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  1. Hi Ed http://www.soduspointproam.com/ Chris K
  2. The dates for the 2012 Lake Ontario Pro-Am are confirmed: Niagara County June 2-3 Orleans County June 9-10 Oswego County July 14-15 Wayne County July 21-22 Pro-Am Tournament Directors
  3. There is one week left to register for the Oswego and Wayne County Pro-Am Series.
  4. Oswego and Wayne County Deadline: June 1st at 5 p.m. Register before the deadline (Wednesday) if you wish to avoid the $50 late fee. All deadline info and registration forms are at http://www.lakeontarioproam.net
  5. Pro-Am Deadline Dates: Niagara Pro-AM Update The all-important Niagara USA Captain’s Meeting (including observers) will be held Friday, June 3 at the Sunset Grill, 3 Oconnell Island, Wilson, NY 14172 (Phone 716-751-6868). Just like last year, the doors will open at 5 p.m. for captain/observer check-in. Because of limited space, only the captain (team leader) and observer should attend from each team. There will be some neat appetizers that will be available starting at 5:30 p.m. (again, one of the reasons for only captain and observer to attend). The actual meeting will start promptly at 6 p.m. This is a mandatory meeting, allowing us to review the rules and conduct the pairings for the observer swap. PLEASE show courtesy when the announcements are taking place and listen to the rules. Last year, we had disqualifications because some people didn’t listen, couldn’t hear or didn’t understand the rules. Pay attention! Thank you and good luck to all involved. Orleans Pro-AM Update The Captain and Observer meeting for the Orleans County Lake Ontario Trout and Salmon Pro-Am Tournament will take place at the Orleans County Marine Park at 6 PM on Friday June 10, 2011. Sign-in will begin at 5 PM. Purchase of food will be available for your convenience. Looking forward to seeing all of you on June 10th. Just a gentle reminder of all the Pro-Am deadline dates. For complete information and registration forms, check the official web at http://www.lakeontarioproam.net This reminder is for all the procrastinators...and...you know who you are!! May 1st is this Sunday Niagara- May 1st @5pm Orleans-May 1st @5pm Oswego- June [email protected] 5pm Wayne- June [email protected] Late payments will be accepted online only, up to two weeks after the deadlines listed above. However, late payments must be accompanied by a $50 late fee. The Recreational Open deadline dates are: Niagara-May [email protected] Orleans-May [email protected] Oswego-June [email protected] Wayne July [email protected] Chris K.
  6. The Captains meeting will be Friday, July 17th 6:30 pm sharp at the Sodus Point Fire Hall... On the right side of the road on the way down the hill to the Point. Can't miss it. Park across the street in the field. Weigh-ins and all the action will be at Abe's Waterfront under the tent. There will be a special parking area for Pro-Am teams, located at the north end of the Sodus Yacht Club parking lot. There will be two signs directing where to pull in. It's right off the main Street (Greig St) Almost directly across the street from Abes. Please use this area as Sodus Point doesn't have many places to park. What we want to do is keep the trucks and cars off the main drag. This is the same location as last year. Thanks See ya Friday Chris K.
  7. Captain Jack's Big Fish Friday (During Wayne County Pro-Am) Date: "PRE-FISH FRIDAY" July 17, 2009 Entry fee $100.00 cash only Register at Captain Jack's Good Time Tavern (Tom Frank) 8505 Greig St. Sodus Point Cell phone info 585-721-8572 All cash registration entry fees are paid to Captain Jack's only -Registration deadline July 16 -You do not need to be fishing the Wayne County Pro/Am to enter -Trout and Salmon allowed, NY State laws in effect, illegal fish will disqualify your team (Active DEC weighing fish) -Observers are not needed and there are no age limits for this event -3 heaviest fish, only 3 fish per cooler allowed at weigh-in -Weigh in starts at Noon at the big tent at Abes' Waterfront -You must be in line by 3pm, absolutely no later -Fish must be caught on the day of the event, DEC discretion allowed -No altering of fish in any way or your team will be disqualified -You do not need to be present to win, however it is at your discretion to make your presence known to get paid -You must take care of your fish after weigh-in by legal means -Participants must have registration at weigh-in no exceptions -Fish will have gill plate punched at check-in -Awards ceremony to follow Pro/Am captains meeting (Approx. time 7:30pm) at Captain Jack's Tavern -10 places paid 30%, 20%, 13%, 10%, 7%, 6%, 5%, 4%, 3%, 2% -Based on 60 entrants: 1)1800.00, 2)1200.00, 3)780.00, 4)600.00, 5)420.00 6)360.00, 7)300.00, 240.00, 9)180.00, 10)120.00 -Blow off discretion of Captain Jacks Tavern and Tom Frank -Boat size will be limited to a minimum length of 18 ft (Pro/Am official rules)
  8. The Wayne County scoreboard is now on lakeontarioproam.com Congratulations to all teams that fished. It was a great turnout. There are some nice pictures on this forum from LOUSERS. See ya next year. Dates will be posted in a few weeks. Chris K
  9. Wayne and Oswego Counties are working on their tourneys for the final Pro-Am trail. As if we haven't been working the entire year!!!!!We are trying to add to the pot with additonal sponsors. Applications are on line at lakeontarioproam.com Just print them out and mail. I will be in Oswego for late sign-ups. If you are making a check out for Wayne, make sure they are made to Lake Ontario Charter Boat Association. (LOCBA)That was listed wrong in the original brochure. In Wayne County we are enlisting sponsorships to cut the overhead cost. The Tourism Office (me) is helping with many of the expenses. Teams can certainly help by buying our raffle tickets. I know it's a pain to come up with more bucks, however the money does go to pen rearing and other trout and salmon projects, and that's the best way to keep the fishery alive. I think the sponsorship from Brookfield Power states the whole concept of the Pro-Am Series. They are giving $1200 to each port. Six hundred goes in the prize structure and $600 goes to the pen-rearing projects in each of the four ports. See ya soon, and let's hope the gas prices plumment. Chris
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