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  1. No worries. If the plan is release, they are netted and barely out of the water to measure for the DEC diary. If they hold that pose with me they are slated for dinner. Can't beat lake to table on the same day!
  2. Launched at Dean's before sunrise and first thing focused on fishing in close, primarily 25 feet or less. Set a rigger and it fired before I had the second rod set. First fish was a 29" Laker full of steam. The rest of the trip was hit or miss action as multiple times 2 rods would fire, then would be quiet. Sun came out strong midmorning and thought the bite would quit but found a pocket of active fish and kept circling the area and the fish kept biting. Ended up landing a batch of healthy Lakers from 24-31", and 2 decent Rainbows. Spoons on riggers and short cores were the best producers today. Felt like a midsummer morning out there today. Looking forward to more great days ahead.
  3. Great stuff and you were blessed with great weather too!! Thanks for sharing
  4. Great looking catches!! That East wind sure made you bundle up. So you were trolling up at Fair Haven and catching Pike and Walleye! I have never caught a walleye but never targeted them either. On my bucket list so might be asking for some advice one of these days .....
  5. This crew out of Union Springs on the East side of Cayuga got some love recently on the Finger lakes Fishing Facebook page. I don't know them personally but the pictures are impressive!
  6. That colored water was out past 30 feet in spots Sunday. How quickly the lake can change. Glad to see you getting out there. Weekday fishing with friends and a full box.....I'm jealous.
  7. Still learning the ropes fishing Ontario so I feel very fortunate to boat my first shallow King last week and then get into 2 for a newcomer yesterday. After dealing with those 2 flying around behind the boat I believe he is hooked on fishing Ontario. Glad to hear you were out and can get out again soon. Let us know what you find out there!!
  8. Great looking fish! Is some of the abdomen distention eggs or are they post spawn now.
  9. The past couple Summers I took my son and his high school buddies out on Cayuga lake for some afternoon wake boarding followed by a little trolling. His one friend Devin enjoyed it so much he was ready for more, so this morning he joined me for his first Ontario trip. Pretty chilly most of the morning from a SouthEast wind but it didn't make much wave so we were fortunate compared to those fishing farther West. Colored water extended out past 30 fow in some areas. Slow early with a few small Browns, then this 14 lb slob Brown, (the picture doesn't do the fish justice), crashed the party followed a little later by these sassy Kings. 1 King snatched a stick, otherwise all spoon bite with Orange/Green patterns dominating. Finished up with my regular trusty copilot taking her first swim of the season! A great day on the water!!
  10. 10 days on the lake! I'm jealous. Enjoy your time there and please post how it goes. Tight Lines!!
  11. A beautiful morning at the launch, but out on the lake that SouthEast wind was nasty for most of the morning. The surf wasn't much of a problem but turns could be tricky with the gusty winds broadsiding the boat. Took some time for the fish to cooperate, but by 8:30 it was game on! Some solid Browns but no monsters. Then while finishing a 180 turn, the rigger rod started singing! Had a great time working the King in on a light Ugly Stik set up. It did the "shark-in-the-water" hover about 15-20 feet behind the boat 4 different times, and when I tried to bring it to net range would peel off 50 feet or so. Fifth time was the charm as it was finally played out. Found a few more Browns, all but 1 taking spoons off rigger or 2 color along with this stick snatcher. A great morning to enjoy some fishing!!
  12. I like the color of that bright blue rod. Never seen that before, what is it??
  13. Great pics with nice healthy fish. Picking up right where you left off last year. Always enjoy your posts. Keep after them!!
  14. You have a hard working first mate! Great pics!!
  15. It's all about the dog!! He looks like he's ready to go overboard
  16. Looks like a perfect morning to be out there. Pretty much all weekend fishing for me until I retire.......Let us know what you find!
  17. That's a beautiful fish. WTG.
  18. SALE PENDING on the Super Ski Double Planer boards A pair of TX-44 inline planers 1 in package, second got wet a couple times,. A pair of Offshore inlines with the Lockjaw upgrades $70 each pair or take all 4 for $125 Located in Seneca Falls. Possible to meet on a Saturday when en route to Hamburg along the Thruway.
  19. A gloomy start this morning but the first chance to hit the water in quite a while so my first mate and I were determined to make the most of it. Out of Dean's by 7:30 and despite surface temperatures around 39 decided to give some flat lines a try in the shallows. Not surprised when nothing fired so slid out beyond 75 and set some Flasher/flies off dipseys to complement the rigger spoons. The lake trout were hungry from 18" on up to this over 10 lb brute that despite a stout fight and a quick weight check swam off like nothing happened. A great morning on the water.....glad to get out early as by the time I was home eating lunch the skies opened up for the better part of the afternoon.
  20. You can track the lake level off the Cayuga inlet buoy from this site.
  21. Thanks for posting this. The report is very positive for healthy fish counts in both lakes. Looks like the new diary contributor on Hemlock had them dialed in!!
  22. WTG, Beauties all around. Glad to see you make it out there. Today's high South wind weather forecast kept me off the lake but it never looked that bad out there. By midmorning you were probably shedding layers with the warm up. Hope to see you out again next weekend
  23. You had a great February day to be on the water and if fish cooperated that's even better. Try posting about water pump replacement on "This Old Boat"
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