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  1. Thanks so much. That's very helpful.
  2. Do the buoys give information on water temperature by depth? Or simply surface. Looking for temps out of Oswego.
  3. So many questions. Are you using spot lock? I switched to trocar eagle claw circle hooks for spoons. No misses now trolling. Are you searching for fish then jig the marks? Or are you blind jigging in deep water.
  4. Every fish caught last night out of Oswego had a lamprey on it. 4 for 4
  5. I was wondering, have any of you tried running a paddle with just a meat head behind it? Without the 3 attraction flies? Just a paddle and meat.
  6. If nys had its way. The state government would cut all wildlife programs . Don't kid yourself. Sportsman are as far down the list as possible in Albany and down state.
  7. So I'm diving into steel. I have a 200. I just ordered a spoiled 300. What would be the next. Trying to cover 3 depths .
  8. I see fish come up or follow the hawk side. It's on the port side. But then they drop off. It's almost like the weight and hawk is a mass in the water the fish don't like. I have also changed color of my shark weight. Black to silver and then back to black. My next trip. I'm spacing the weight and hawk farther apart.
  9. Thanks, reason I asked the question. My catch rate fell dramatically. I have tried everything. I'll figure it out. Fishing is luck anyway.
  10. So. Has anyone noticed you catch less or more fish off the rigger with the fishhawk attached?
  11. I know there's a tournament going on. But looking for info for Fairhaven or Oswego. Don't need lure data etc. Just if anyone is finding fish depth to start. Small boat seeking fish. Thanks
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