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    for sale : usa Proline 230 WA $7,500

    Ah man don't demt an old man.
  2. Man you are just not catching the right person. Very fair price for superior quality dekes. If I was 40 years younger. Best of luck.
  3. Has anyone heard if the treatments were considered successful this year?
  4. Yeah Waler big difference as far as I'm concerned. I know many disagree with me but I'm in total disagreement with the hour change. I am surrounded by wonderful Amish neighbors who hunt. unfortunately, I have witnessed some of the younger kids do some very unsafe things. Yes, I've spoken with their dads. I will just conclude with saying that during gun i will be blowing my whistle until I am in my stand.
  5. But for the grace of God, a keen eye, good heart and strong arms that woman will sleep well tonight.
  6. No laughing from this corner my friend. Many vics still in use on the fingers catching lakers. Back in the day my Dad and his sidekick Pete Rogers couldn't afford one so used a box with lead core and 5 spoons and rowed off Willard. Mainly Suttons cause they were the lightest at the time. Dad saw a 28 pounder come in to Willard one evening. Course this was before the damn lampreys were introduced. Good memories.
  7. Hey Fishsticks, I could only find 6 of the beaded chain with the clevis. I myself never used them but my Dad did. Going out in tomorrow s mail along with a couple old pine valley spoons that used to be killer for fall rainbow. Just don't tell Les, he'll be jealous. Tight lines.
  8. Fishstix I think I have some up in my barn that I don't need with the tags you can have. Pm your address and I'll send you some. How many do you need.
  9. A rare opportunity for a young guy/gal starting out.
  10. Can't help but wonder, is there another one, or two swimming yet?
  11. Hop

    Seneca Fish Camp

    Welcome back Ed. If it makes it easier I can pick up spoons from dllott and meet you on the lake after the derby sometime. He is just up the road from me. Although I may not make the derby as boat is in the shop. What timing. 🥶
  12. att, ill take em. Hey no sweat, was trying to figure how to sneak them in without the missus spotting them anyway. If he doesn't want them let me know. Thanks.
  13. Um, yeah. This conversation has been specific to Grenlige on Seneca lake.
  14. Thank you for posting Rick KG. Scary stuff.
  15. I don't know, just a big concern. I just wish the DEC would require them (and it appears they have the power to do so, so why don't they??) Install screens which will prevent crustaceans, eggs, and fish from being sucked into the intake pumps and ground sauce. DEC PLEASE RESPOND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. I have one up in the barn you can take. I think 30.00 is more than fair. Don't know how good it is, haven't used it in years, welcome to check it out. Gonna be away for a few days, back next week if you're interested. Hop
  17. Almost unbelievable. So sad.
  18. Beautiful deer. Great job. I will say , the last picture has a LOT of familiar looking 3 leaf plants. Shower soon..
  19. Yes, turns out it was a fuse. I had misplaced the owners manual in moving. 4 bucks for 4 fuses and 28 bucks for a new manual. 🤭
  20. Yes, turns out it was a fuse. I had misplaced the owners manual in moving. 4 bucks for 4 fuses and 28 bucks for a new manual. 🤭
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