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  1. I know there's a tournament going on. But looking for info for Fairhaven or Oswego. Don't need lure data etc. Just if anyone is finding fish depth to start. Small boat seeking fish. Thanks
  2. Oswego 630 to 11 till. storm time. 120 to 300 marked maybe 4. No hits. Meat, copper riggers flies, spoons. Washed lures. 1.8 to 3.0
  3. So I ordered a prespooled 45# 300 copper. And ordered a 30# 200. After I figure them out possibly a 150. Thanks for the advice all!
  4. Setting up copper, first time. Looking to get two setups . What are the two best I could go with. Thanks
  5. Look for 50 to 55 degree water. Where that temp comes in contact with the bottom. Sometimes deep, sometimes it's 25 to 40 feet.
  6. Landlock love trashing water, wind gray sky. I run a line right down the prop wash. 30 feet back. I run smaller spoons or sticks on riggers 5 to 25 feet. They are not shy of striking in the wash.
  7. Will someone fill me in on SOCO baits. Just picked up a few types. How they work. Etc. Thanks
  8. I'm fishing a 16 lund. 2 riggers . can't catch a salmon to save my life!
  9. My best lures all season.
  10. Anyone having trouble with fleas in close? I fished Friday. Only had a few.
  11. Waves building today or laying down. Looking for an afternoon run. 16 foot lund. So it's important.
  12. Now tomorrow, Friday noaa is calling for 3 footers! Wth. I can't get a break.
  13. I have side scan on my garmin. I don't use it often only in shallow water, bass, perch , walleye. My question is, out on ontario I turn it on and the bottom shows large dark areas. With very light color areas around mixed in. Not bait or weeds I'm talking 150 to 200 feet. Am I seeing rock bottom dark, covered in zebra mussels against Sandy bright or mud bottom? What's your thoughts.
  14. I inserted a picture of pink salmon. I noticed the fins circled. Also the spots. I'm of a thought it's a pink.
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