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  1. troutman10

    Canandaigua 5/27

    They were about 20" and smaller. Nothing huge but fun finding them. Fishhawk said around 2.5
  2. troutman10

    Canandaigua 5/27

    Had a rod down about 60' for Lakers and targeted rainbows with the other 5 rods. Went 6 for 8. Brought 4 rainbows and 2 Lakers to the boat. Two fish lost were rainbows as well. Lakers bit gambler rig with spin dr and bows bit various bright colored spoons. The boy was loving it.
  3. Way to go! Sounds like an exciting day. Looks like an atlantic in the bottom middle of that one picture with a gill issue. Caught one up on ontario with a gill looking the same. Makes me wonder why some of the salmon look like that.
  4. troutman10

    Canandaigua Cdga 5/8

    Trolled around looking for Rainbows again. Fished west side from Tichenor Pt south. Went 2/4. One of the fish missed was a good sized rainbow and assuming a good sized laker that was staying deep. Fish came on stinger spoon and a warrior spoon. Depths were 20-50' down and down speed was 2.5-3 mph and down temp around 45 on the fish hawk. Surface temp around 48-50. Bigger rainbow was 4.5 lbs and around 23".
  5. troutman10

    Canandaigua Cdga 5/5

    The fish looked in good condition. One had a mark on its back from what I would guess was an avian predator trying to catch it at some point. Not sure the temp 20-40' down. Fish hawk got to my house later in the afternoon when I was off the water. Marked some bait around 100' in a few spots.
  6. troutman10

    Canandaigua Cdga 5/5

    Got out for a solo trip yesterday. Trolled west shore from drop off area in Woodville up to Bristol Harbor area looking for rainbows. Ran rigger around 40' down with cheater 20ish along with 2 mono flat lines out each side with planers. Ended up catching 3 14-18" bows. They lived to see another day. Changed up colors as I went. Got 2 on stinger standard spoons and 1 on a black and silver smithwick. Good to be out after crappy week of weather.
  7. Here's the ones in the backyard with foxes...40 yards away from the chickens. No issues ...knock on wood. Had chickens for almost 10 years
  8. Should I run a snap swivel attached to my diver-leader then another snap swivel from leader to spoon or is a simple snap ok from leader to spoon? I'm assuming I will always have a snap swivel attached to the back of the diver but wasnt sure about leader to lure connection. What does everyone else do?
  9. Whaler, that's from a fox. Got a couple of those in the backyard along with kits running around the last week or so.
  10. Planning on fishing the Cdga derby. Hoping sports don't get in the way. Planning to be out quite a bit this summer otherwise. Tightlines!
  11. Nice report and congrats on the new boat. What did you end up getting?
  12. I dont use the stackers but used the regular chamberlain releases last summer for my first full summer trolling. I was happy with them. Took a short time to adjust correctly but worked well after that. Id have to imagine the stacker release is very similar. Customer service was good when I had any questions as well. Hope this helps.
  13. Can I please get 1 card with 15 lb and 6' length. Will venmo asap. PM sent
  14. Nice work! Glad you had success and were able to fish all 3 days.
  15. Was that a standard sized nbk? Look forward to my first king while doing this as we normally are out for browns. Guessing it'll happen sooner or later.
  16. It didn't seem real busy. Saw maybe less than 10 boats. Everyone seemed scattered. Got away from the crowd east of webster park then headed back west. Kept picking at them. I'm told that same dipsy presentation works on the fingers. A bit reluctant to try it but I think I might sooner or later.
  17. Was itching bad to get out after all that wind lately
  18. First time out. Caught 13 browns and an atlantic. First atlantic on the big pond. Had a few doubles. All released. 6 rods between my son and I was pretty exciting at times. Most fish caught were near Webster park. Also first time catching fish for on chinook diver out 15, close to the boat. Surprising they come to grab that setup so close to the boat. Caught the Atlantic with that diver setup. Started with all natural color spoons out then substituted to a couple bright bayrats and brighter spoons once I saw the murky water. Good First trip for us!
  19. FTW, Some of the warmest water of the year is in sept. I'd say that's par for the course. Rodbuster and Frogger, I've heard stories of great fishing near the discharge. Never got to experience it.
  20. Here's a big shout out to Dlott on the forum. Was looking for a spoon I couldn't find. He made some up for me. I wouldn't hesitate to order again. Some pics below of some of his work.
  21. What are the dimensions? What size spoons will fit in there?
  22. Can't wait as well! Are you talking about the swing bridge?
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