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  1. Great. Thank you. Hoping there will be a few hungry fish out there.
  2. Anyone at Taughannock today? I'm thinking of a trip tomorrow but wondered about the launch as its a little chilly. Have they turned on the bubbler?
  3. Having had the honor to take part in some of those "daring escapades" on the Lil Boat, I must say she will be missed. I sure hope her new owner takes her out in 20 degree weather for some winter trolling. With the kerosene heater in the canvas enclosure it was a toasty place to recover after landing a fish. I'm sure the Sabre, (perfect name for a boat in the Buffalo area) has plenty of excitement in store. Let the new chapter in Chowder's fishing book begin!
  4. Great fish. Way to get out there this time of year. Bet there were no lines at the boat launch!
  5. Sounds good. I'll keep you posted on how it goes. Wondering if any shops in upstate NY doing that kind of work. BTW, wish I had an occasional boring meeting at work.... The animals provide too much excitement at times!!
  6. Thanks Whaler1. Do you have past experience working with that company? I sent them an email so we shall see what happens
  7. Agreed. That fly is a hammer pattern from A-Tomik, not sure which. Had to replace the hooks a couple months ago as the fish have been hammering it since mid-summer. I don't know what others have found, but for me, the flasher/fly in that pattern or white on a dipsey rig has been exceptionally productive since early July, so much so, that I haven't used them off a long copper in the chute at all this year. I like copper, but it's nice to catch fish with half as much line out! 95% of the time the Lakers go for it, but an occasional landlocked and even a rainbow hit one this year.
  8. These 2 piece snap on cushions I assume were the originals on the boat, a 2002 Wellcraft Walkaround. The straps are pretty much done and the foam inside the shells really don't provide much in the comfort department. Wondering where to look for replacement options.
  9. Couldn't get down to Taughannock this morning but able to take the 4 mile drive to Deans this afternoon for a couple hours of trolling before sundown. Worked the West side with dipseys and downriggers. Found active fish in 100-150 fow, all lake trout in the 20-25 inch range. Most were hanging near the bottom so I was starting to think about Auto riggers by the time the 3rd fish took a spoon down 100. The highlight was the double that took both spoons off the rigger with a sliding cheater. Just a great afternoon to be out and the moon rise was spectacular!
  10. 20" on the dot. Kayslay, that screen hasn't changed in 24 hours. I never saw significant bait pod yesterday. Pulling lines at the end and trolling out deep I did mark occasional fish down 100+ in 300+ fow. Maybe need to go deep.....others have talked in the past about Winter success in the middle of the lake down deep.
  11. Just made a run down there this morning. Worked the West side. Set up the big board with flat lines and a short core to run in 20 fow. Picked up a decent landlocked and a couple small Lakers. Moved to deeper water with dipseys and found 1 nice laker and that was it. Lake was flat the majority of the time, and from 80 to over 300 fow the screen had very little. No complaints though as a very peaceful morning. Only a couple other boats and kayaks spread way out around the lake. The park was packed with fishermen working just about every spot they could find. Made me thankful for having a boat to get out of the crowding. Let us know how you do tomorrow. I may get another run in Sunday.
  12. With the lake level down a touch I skipped Deans and took a trip down to Taughannock. The bridge was a tight fit but made it through and lines in about sunrise. Ran North on the West side from 80-250 fow running spoons on riggers and flasher fly on the dipsey. Early on the Landlocked hit a Stinger down 50, then during the 4 hours of trolling picked up 4 lakers, with no other hits. They were scattered in 80 up to 200 fow, with 2 hitting spoons at 60 and 100 and the other hitting flies first down 75 then down 100. The screen showed very few marks today and not much bait. Saw several trollers out but none working shallow, just a few bass boats in there. Anyone try the boards in tight this weekend? Got back to the launch and saw the 2 landlocks, (I think) darting in and out from the dock. Saw the No Fishing sign and thought.....smart fish.....Rewarded my first mate with a swim and thankful for such a beautiful November day to be out on the water.
  13. Not much belly. Did the other fish you caught appear to be post spawn?
  14. Agreed about lakers being really fun to catch in the shallows. This weekend looks to be promising weather so will get the boards ready to go. Thanks for the input.
  15. Hoping to get some fishing in this month if the weather cooperates. Have rarely been out from late October to the end of the year. Last couple weeks found lake trout deep in 80 out to 200 fow. 2 weeks ago 1 Rainbow, last week nothing silver and very few marks above 60 feet. With the spawn on now is it best to fish skinny the next few weeks? Usually launch at Deans until the lake drops in midWinter, then go to Taughannock as the boat fits under the bridge. Anybody go out of Treman this time of year? Interested in your thoughts.
  16. Great pic but I have to ask, do you work in a treehouse?!
  17. That is not always true. I didnt have to worry about ID for this one as after winning a lengthy battle I knew regardless of species, it was plenty big enough to go in the box!
  18. Saw this group someone posted that they caught in one of the creeks on the South end last week. Not nearly as dark as Stingers, but same hook jaws.
  19. Never looked at Browns during spawn. I assume the color change is typical?
  20. That is one dark landlocked. How deep was he, or more appropriate question, how far from the creek mouth was he?
  21. It has to be a sight to see right now. Do the landlocks run up there too? I couldn't find a silver fish trolling today so most must be moving into shallow water. Worked the same area (80-200 fow) as last week on the West side South of Sheldrake. Screen showed significantly fewer fish despite bait pods. Picked up only 1 just before reaching Taughannock. Worked North on the East side and found 4 more. All lake trout, some looked about to burst as bloated with eggs. 3 took flies on dipsey close to the bottom in 100-130fow. Other 2 took spoons when ball bouncing. Next few weeks might make for some challenging fishing while spawning is on.
  22. That's a beauty. Does your dog work the net??
  23. Agreed, but.....anytime of year is a great time to be out there!
  24. Got after it again yesterday. Very frosty morning to start but the fishing warmed me up quickly. Dipseys carrying Flasher/fly rigs again dominated the action with several heavily egg laden lake trout females topping 30 inches. Downriggers were less active, though a good rainbow took a sliding cheater. Just a beautiful morning out there and glad to get out as the South wind looks to be making a bigger chop on the water this morning.
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