you need to know from what gear to use to how to do it. Rods, Reels, Line Recommendations ect... You can get Jig heads here http://billysmtolures.com/ as the guy who runs the first site isn't producing them at the moment. Another good resource for info regarding where to Jig (generally) and what depth to look for the fish at is here on John's website - http://fingerlakesanglingzone.com/reports.asp I also highly suggest searching through older threads about Jigging. Some very valuable info in them including what to look for on your fishfinder. -Pete
  6. If you decide to split id be interested in a few of the rods with line counter reels on them.
  7. PCPete

    Laker - jigging sonar

    This is a great idea actually. Ill likely either put my old 486CI on the front hooked to the trolling motor (I already have adapter for US2 to Hummingbird) or maybe buy a dedicated flasher like a vexilar for it. After some research and talking to a very helpful guy at Bass Pro the other day, here is what I found out about what I want. I cant buy a FF that will both do iPilot and Wifi sharing/streaming to iPhone/iPad (none exist). No Hummingbird models currently have WIFI Sharing at all and if I get a Lowrance then I have to sacrifice iPilot Link but I can get wifi sharing. Only hummingbird's can do iPilot link and at this point there's a part of me that wishes I had bought a Motorguide trolling motor so I could get both iPilot features and Wifi sharing (Though I love the Minn Kota Terrova I have) I have settled on giving up Wifi sharing/streaming and maybe getting a lower priced Hummingbird with iPilot link to hold me over until maybe one day when Hummingbird comes out with a Wifi enabled model that will also allow for iPilot link. That being said some of the new features on the hummingbird's sound interesting enough to try. Specifically looking at the Helix 7 or 9. Questions. Does SI or DI really work down to 150 feet as advertised? (advertised is up to 350" but I think that's a bit exaggerated) CHIRP Side Imaging/CHIRP Down Imaging/CHIRP Digital Sonar/DualBeam PLUS - Which one of these are beneficial to Jigging? All of them? Any of them? I like the idea of being able to see baitfish more clearly then I can now. Currently when I see a block of baitfish showing down there so thick my current FF cant see past it, its hard to know if there's any fish under or in that bait. Thanks for all the valuable info in this thread.
  8. PCPete

    Laker - jigging sonar

    Thanks for all the people who have provided info in this thread. Copperliner is right about the info overload, I asked two different chat services now with retailers and neither of them have been able to give me a clear answer yet. I have settled on 3 requirements for a new unit. I have an Terrova trolling motor that supports iPilot link and I'd like the new fish finder to have support for that (my current one doesn't). The trolling motor also has a transducer mounted on the bottom of it (built in) and i'd like that to attach to the FF (as a second transducer) so the people in the front of the boat can see there lines separately from the people near the back of the boat where the main transducer is mounted. I'd also like it to have the WIFI capability to mirror the screen that Cronotice mentioned - One really nice feature is the ability to mirror the screen on any wifi enabled device - iPad, tablet, smartphone etc. This is awesome if you have multiple people fishing so everyone can see a screen and track their jigs. Much easier and cheaper than trying to set up multiple units. The question that I cant find a clear answer to is which models support two transducers and have the wifi capability? Does anyone know if the Helix 7 or 9 has all of these?
  9. PCPete

    Laker - jigging sonar

    I'm likely to stick with Hummingbird myself as I want one that supports iPilot link for my trolling motor, the HDS 7 looks like a nice upgrade... now to convince my wife that the boat needs an upgrade
  10. PCPete

    Laker - jigging sonar

    Let us know what you decide to get, I am also in the market for an upgrade to my FF. I love my Hummingbird 386ci for Jigging but it may be time for a bigger screen.
  11. Lake Level - Taughannock Falls State Park - 4/9/17 My buddy took this picture yesterday at Taughannock Falls State Park.. Lake is very high and the docks are underwater. -Pete
  12. PCPete

    Cayuga lake boat launches

    I only have a 16.5 foot aluminum but I have seen large boats launched at Myers, I think it's plenty deep enough. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  13. PCPete

    Cayuga Jigging Report - 8/20/16

    All I know is they wanted nothing to do with our jigs on the drop or the retrieve. Not sure what they did want but it wasn't any of the 6 fluke colors I tried or the jigging spoon. If they were lakers, they were full ones. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  14. Launched from Myers around 6:30am and quickly realized that the battery used to start the main motor was dead. I ended up jumping it off of one of the trolling motor batteries with some cables I borrowed from a nice guy at Myers launch and headed to the power plant. We had great screens of bait (maybe too much) - pics below. Not sure what to do when the screen is full of bait/fish but none of them are on the bottom or biting. The answer may be trolling and we did throw a dispy out for a bit around 50FOW, no luck there after making 3 passes through the below screens. I even hooked up the old black and white FF to the transducer on the trolling motor to confirm my main FF wasn't acting up again. Around 9:00am or so we headed for the west side (using the trolling motor as the battery was still too dead to start the main) with the hope the fish were biting over there. First fish came around 10:00am and by 12:00PM the pleasure boaters were out in force and chewing up the lake pretty bad. I hooked up with a brown around 2:00PM and we continued jigging till 4ish when we packed up. We ended up with a total of 5 fish in the boat, 4 lakers and the brown (biggest laker pic below). Lakers were all clean (no recent lamprey wounds) and all were released unharmed. The brown is largest brown I have caught out of Cayuga, ended up weighing in at 8.8lbs on the digital scale. Was happy to catch a brown Jigging, my buddy hooked up with a salmon as well after that but one jump and it was gone. I discovered during the day that the main motor battery was not charging while the motor was running but had enough juice to keep it running after it was going. After we were done and ready to head back to Myers I tried jumping the motor again off the trolling motor battery (borrowing cables from a nice guy at Taughannock) but having used the electric all day, it also did not have enough juice to start the motor. Ended up having to take one of the trolling motor batteries out and start the motor with it directly to get back to Myers. I showed my two year old the brown when I got home, I'm happy she was willing to pet it despite my wife's strong objection . Hopefully she'll want to come out with me and catch one herself in the coming years. Hard day of fishing for the ratio of hours to fish in the boat and it was not a calm day at any point really. Was happy all the fish we landed were good sized though. Waves were rough and wind was gusting pretty hard from the south as soon as we got out there. Good day overall even with battery/motor problems. No idea why the FF pics turn sideways when I upload them, I have tried everything to get them straight but the site keeps turning them. PS. If any of the people I borrowed cables from happen to read this, PM me and I'd be happy to take you out sometime. -Pete
  15. PCPete

    Strange laker

    Don't forget Heroin...