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  1. Thanks salmonsize, been out on the road a few days. Link was perfect.
  2. Oops. Forgot to add that article is in this month's Conservationist.
  3. FYI, a nice article (imo) regarding Seneca with some ancient history.
  4. Seneca lake article 

  5. Mine is flat enough to fit a large battery box surrounded by Styrofoam. Plenty of places to attach ss hooks to attach rubber bungees to strap battery down.
  6. For sure needs to be strapped down. Placement towards the bow helps mitigate the weight of the trolling motor on the stern.
  7. I've got a '97 19.6 Fishmaster. I've located a big 12v gel battery in the floor storage in front of the bow seat for riggers, and a 12 v dual purpose in the stern port side.
  8. Great thread. From my Dad many years ago. He was trolling n on the east side as he usually did. Off to his port he noticed a loon acting weird. As he passed his rigs (thermocline, thanks Dad) started bobbing. He grabbed the rod,brought it in and of course the loon started moving. Eventually Dad pulled in a rod/reel combo (that I use to this day) he pulled the line in as close as he could and cut it. Anyway got a bunch but Dad was there.
  9. I will agree with chrome slayer. I shoot a savage with smokeless and the powerbelts produce fine accuracy but I have had dismal expansion results on 3 deer. I no longer use them.
  10. A bit off topic but my neighbor and I recently planted a dozen chestnuts down in Seneca cnty. I planted the collossul (sp) chestnut out of I think washington st.supposed to be blight resistant. My kids will find out.
  11. Sorry Mr.Blue GOast, wasn't meant for you. My fat fingers on a tiny phone. Apologies.
  12. I heard you out of towners skipped over to Cayuga Lake where you can catch them with a Micky D French Fry. You heard us locals have them scoped out. You're right. 🤣🤣🤣
  13. Beautiful fish Steve. Things are picking up down near Lodi too.
  14. Don't be coming back to old school me now old salt. I don't like being crowded 🤣
  15. Very sorry for your loss. Difficult times.
  16. If you don't find exactly what you are looking for I have a sturdy 12 v rowboat, no papers, 200,Ovid area.
  17. Well put Bullet , and unfortunately probably accurate.
  18. You gained a fine son-in-law as well. A lot to be proud of old timer.
  19. Looking for a permanent swim raft to buy. 8 by 8 or thereabouts. 3one5-six5one-18eightseven.Thanks. Sent from my SM-F711U using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  20. I'll check in my barn, used to have one. If I can find it you can have it. I'm in the Ovid area.
  21. Wwwwwhat a second. Is that Cayuga Lake???
  22. Thanks for the update. An accident waiting to happen. Sent from my SM-F711U using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  23. Was on the east side of the barge this afternoon and came upon two good sized buoys a couple hundred yards apart. Anyone know anything about them? If they are out there after dark I hope they are illuminated. Sent from my SM-F711U using Lake Ontario United mobile app
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