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  1. Long point is open, no bridge issues with the top but there is only 1-2 feet of water in the pond before you hit the lake. Haven’t been to deans. Heading out of long point this Saturday
  2. 37.7 surface temperature out of long point Sunday. Not sure about deans cove launch but long point has only 1-2 feet of water in the pond side and 24 footer might be a struggle
  3. Yes, just what the doctor ordered (albeit an animal doctor). The wind became a challenge for jigging in the afternoon but overall it was an enjoyable maiden voyage for 2021
  4. I don’t know about Myers personally but John Gaulke’s site says it’s under construction until next week and his information is always spot on.
  5. There is no ice at the launch, but not much water either. The ramp was deep enough for 16 ft Lund to launch but the pond had no visibility and less than a foot of water in spots—barely made it into the lake.
  6. Thank you, maybe by Friday the ice will be off long point
  7. Heading up from the south this week and have been out of touch with the winter weather, would like to fish the north end of Cayuga and wondered if the launches are free of ice and snow. I see the water levels are low, would be in a 16 ft Lund. thanks for any information.
  8. Unless Tampa makes it to the super bowl again, it's likely the only time I'll cheer for a left guard. Unheralded for the protection of the MVP, 74 rocks. Best wishes for your wife, her victory out shines any football game
  9. Unreel took the words right off my keyboard--I didn't have a dog in the fight until now, go Tampa!
  10. If they want to jig or cast try John Gaulke @ fingerlakesanglingzone
  11. Rocket science requires a space helmet, common sense requires a mask
  12. I tried to play by the rules yesterday and fish from shore, first 10 minutes yielded 3 bites, none from fish. If corona doesn't get you the lyme probably will. Good luck and stay safe out there.
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