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  1. Hey reeldrag2 go to the top of the screen and click on the envelope icon for your messages or if you want give me your number or a place and time to meet.
  2. I am local and I am interested. I sent you a PM. Let me know. Thanks
  3. Looking for some advice of using two trolling bags and what size bags. I am running an 18 Tracker Targa with a 150hp Mercury that in clutch ahead, trolls at around a little over 3mph. I want to troll down to 1.5 when using harnesses for walleyes but generally run 2.2 to 3 for browns and kings. I am looking to run two bags instead of one for steering purposes. Thoughts? Thanks
  4. Folks, A couple weeks ago I read a post about using two trolling bags that are tied together. I can't find that post. I was wondering if anyone could send me the link. Also, I remember reading in that post that the size of the bags you use is dictated by the length of the boat and engine HP. I tried to contact Amish Outfitters to ask but they have not gotten back to me. I have an 18' Tracker Targa with 150Hp. Should I use 15" bags or 18" bags? Thanks
  5. Don't know if this pertains to anyone out there, but Smith Boys Rochester is closing down this Friday 9/15 for good. It is only the Rochester location so if you rely on them for service well you better start looking elsewhere.
  6. Im interested I sent you a pm
  7. Looking to buy a pair or single Otter boats. PM me
  8. Bryce has always sucked. 50 years they have been in business. Ill can sympathize with you. I just took my brand new 2022 tracker to them for engine issues. They put in there pond and ran it and said that they could not duplicate the problem ( engine vibration). I go to pick it up and ask to see the computer printout. There isn't any because they didn't do one and tell me that if I want one it's going to cost me 100 bucks. Mind you this boat has 2hours on it. Also, they tore my brand new mooring cover by trying to take it off with ponded water on it. I ask...What are you going to do about the cover. Answer, "Nothing. Read the small print on the invoice". There are new owners but they are no better than the old. Its the same old crap with them. I ended up taking the boat to Smithboys in Buffalo for the engine work. They repaired it. I have also taken the boat to Cabelas in Buffalo. for warranty related issues. Both places are a dream to deal with. I will say that Tracker Marine will not discuss warranty related issues with the owner. It has to go through a dealership and Cabelas in Buffalo is the place to go. The service manager was candid and said that he gets a ton of Trackers in for service that were purchased at Bryce because of the hassle Bryce gives their customers. Good luck with the boat.
  9. Hey does anyone have a suggestion for a downrigger mounting plate for the Tracker Versa Trak? Ive seen Brocraft and a couple others. Just wondering if anyone has any suggestions either way. Thanks
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