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  1. I've got limited dr experience and have been using the chamberlain releases. Similar description to what Cody says above is how I've been running them. Missed few fish and haven't found myself pulling any smalls without releasing yet. Like the chamberlains but might try blacks and scottys as I have them as well.
  2. Was able to get after them again on the annual trip. Didn't catch many but they were nice.
  3. Can someone tell me the correct position for my outboard during travel? Just curious if I need some sort of brace or do I just tilt it up and call it good?
  4. Thanks alot for your help guys
  5. Do they still make them? I emailed and waiting to hear back
  6. How long are the crazy ivan spoons? Couldn't find a length anywhere.
  7. That's what I remembered them maybe being but didn't see anything like them on their website. Thanks
  8. Bought these 10 years ago or more. Do they look familiar? Can anyone Id them?
  9. Does anyone use them to target rainbows, browns, landlocked salmon? Saw some in bright colors that silver fish might like. Recently picked up a few and maybe gonna try them unless I'm wasting my time. Looking to run small howie fly around 16-18" behind.
  10. I caught my first fish, hopefully many more to come, on a wire diver rod over the weekend. I was running a 6' leader with a spoon behind the dipsy. I've been thinking of running a flasher fly behind the chinook diver at some point. Will the depth charts change because of the drag of the flasher or should I expect similar depths compared to when I just run a spoon behind the dipsy?
  11. Looking for 2 berts ratcheting rod holders. I see them on here occasionally.
  12. Grew up in the tug hill area. Don't forget the great inland trout streams as well. No shortage of places to wet a line
  13. Great report adesalvo! My son and I were able to make it out Sunday. I started solo around 6 something and picked him up later. Newer to my riggers and making a conscious effort at trolling. Put out a spin dr and atomic fly mostly just off bottom around 90 down, reel rage electric muffin at 50 (both on riggers) and a black widow stinger on 5 color. Changed spoons thoughout the morning. Fished till noonish. Fished ne side from Christian camp to ne Park area most of the morning. Fished a 3 color and 5 color with riggers once the boy joined me. Went 3 for 3 which I was happy about eventhough that's probably slow for alot of you. 9 lb laker just missed the board, a 3-4 lb laker and the boy caught a rainbow that was just barely legal. Big laker came on spin dr w/ fly was a challenge solo, smaller laker came on a rr electric muffin, and bow came on a dreamweaver ss confusion with 3 color. Hoping to improve just like you're saying adesalvo. Life is good!
  14. I know you say to stay with brand exclusitivity but how would I know to connect a Minnkota tm to a garmin fishfinder?
  15. I'll most likely be out there Sunday depending on youth sports sat. Good luck to all!
  16. Appreciate the help guys. I'll keep all that in mind when I'm using the downriggers next. I have a feeling I'll get into the fish sooner or later.
  17. Thanks for the quick responses. I'll keep those things in mind. Will have to throw out a spin dr and fly next time. Also, forgot to add this one in there.
  18. I have limited experience with downriggers. My boy and I have been out a couple times trying them out for the first time. We've been out on one of the fingerlakes trying different depths and lures. We've set one rigger low for Lakers and one higher just to see what we can get. Can someone decode what's going on in some of the pictures? I'm assuming I'm having some fish checkout my deep set as I go by but they're not committing. Maybe i'm scaring them away with the ball? My speed has been around 1.8-2.0 mph. Should I slow down? Try shorter/longer distance behind the ball? Been using gambler rigs with cowbells, and stingray sized spoons down deep.
  19. I searched all over for the traxtech and got no where. Finally was able to order some at rodtrees.com. Took a bit but have worked great.
  20. I see copper rods are usually set up in 250, 300, 400 etc. I'm not familiar with depths for each size. Can you elaborate?
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