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  1. Wow!!! Those are awesome. Is it difficult to find the perch on Seneca? I have never fished any of the finger lakes due to their sizes. Seems a bit daunting....
  2. adamtb

    Perch at Sodus?

    Are you guys hitting them by the north end or just running around the bay?
  3. About to hit Oneida as well and never fished it. Anyone got any recommendations as to what to throw or depth to work this time of year?
  4. Thanks just looked. Will still be over $200 by the time they are shipped to me. Was hoping to get them for less to try
  5. As the tittle says im looking for a pair of big jon otter boats and mast to rig them. also willing to buy them by the piece if you only have one of something. Thanks
  6. thanks for the info guys! greatly appreciated! looking for those rods and reels now.
  7. Hey guys very new to trolling and dont have a big boat just a 18 ft deep v aluminum and im looking to buy a couple rod and reels to do spring and fall trolling for salmon and trout. what do you guys recommend that wont break the bank? im only looking to run planer boards / dipsy divers.. no down riggers on my boat....let me know what you guys think thanks.
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