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  1. ejp1365

    Oneida 7-16-21

    Took day off work to go hit the lake this morning. Fished 7am-noon. Very windy. Drifted all morning 1.0 - 2.0 mph. Fished 30-40 fow. Went 3 for 3 with 2 keepers. Caught my first fish on lead core today dragging a worm harness. Suspended fish over 40 fow. Really have no clue how far down it was but I had 5 colors out. Not sure if 5 colors at less than 2 mph with a single blade harness makes it to 25 ft but I doubt it. Second fish (the bigger if the two) came on worm harness behind a bottom bouncer in 38 fow. happy fishing!!
  2. 1989 Bluefin Spectrum (19’) with OMC 120 HP I/O motor with Escort trailer. Minn Kota Power Drive 2 bow mount trolling motor with iPilot, 54”, 55 lb thrust. Lowrance Elite 5 gps/fish finder. New trailer bunks 2 years ago. New trailer tires 3 years ago. $4,800 OBO. Located just north of Oneida Lake. call (315) 396-5854.
  3. Frogger, I have been dragging them behind a 1 oz bottom bouncer and either drifting or trolling.
  4. This has worked well for me last two times out.
  5. Got my boy his first couple of walleye this morning. Drifting worm harnesses 0.8-1.2 mph. 17 fow.
  6. Been lurking here for a couple seasons...love reading this every day, keeps me excited to get out and hunt. Congrats to everyone who connected this year. I closed out a long gun season on our property with a hunt yesterday in 6K in a foot of snow. No success this year but we are still learning the property a bit, gaining insight for next season every hunt. Pulled all my cameras and checked when I got home. Went from elation (bear and 2 of the biggest racks I've ever seen) to borderline rage (2 d-bags on motorcycles twice over Thanksgiving weekend). UGGGHHH!!!!
  7. Steelie and chef, thanks for the suggestions.
  8. Not sure NymphO, I did not ask how many. Scobar told me it was a return they were looking to get rid of so my gut says just the one. I called the store direct 716-875-0500 and talked to Marge, can't hurt to call and ask.
  9. purchased, and very excited. I need better boat control and hopefully this does the job and lets me fish more. Thanks for posting!!!
  10. Some young'ins having a bachelor party...and if you look close, it looks like Mom or big sis is supervising.
  11. Me and my buddy went to our property in Redfield this past Monday to do some mowing. He got out of his truck and was promptly "attacked" by a young tom. Came at him clucking with wings out and down, real tough guy pose. Funniest thing I have seen in a while, startled my buddy pretty good, we had no idea they were there. Next thing I saw was bunch of yellow puff balls run across the trail. Mom showed herself soon after.
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