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  1. I think I remember him, did he have the center console boat with the rainbow trout painted on the side?
  2. I was born in 85 you might remember me and my brother and dad Jim Haviland .
  3. You must be old as heck because that was My great-grandfather He's been dead since like 1946
  4. Start at the show boat and go south 30-80 fow. Becafull the guys on that side of the lake are really friendly lol..
  5. Not looking for any info other than if anyone has been able to get them to hit. We have no problem finding them they just won't hit lucky to get 5 in 5 hours.
  6. 2010 E-Tek bought brand new in 2012 one owner short shaft electric trim with controls. Not sure of the hours because you have to plug it into a computer but around 400. The handle on the cowl is cracked and has a piece missing but it's a separate piece on the cowl it's 70 bucks to replace. Runs perfectly only reason I'm selling is because my main motor blew and I'm not replacing it going to get a new boat.
  7. That would have been funny I lost a big double anchor set up there a couple years ago.
  8. It might work if you're only running a top line but if you put any weight on it I don't know seems like the board would go under when you get a fish
  9. It's in ovid about 40 minutes from you.
  10. South Seneca sports club has one at the end of March they do a hell of a job.
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