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  1. So great that so many of you up there donate your time and boats for a day of fishing for these true Heroes of our country. Thank you!!
  2. Great stuff. Weekday fishing is definitely top shelf. I'm jealous
  3. Appreciate your response and photo. No trouble with it rocking side to side despite the one post for a base?
  4. Looking to add an on board fillet table and looking for recommendations. Let me know likes, dislikes, etc. Thanks
  5. Great morning and great pics!! Thanks for sharing
  6. So sorry for the banana slip up. Went out yesterday afternoon with my wife and she was ready to pack bananas from the camper. I put my foot down so she ate one at the site and we packed blueberries and raspberries, our standard boat fare. When we catch fish, the dog and I celebrate with berries. Just posted about our trip. All 3 of us enjoyed some berries.
  7. Enjoyed the morning through mid-afternoon biking and hiking in the park. We launched at 5 and using undertaker's advice, (thanks again), set up at 120 and started trolling due North. Very quiet screen past 200, so made a scientific decision and turned West, (saw one boat out fishing West of us, none to the East). Soon after the 7 color fires. Barely get the Steelhead in the boat and a rigger fires. The King grabbed a sliding cheater. Reset and 10 minutes later that rigger fires again. This time the spoon at the ball down 100 was the target. Hung that one on the scale and at 21 plus pounds it's by far the largest fish to see the bottom of our boat. Just a blast fighting these strong fish from my own rig for the first time. Made it to shore in time to let the dog have a swim at sunset, then scooted over to Turtle Cove to celebrate with dinner by the water. A great first Summer time trip to Ontario, and certainly not the last.
  8. Camping at the state park for a couple days this week so going to bring the boat. Only Fairhaven experience is for Browns a couple times last Spring. I know the fishing has been pretty lean but if someone has some thoughts on where to start I would appreciate it!
  9. I'm sure you will have a great time regardless of how the fishing is. Let us know how you make out
  10. Bad Influence: Nothing better than being on the water both ends of the day. A real treat to put my boys, (they are men in their own right now) on some good fighting fish. Jk1: Normally I would have kept the pickerel but already boxed some fish and at 21 inches he wasn't that big. I didn't feel I would take the time and focus to work out those Y bones and have much left for the fish fry. BStone: Great fishing West side near the launch so I would get clear of Deans and start the kicker. One of these days I may feel adventurous and branch out a little.
  11. Today presented my only fishing opportunity of the long weekend, so made the most of it. Solo am trip started about 6. Shout out to the LOU member who gave me a hoot in the parking lot. Normally I would have stopped to "chew the fat" for a bit, but there was a line waiting for me to clear the dock. For 3 plus hours the lake trout were going crazy for spoons on riggers, 5 color and 100 copper. Several doubles and a triple that included a chain pickerel. Gave Frankie some swim time and in by 10 with hopes that the morning success would carry over to the afternoon. Thankfully it did as my 2 boys and a friend came along for a few hours of late afternoon fishing. The copper setup won the big fish competition 4 times over with solid fish that gave the crew a work out. The lead core provided some variation with a rainbow and a landlocked mixed in with Lakers. Over the past month I noted several fish with lamprey marks but all fish were clean and healthy today. A great day to wrap up the weekend.
  12. A wonderful tribute. Thank you for sharing a small piece of your memories with us. They surely will live on inside you, sometimes bringing a smile to your face, and others a tear to your eye, until you meet up with your Dad again. God Bless you both.
  13. Way to stick with it. North/North East winds can make for a bumpy ride in the center portion of Cayuga. Glad to see you were rewarded with some nice fish
  14. Agreed with Irish Eyes and will add that for me, enjoying the fight of the fish helps keep them hooked up. By keeping the drag on the light side and taking time to let the fish play itself out the % of hook ups getting in the boat is higher. Most of my break offs are fish that are still hot at the back of the boat. When friends are on board and try to rush the fish in or tighten the drag, they lose them. BTW, have always used trebles except for flies which have a single plus a treble trailer
  15. Lets hope the weather cooperates for these treatments.
  16. Agreed, a beauty!! Trolling or fishing live bait?
  17. Was wondering what you have been up to. Glad to see you are back again and look forward to your posts
  18. First time out on Cayuga in a while and with the sunshine and warmer temps it was a great morning to be on the water. Lakers were all over spoons on the riggers and most did not give up without a strong battle. Only 2 hits on the stickbait, both Silvers. Notice the significant difference in size.....At quitting time, the launch had heavy traffic so my first mate decided 55 degree water temps were fine for a swim.
  19. What a great mix of fish, like a box of chocolates!! A bullhead on a stickbait!! You continue to amaze with how you catch all kinds of fish in Owasco. I'm looking forward to a future post with a carp pic!! As always, thanks for the reports and fun photos.
  20. And on a day with 3 footers the guests would-be slinging that same hash and eggs overboard......
  21. Used it once last year and don't recall any rough spots with the ramp. Anyone know if the ramp ends/drops abruptly? Are there ladders on the water side of the dock?
  22. Any idea on the status of the town launch across from Margaretta Rd?
  23. Very nice. What port are you fishing out of? That middle fish has quite the plump belly!!
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