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  1. In need of some.leadcore line replacement so asking for thoughts on different brands, sizes. Been using Suffix 27lb since starting with cores and no real complaints. Does their 832 Advanced have advantages? Are other brands all about the same or do certain ones really provide more stealth and if so, does it really matter if running a 40-50 foot leader. Appreciate any dialogue offered.
  2. Sounds like a nice day on the water. Fishing on a weekday.......a reason to look forward to retirement!
  3. Agreed. Looking like a domestic dog to me. How far from civilization is that camera?
  4. Have had the unit 3 years now and use it pretty steadily. No issues until a couple months ago had to replace the seal gasket but a simple swap out. Don't know cost as a few years ago so check their site. Obviously avoid the lesser unit that Gator has issues with.
  5. Congratulations on a great hunt. Be interesting to know if a big difference in flavor of those Texas deer knowing their diet is so different from what the Western/Fingerlakes whitetails eat.
  6. Really enjoyed the video! Congratulations on his first buck!
  7. Beautiful fish. Nice to see as it seems recent Skaneateles posts have been all about walleye. Hope the Lakers and Bows stay strong there!!
  8. Good stuff. We all know fishing requires patience, but I suspect hunting arrowheads takes 10 times more!!
  9. Sned acres is just of Route 89 a few miles South of Dean's Cove. That is the only place I can think of on the West side of Cayuga other than the State Parks. Maybe someone from the East side can chime in on what may be near Long Point
  10. Absolutely! Give em options, and if just after Silvers but you're catching Lakers, come up 10-15 feet
  11. Cayuga lake area similar to Owasco and worse today compared to yesterday. Took a trip to the West side of Rochester this afternoon and markedly improved in comparison. If the high pressure moves off the Northern New England coast it should clear up quickly
  12. Some 15 years ago when I asked the same question several "Old Salts" on this site talked about having ball depth and leader length adding to 100. So if ball down 35, leader is 65, if ball down 90, leader is 10. It seems to have worked for me except when I drop the ball down to 110. Still haven't figured out leader length for that one yet.
  13. Great looking bucks. All from Western NY?
  14. Sounds like a great first trip! I'm betting that out over 80 plus fow the 3 color screamer was your silver fish for the day. As the water warms a significant disparity seems to develop and by Thermocline time in mid-July the Silvers tend to consistently be higher in the column and the Lakers deeper. Depending on where you marked fish sometimes directly determines best areas for spoon and Dipsey placement. Early morning and late day they may prowl along the whole column, but with a high sun, many go near the bottom by 9-10 am. Don't be afraid to drop a rigger with spoon and a Dipsey with flasher/fly inches from the bottom and hang on when they fire. Midday monsters often like the bottom and only get excited if you dangle a morsel right in front of them. Best of luck and keep us posted on future trips!!
  15. Sounds like you fished there? Had not heard of Blue Mesa but knew Flaming Gorge in Utah/Wyoming has quite a lake trout fishery too. The Western state reservoirs are getting a boost with Winter runoff after so many dry years.
  16. Abdomen is so distended. Have to wonder what was it's diet, and how old......
  17. Reel Doc

    Canandaigua Cdga 5/5

    Beautiful day to be on the water
  18. Blue Mesa reservoir Colorado......I know how you love Lakers, so I'll split the cost of the trip if you want to head out there some time!!
  19. Nothing better than sunrise out on the water. Great pics!
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