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  1. Cayuga 6-24-17 and 6-25-17

    Way to go Mike, I was wondering how you did over the weekend, now I know congrats on a great couple days Ill be ordering a few of those flies.
  2. Scenery pics

    Great Sacandaga Lake
  3. Cayuga 4-23-17

    Nice job Mike way to go!
  4. Light suggestions for back of boat Check this site they have some pretty nice lights go to products then LED
  5. 2013 Mercury Pro Kicker Trim Motor Problem

    Hey Les Thanks for the response the motor is not a 13 like I put its an 11 time going by way to fast I really don't recall the motor ever making the noise the first couple years until last year with the early start and really cold mornings, it was ok the rest of the summer then the other day it was a little chilly but not cold by any means and it was doing it just doesn't seem right, the dealer where I bought it is almost fifty miles away just wanted to get some input before I drive all the way there.
  6. 2013 Mercury Pro Kicker Trim Motor Problem Trim Motor is Making a noise when raising and lowering as if its starving for oil at first it seemed to only do it in cold weather but last week it was warm and also made the noise pulled the fill plug and oil level is good actually seemed a little over filled no sign of water in oil could motor be going bad? Any input before I take it to dealer would be appreciated. Thanks
  7. Cayuga Cayuga 4/15

    It was a white with green dots spinny with Aqua UV Iron Duke Fly did not have another green dot but had other white SD's and put the same fly on but no go also tried other color combos the other three were with a Michigan stinger magnum spoon on by itself, one thing was a lot of fish we caught were not marked on finder had to be right on bottom.
  8. Cayuga Cayuga 4/15

  9. Cayuga Cayuga 4/15

    Cayuga 4/15 Had an awesome time on Cayuga this morning we caught twelve Lakers all but Three were over 7 LBS the biggest was 31 inches 11.5 LBS the most amazing thing is we had 6 rods in and 9 of the 12 fish were caught on the same rod with a Spinny and a Iron Duke Fly. Another interesting thing was one of the Lakers was covered with a red blood and rash like skin, this fish looked like it went through a war even had one of his front fins missing. Not sure if the skin defect was caused by Lampreys but sure did not seem to be, will post pics of biggest fish and injured one. Also all fish caught today were released to fight another day.
  10. Prayer requests

    Prayers Sent !
  11. Finger lakes tackle. who is owed money.

    Still can't believe he has an up and running web site this is nothing but a money pit for unsuspecting buyers and should be shut down I luckily made my purchase through PAY PAL he has until today which is ten days from file date to respond if he does not they are refunding my money. I don't know how or who to contact to shut this site down but if it is the AG office in New York I will make the call.
  12. Finger lakes tackle. who is owed money.

    Put an order in back on February 17th for 51.50 never received or heard anything since sent an E mail last week to ask about order never got a response I didn't know this business is a scam, thought something was messed up should never have to wait this long for an order. One thing is I paid with Pay Pal I will be contacting them today we'll see what they say.
  13. Downrigger Motor Rebuild

    Might be worth trying Thanks
  14. Downrigger Motor Rebuild

    You mention Auto Stop and I'm wondering, one of mine is AS and one is not does anyone know if there is any way to convert the non into an Auto Stop.