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  1. I Saturday I put my 21' crestliner cuddy cabin with no problems.
  2. That's great news I heard that it's on fire now!!!!!!
  3. Why does your butt hurt so much?
  4. They will be moving out soon thank goodness
  5. WOW thanks for the info my buddy's and I will be there tomorrow!!
  6. Everyone knows it's called Kung flu!!
  7. Fool me once shame on you fool me twice and you're still a turd
  8. This is all I got I should have started doing screenshots 2 days ago but apparently if you took the time to watch this video you don't work he should be thankful that people are watching your video not insulting them
  9. I like how he deleted everything and delete every comment that doesn't agree with him
  10. Kind of looks like someone put it together and put a Sutton spinner on it.ldk
  11. I was thinking they are eating fresh water shrimp. But IDK
  12. You can fish over a school all day and only get 12!
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