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  1. Yes, north end-east side. Gotta try the south end a little more at some point though.
  2. Had to use a few days for work before losing them. Finally took the maiden voyage of the season. Better late than never. Fished East side. All fish came on spoons 30-50' down. Caught two 18" bows, a 19" unicorn brown (#4), and a 28" #7.5 laker. Can't say the last time I caught a brown here. What a fatty it was. Most likely my first canandaigua trout slam with 3 species. Turned out to be nice day. Tight lines!
  3. Ecstatic to see those January days again. Thanks to those who spoke up and those who listened. Hope to have the weather cooperate as well.
  4. Middle of the day yesterday in cut soybean field. Roadside.
  5. Got this 7 point about a week ago. My earliest bow buck in one of my favorite pinch points. Good luck everyone it's about to get good! Updated my post with trailcam pic of when I shot. The dark spot on the side of the buck is where the arrow had just passed through (before he bucked and ran off).
  6. I hope to get out a few more times. Also been noticing less posts here over the last year or so. Have seen an increase of posts and pics on Facebook. Fb may be stealing the thunder a bit. Of course you have the fall transition of hunting and ppl putting their boats away.
  7. Was out Saturday evening. Fleas were non existent. Guessing that may change with warmer weather this week.
  8. Hopefully the fleas have decreased. We got into them pretty bad on the 10th. Even had to hand line in a fish or two bc of the fleas. Would like to break out the braided dipsys next but don't want a mess.
  9. Thanks for posting. Seems like less and less reports on here. Fleas were bad last time I was out as well. Had to hand line in a couple times. Those bows are a good time, no doubt about it.
  10. Looking to buy some coleman lanterns. Preferably 1980 and older. Thanks.
  11. No browns here. Caught some real nice ones a number of years ago flat lining in spring but fairly newer to deeper trolling. Still waiting to get my first doing things this way. Hopefully soon!
  12. Been a busy summer. Last time I got out out was July due to many different reasons. Game plan was to target rainbows. Ended up 6 for 9 with 3 rainbows and 3 Lakers. All fish released. Two of the bigger bows looked skinny. Lakers were smaller. Had a couple leadcores out, 2 dipsy rods and 2 riggers. Eventually ditched flasher fly bc fish seemed to want spoons. Fleas weren't bad.
  13. Same for me chuck. Seems to be favorable conditions for bows recently. My son loves catching them. As for walleyes...I believe keuka has had some walleye catches lately as well. Sounds like someone probably making their way around the fingers doing some stocking.
  14. troutman10

    Canandaigua 7/1

    Def got fleas. Broke out the wire dipsy rods in anticipation.
  15. troutman10

    Canandaigua 7/1

    Got out with a friend of my boy and his Dad on Sat. Fished about 745 to 1045ish before the idiots usually come out. Went 7 for 9 with 5 bows and 2 Lakers. Best 2 fish caught was a 9 lb laker and a 4.25 lb bow. Ended up being my boys friend's biggest fish ever ...his pb was a big carp before. The dad reeled in the bigger rainbow. Was caught off guard when a laker bit the 3 color leadcore rod when surface temp was around 70. Didn't use fishhawk today. Got lucky.
  16. How far out of stoney do you gotta go to get to salmon water?
  17. Fished 7th a couple separate times. Caught a 20" ish landlocked out of there maybe 5-10 years ago with leadcore and spoons the switched over to bass. Also around the same time trolled on a separate outing and caught a small skinny laker one morning with spoons again. Didnt see much for bait but maybe there wasn't much happening the day i was out. That's about it for me other than casting and catching little smallies. I didn't have downriggers at the time. Fished on the outside of the big island in 7th. Theres a good drop along that island from what I remember. Sorry, not much else for ya
  18. I've got a couple 45° berts if interested.
  19. I have the smaller and larger spoon boxes from plano for sale. Asking $15 for the smaller and $30 for the larger. Will ship on your dime. Used for one season. Still in great shape.
  20. I believe the state record brown was from keuka lake at one point in time as well. Not sure of the story or the size of the fish. Maybe it will ring a bell with some others.
  21. Way to go, Congrats! That's a beauty. This is a great spot with alot of help like you say. I've narrowed the curve with everyone's help here as well.
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