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  1. Look up fine tuned welding on facebook. He made me track adapters with rigger mounts and single rod holders, he also does rod trees but I’m sure he sells just the track adapters
  2. chinook35 also look for other ways to save. Look for deals through sites like Rakuten or sales to buy gift cards for % off. On cyber monday I bought livescope regular price of $1500 for $900 through rakuten, rebate and credit card cash back
  3. bass pro/ cabelas will have the 93uhd sv for 699.00. bought 2 last year awesome units and can add livescope down the road if you want
  4. If you think you can do it yourself, thats what I would do. I like to learn how to do my own stuff so I watch as many videos as I can find and google the fix to read about it. You save money and learn at the same time while knowing its done right.
  5. I have a eskimo hc40 propane 8 inch auger, only used a few times. only reason for selling it is the way we fish, we only drill a few holes a day (no tipups) asking $325.00 or B.O.
  6. Seeing this thread has me intrigued to try doing a food plot next year. My question is what did you start with in that field? Where I want to do it is about 3 acres in the middle of our woods that is overgrown goldenrod. Im thinking an atv pull behind mower to mow that off early spring and then follow what you did. thoughts?
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