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  1. Nice work!
  2. Very cool Rainbow!!!!
  3. Thanks everyone, it was a cool project!
  4. X2 On Capt Troy! 315-243-2389
  5. I would say it depends on workload, speed of artist, or if they do deer and other stuff. My turnaround has been 90-120 days until this year. I had to extend to 5 months. People always say that is faster than anyone else quotes? All I can say is I work, a lot! I like to get work done while the person still remembers catching it! lol!
  6. It's not real, lol. It is the proper dimensions for the world record to the T. Not sure what the jackalope comparison is all about, lol!
  7. I was commissioned to recreate the world record Smallmouth bass, here is my rendition! Stats: 27" long, 21 1/2" girth and 11 1/2 lbs caught in 1955 in Dale hollow reservoir Kentucky.
  8. Skin or replicas $22 plus per inch if you want it done right.
  9. I think it's like a grand Pooh Bah from the Flintstones only better Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  10. Just like a skin mount it depends on the artist and their abilities.You get what you pay for! Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  11. I have done over 7,500 fish in my 42 year career. That being said There is a "story" With almost every one of those fish. "trophy" Can be only be defined by the experience! My personal best Steelhead was 21 1/2 lbs. The story? A buddy and I were in Hamilton, Ontario picking up my new boat to guide on the Niagara. Coming over the Lewiston/Queenston bridge I say to him let dump thew boat in and try it out. He says "we aree only weraing Sneakers and hoodies and its 5 degrees, I say we just run down the river quick to test my bad azz new toy. So being the fisherman we are we throw a couple rods and a few quickfish in the boat and away we go. First mind numbing drift I hook up on my Giant!! That was 2001 and I feel the cold and see the fish in my minds eye! I relive that moment every time I look at my replica! Just like you I have many personal stories that are awesome memories. Fish with amazing colors, fish on a certain fly I made up, or a particular tippet. Life is made up of memories, memorializing those memories is what I do, it's my passion! I had my former high school B ball coach bring me a 12" LM bass. I said "there has to be a story" He said it was the last fish he caught with his dad before he passed away. Kid's first fish kindling their fire and passion for our sport is what I love doing the most! So a "trophy" is in the eye of the beholder! BTW Heres that Steelie and the only Atlantic I ever caught.
  12. Wall picture.... Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  13. It is actually shelving that I dry my fish on after painting.
  14. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United