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  1. Hello all.....wondering if anyone attended the DEC meeting in Homer on Wednesday night in regard to Skaneateles Lake fishery. I had plans to attend, but,as can happen, plans changed.... I am especially interested in what they had to say about the walleye enhancement or infestation ( depending on what side of the issue you're on) to the Skaneateles fishery. Thanks in advance for any info anyone might be able to provide.
  2. Hi to all on the forum. I have to replace the 8' bunks on the trailer for my 16' Starcraft w a 25 HP Yamaha. Been looking around on the internet on the best way to do this. Finding a great deal of advice, sometimes contradictory. So I thought I'd see what the guys here have to say. My questions: 1) Treated or non treated wood....this seems like a no brainer for treated, but I read that chemicals in the treated wood can eventually corrode the trailer attachment hardware, the trailer, or the aluminum boat itself. True? 2) If I go with untreated, is it worthwhile to apply some kind of waterproofing sealer? 3) I'm considering not carpeting the wood at all, and simply putting slides on the top of the bunks. I'm looking at Surfix Trailer slides.....anyone have any experience with these? Or any other make of slide anyone can recommend? Thanks in advance to anyone who can take the time to weigh in on this. I appreciate any advice you can offer.
  3. Mako20, is the Glen Haven launch very steep? Is it a good piece of pavement leading into the water? I tow/launch a 16 ft Starcraft with a Corolla.....that works most places, but if the launch is busted up any, or is too steep getting the boat out, I have problems. Thanks for any info.
  4. does anyone how how to stop getting email alerts to a thread on this forum? I don't want them !
  5. a scuba diving friend of mine saw several of them in Skan hanging out around a sunken tree. That was 10 yrs ago, maybe more. He said they were all good sized, 5lb+
  6. wow, thanks to this community for all these ideas.....I think I've boiled it down to it not being that big a deal either way. I tow w a Corolla, which has a 1500 lb capacity. so I guess the 60 extra lbs is NDB. Conversely, it sounds like I'd not be sacrificing all that much speed with the 20 . Still a decision to be made, but easier now.
  7. Boat/Motor help ? Hi all, I currently have a Starcraft Camp Boat, 16', with a 25 HP Merc 2 stroke. The boat alone weighs 520 lbs. I'm thinking of getting a new motor, a 4 stroke.....the same HP in a 4 stroke adds appx 60 lbs to my rig. I think the boat's OK with that, but I tow with a small car, and it's already a struggle. So I am thinking of buying a 4 stroke 20HP....which is the same weight as my current 2 stroke 25. Is there any way of finding out how my boat will act with a 20HP? How much slower it would be? I fish the Finger Lakes. , Any opinions or advice would be appreciated. Thanks to all.
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