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  1. Speaking of pumpkins, how was your harvest Whaler?!
  2. Fish in the boat is a good thing. Good luck on the hunt.
  3. DEC should pay you a little bounty for every 1 you get. Seems like you are doing a little damage to lamprey numbers singlehandedly
  4. Catch 22 if the lampricide kills some of the game fish they are trying to protect.
  5. I read the history of lampreys and how they destroyed the lake trout fishery on the Great Lakes last century. How did multiple states and Canada get things righted around all those years ago and how are the Great lakes now? It seems few on this site comment on lamprey or marks on fish caught in Ontario. This Spring was my first chasing Browns there and I only saw one lamprey mark.... On a smallmouth, not a trout. Another ?....any other Finger Lakes have lamprey problems?
  6. Reel Doc

    Canandaigua Strange Trip

    Good question on the rainbows being deep. On Cayuga yesterday and 2 weeks ago took rainbows on spoons and flies down 75 to 90 feet in 100-200 fow. I also noted very little on the screen from the surface down to 50 feet, so perhaps the fish are just following the bait. Maybe others can chime in on if this can be a Fall pattern.
  7. Wow. Do you think it's the vibration that attracts them? Not too smart if they hang on long enough to get chopped. Sure hope treatment next Spring knocks the numbers down
  8. A real treat to be out on the water this morning as light winds, moderate temps, and foliage starting to show some brilliant colors. The only negative for the morning was the lack of a spectacular sunrise but we have had a bunch of great ones recently.....super moon rises this week too. Left Deans before sunup and ran South past Sheldrake to get set up. Hadn't set the second rigger when the first fired with a stout Laker. Had another quick strike soon after setting the dipsey pulling a flasher and fly. Another solid laker was on the line. Things went quiet for a stretch, then kept a steady pick of fish, 2 on dypsey for each 1 on the rigger. All lake trout plus 1 rainbow that took a fly and a nice dinner for 2 sized landlock that hammered a spoon off the rigger. Big fish of the morning was this Laker that tipped the scale at 9 lbs. Just a great morning to relax and enjoy the lake with all it has to offer.
  9. Last weekend the launch on the East side was very busy so I would assume all is open for now.
  10. I loved that idea but the crew all backed out of an evening or early morning troll. Certainly loads of weedline here to make great predator fish cover.
  11. Good for you to hang in until the fish turned on. You had a beautiful day to be out there.
  12. Can you tell I'm not a bass guy? Any particular style/ color for immitation or use live bait?
  13. "Drop Shot"? Please help me out on what that means. Have to look at topography map and guess on depth as no electronics on the pontoon
  14. "Drop Shot"? Please help me out on what that means. Have to look at topography map and guess on depth as no electronics on the pontoon
  15. Tomorrow we are headed to visit family at the South end of Conesus lake. I've never been on that lake before. Since I like to fish, the crew is expecting me to show them how to catch something. Brother-in-law has a pontoon boat but no gear to speak of. Any thoughts on some options would be appreciated.
  16. So sad to see such a severe infestation of lamprey. Hope more aggressive treatment happens on Seneca soon.
  17. A couple weeks since my last trip and boy what a difference in the weather. Was wishing Chowder was around with his little boat as that thing can keep you warm in the dead of Winter, (Note he's posted it for sale in the Classifieds) Went South out of Deans and for the first couple hours the fish were as cold as I was. Almost drained my coffee when the sun came out and game on. Silvers took the rigger spoons down around 60 and the Lakers went for flies on the dipsey down around 100. About to pick up about 11 when a decent rainbow hit a spoon doubled up with the biggest laker of the day at a bit over 28". No pics of the biggest ones as already had enough in the cooler for a few meals so quick releases at that point in the day. Still great fishing out there but I for one am hoping for a long Indian Summer.
  18. I give all who fished some props as Cayuga did not look fisherman friendly this weekend.
  19. I think his secret weapon is in that pill vial in the lower right hand corner of that pic.....
  20. That one looks like a dandy. Good way to close down your year. Sorry you had to battle the waves. I was feeling sorry for the tournament guys as from our house up on the hill it looked to be a bouncy ride on the water all day long.
  21. The color of buildup yesterday was different.... More brownish and much more difficult to remove. I think you are on to it that different flea type was causing the troubles. I guess from now on I'll bring a microscope along for definitive flea ID!!
  22. I was out this morning and I agree, the most stubborn fleas I've ever dealt with. They even gummed up my rigger setups that are rigged with the Cortland line Co 30 lb test Flea Flicker. I'm wondering if this flea strain is resistant to the line as typically my rigger rods don't see much buildup. Last week minimal fleas and this morning not bad until 8-8:30 then they started gobbing onto everything. It was the only frustration on a great day for fishing. Found some good sized Silvers down 50-60 that went for spoons off riggers. The lake trout were all about flies on the dipseys 80-100 down. Anyone else find fish?
  23. I think your catch has mine beat by an inch or 2! I felt obligated to release it as clearly it was snagged on the top of the head!
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