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  1. It might work if you're only running a top line but if you put any weight on it I don't know seems like the board would go under when you get a fish
  2. It's in ovid about 40 minutes from you.
  3. South Seneca sports club has one at the end of March they do a hell of a job.
  4. Anyone having any luck if so how deep where and what are you using? 😜
  5. There's not enough water in any of the ditches.
  6. I gonna say the internet help ruin it again when you got people posting about catching 60 little hammer handles like it's fun.
  7. There's definitely no Perch in Seneca go to Lake O!😉
  8. You don't need to go out that far this time of year to get king's
  9. I believe what he is really asking if he should pull boards in close. The answer is yes but move out to 50' after the early morning and add a few ledcors
  10. Jig fisherman killed all of them.
  11. Is it possible to access Black lake to ice fish? Thanks in advance.
  12. Is there a place you can park on walk out ? Thanks in advance..
  13. There's still plenty of perch on Seneca if you know where to look. The hard part is getting them to hit the last few months all they will hit is Crab's
  14. I use that stuff gets down faster and deeper
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