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  1. Hoping to get out this weekend too. Low water at Dean's so hopefully Taughannock will work with the trim up...
  2. Great Lakes Planers are great to work with. I needed help putting together a mount for an older mast where the company was out of business and they worked with me through pictures, measurememts, and sent a trial piece to make sure it would work. They will treat you right!!
  3. Always a pleasure to be your first mate. Definitely nicer than last Winter's Taughannock adventure that featured a frozen launch and stiff North wind. 🌊🌊🌊
  4. Was it a tree or the mast of an ancient ship wreck!! Call in the sonar teamπŸ˜‰ Glad to hear the fish are out there. Boat's in the shop for some work but hoping to be back out there soon
  5. I went in about 10:30 and waved at the one other boat trolling just North of the launch, that must have been you. It was a bouncy ride back from the silos for sure. Glad it settled down for you.
  6. That sure looks like smoother water than what I was on around Dean's Sunday morning. Where were you fishing?
  7. I had the pleasure of a trip in that rig last Winter. When the sun is out it is like a greenhouse in there. Andy knows how to make it so comfortable you can't complain when the fish aren't biting
  8. A knee issue has kept me off the water and mostly out of the woods the past 2 months so very excited to get out this morning. Strong South wind made it kind of snotty out there but the fish didn't care about the surface conditions. North out of Dean's to get the push of the wind and ran a simple tight formation of 2 downriggers carrying spoons with sliding cheaters down 35-70 and a long copper carrying a flasher fly down the chute. Everything caught fish and was boxed out in 2 hours. Nothing huge, all 20-24 inches and some smaller ones tossed back. Took over a half hour to bounce through the waves back to Dean's but no complaints here. An early Christmas present to be on the water....can't wait to get out again!!
  9. Do photos from the woods overlooking the lake count too? I'm spoiled as it's right outside our window every day so on the water pics, in the woods and from our deck. How blessed are we all to enjoy what nature has to offer
  10. I'm setting him up with a Pflueger Supreme SUPSP30X Spinning reel and a Diawa Spinmatic D travel rod so easy to take on the plane. Can certainly load it with braid. How long a flouro leader? Attach with a little spro swivel or will it restrict casting, or should the leader length exceed casting range? FYI, a newly met coworker at the horse track gave me some Crappie fillets recently as incentive to get me out for Fingerlakes Panfishing in the Spring. I must say the fillets are tiny compared to salmon and trout but really taste good. I haven't had an ultralight setup since college days so I'm going to need a setup in time for Spring.
  11. My son started college in Daytona Beach Florida this Fall. Some friends have been taking him panfishing, primarily for Crappie. I'm getting him a spinning reel/rod for Christmas and wondering what line should go on it. The pictures he has sent through shows lake waters there are crystal clear so I'm thinking Fluorocarbon in 4 or 6 lb test. Does it make sense to go that route or will mono be good enough? I guess they've used some minnows but mostly throwing jigs either from shore or in kayaks. It sounds like fun though I get a little nervous when he sends pics fishing from a kayak with Gators nearby.
  12. Thanks for finding and posting the online version as much easier for all to read
  13. Such a great story. Thanks for sharing it. Could not agree more about how great so many fisherman and hunters can be. Without this website I probably would still be trying to catch my first legal salmon or trout trolling from the boat. πŸ˜‰
  14. This article came out Sunday in our area newspaper, The Fingerlakes Times. Hope you all can zoom in well enough to read it, but if not, perhaps you fellas who created this story can give us the details. My congratulations to Mark and Vince as well as Jonathan Forder. It's no coincidence that great things happen when fishermen work together. An early Happy Thanksgiving to you all!
  15. These are the first flashers I have seen with an echip. Anyone use them before? Feedback on if the echip is effective?
  16. FishingFool34, Thanks for the very informative reply. I see the ControlKing has different models for the different brands/ages of motors while the Trollmaster does not. Any reason to think one might perform better than the other on certain kickers?
  17. I'm looking to improve control of trolling speed with the 9.9 hp kicker on my 24 foot Wellcraft. Really interested in feedback from all of you that have a throttle controller on what you are using and any likes and dislikes. Thanks, Greg
  18. Ultimately we don't know what levels of heavy metals an individual fish has, regardless of where it's caught in the lake. The DEC does provide guidelines on amounts to consume and it stands to reason those guidelines are very conservative. I'm more willing to consume a trout caught in Cayuga vs a store bought fish from who knows where. It's also a bonus knowing time from water to table and being able to trim all fat away. Farmed raised fish are not the same as wild caught in terms of potential residues in the meat but not knowing where raised makes me nervous. And certainly any fish/shellfish from Asian or South American countries are buyer beware as there is no reliable oversight by any food agency. We can complain about many things wrong with government in this country, but overall good safety is very good.
  19. I like the landlocks fried, grilled, or smoked. Skin the fillets. Coat with House of Autry's fish mix with Old Bay Seasoning added in for a touch of spice. Cook in olive oil and enjoy. That was dinner Sunday using the morning's catch!!
  20. Looks to be shallow the first mile or so. I'm guessing high lines work there Spring and Fall but not so much once water temps go up. Appreciate the info. One of these days I'll make the trip down there.
  21. If the spawn is finished, wouldn't they be actively feeding now? That was a head scratcher for me yesterday as knew some areas were loaded with lake trout and the flies and spoons were practically in their mouths but they weren't biting.
  22. I hate when that happens, especially when the weather cooperates
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