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  1. Ya , x3
  2. That one would fertilize several gardens !
  3. WHAT A SLOB ! Check out this 83 pound laker ,
  4. In there yesterday , $8.99 a whack
  5. Still available ,could email a pic if you want . I'm in NH so pick up probably wouldn't work for you ?
  6. Nice 5" display ,color 640Vx 640H . 5oo watts . Down imaging ,dual beam plus and switch fire . Internal gps chart plotting . Card slot for maps . Temp. and speed . Unit is in great condition , no problems at all . Comes with everything as when new .Sonar/gps , mounting base , wiring , transducer with mounting bracket , manual , cd , cover .Bought new for $650.00 , selling for $265.00 free shipping in USA .
  7. Great video , already seems like forever since we've been there ! Thanks for posting !
  8. I can only imagine , we were out there at the beginning of the week , and Monday a.m. counted twenty one boats trolling around , that we could see ....
  9. How was the boat traffic today out there ??
  10. S&R Bait and Tackle should have some .
  11. Definitely west of Rochester , so they are part of a power plant ? Yes , we had a great time in The Rochester area and Brucehooked up , we won't tell !!
  12. Chris , Found ice water about 50' down in an area about a square mile . Trolling speed was best for us at 2.2 to 2.3 that day . The double stacks or maybe they're not , were just west of Rochester ?? First time in the area .
  13. We decided to try a different port this time out , first time to I-bay .The better half and I headed out at 5am to the 150 water where we found ice water, 42 degrees in front of the smoke stacks and trolled northeast , riggers started firing right off , 55& 65 ft. down , moo moo cut bait rig with familiar bite Herring was the winner for sure but wire dipsy out 225 with white /green flasher and Pro- am fly was the other good producer as well . Boxed out with Kings 8- 17 pounds , two Lakers 12 and 15 pounds and some skippys that were sent back all before 9:30 . Bite died down after that and the jet skis started coming out so we headed in , fun morning for us ! Have to give all the LOU members a big thank you for all the freely shared information as it surely takes a lot of the learning curve out of this big lake fishing . Mike