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  1. I mainly hunt public land, i have had sd cards taken and then replaced (wiped clean of course). I know this because i checked cameras on a Wednesday (no card), came back to put sd cards back in and there is an sd card in there!!!! When i see someone elses camera out i usually give them the NY Salute or just totally avoid it. Cameras are usually a good indication of where deer may be and should be left alone. unless, when... The forest rangers put cameras out every year for about 3 weeks leading up to gun season in the worst locations. They had one out one year on a cliff overlooking a ravine.
  2. I mainly hunt 8s, 7r public land and saw more deer than i have seen in over 15 years. Just not the big boys, lots of 6 points and under and a ****load of doe.
  3. When NY State finally mimics PA and lets us use crossbows during the whole archery season it will be a great day. I have never understood the disdain by many towards the people who choose to use a crossbow. Choosing to use a compound bow doesn't make you a better hunter or a more ethical hunter, it just means you prefer what you are comfortable with. It all comes down to the individual and how much discipline and integrity they have or may not have. Be safe, be smart and aim for the heart and lungs! A special thank you to everyone on this thread who has honorably served our great nation or who is currently serving.
  4. I keep a bucket of salt on my boat and love to watch those things die
  5. Just messin with ya! Great boat and good luck Saturday!!!!
  6. I hurt my neck looking at the pictures.
  7. Yeah, i dont know what happened. Pretty sure it was my fault, just scared the **** outta me..
  8. This area is going to explode with flooding, its not a matter of IF, just WHEN! We havent seen this much rain in a long time.
  9. I have a wicked ridge ten point Invader. I loved the thing until last year when (unknowingly) I didnt "cock" it correctly. I initially thought something was wrong but it didnt seem to look different so i went on about my business. At the end of my hunt i took the safety off and it shot the bolt without me pulling the trigger which scared the #$%^ out of me. I would recommend getting a crossbow that you cock with a lever. Regardless of the fact that it was operator error, i feel as though there should be safety mechanisms in place with this model that would prevent what happened to me from happening to anyone else.
  10. How deep will these get?
  11. This is awesome news, cant wait for them to make xbow season the same as compound!
  12. Nice catch on a very difficult lake to fish!
  13. I have that gun, what powder and bullets do you use?
  14. Anyone ever have an issue with a crossbow misfiring when you take the safety off? I have a Ten Point Wicked Ridge Invader G3, Went to discharge it, took safety off and it fired without touching trigger. I've had it 5 years and never once had this issue, maybe I cocked it wrong as it is the type where you put the clips on the strands and pull. Regardless that thing is now retired and I will be upgrading for next season to an acudraw!
  15. YES!!!!! I love smashing them, I was just doing it with a huge smile on my face! Best part of 2020 so far.
  16. That sucks, How many hundreds of thousands of acres do we have in NY that is open to the public that you can do pretty much whatever you want within the guidelines? Set some trail cameras up high angled down and catch this a-hole!
  17. Ive had one seize and crack, blew out while the boat was running, I called my dad, the dude drove 6 hours while I was in the military to help. He made a few small cuts with a small metal blade from the hole in the broken plug outward towards the threads being careful to stop before cutting into the threads. This relieved some of the pressure holding the piece into the head. He then heated the broken piece with a torch and used an easy out to remove it. Pressure was the key here, not applying too much pressure. This info will help if you try to remove it and it breaks. It appears the soaking method is the best bet here. But if it breaks when you try to remove it... here is step 2. Good Luck!!
  18. Whaler1, is that a pig in the bottom of the second to last photo u posted?
  19. If people remember correctly, the lampricide treatment was not effective/impossible to conduct two years in a row due to flooding. Not saying that is why there is an issue, but that is why there is a greater issue as far as Eels are concerned. We are now seeing the result of those missed treatments. Seneca has been on the decline, noticeably ever since the 18lb BT won the derby in 2016 and to the "Seneca Fisherman", a few years before that. I have had the same occurrence with eels sticking to my motor/outdrive/hull for at least 3 years now. The DEC is certainly not ignoring the problem, I think we are at the tail end of those missed treatments from 2-3 years ago. As far as the treatments go they (DEC) are at the mercy of Mother Nature. Add that to the 10 other non-related problems Seneca suffers from.
  20. I have a very similar situation with 40 acres just bought by a family member, the posted signs will say: No Trespassing Period!. Forget that guy for not being upfront and honest and trying to be sneaky about it. Kudos to you for actually following the rules!
  21. I have two grease traps, what do you run off the back of them peanuts, spoons, spin n glows?
  22. I will say this... we sure have a lot of knowledgeable people here. Nick is producing and so is Roys Boys. Sk8tman always has great info, a perspective that is top notch! Also a lot of people who have seen lakes go through certain cycles! I love Seneca and will never stop fishing it, caught my first fish there.
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