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  1. look on facebook for fine tuned welding. He makes awesome mounts for the lund trac 90 or 42 so im sure he can help you out
  2. what time of year is best on the east end? looking to make a long weekend trip next year and curious if east end is good all year or better towards fall?
  3. Hello, just like title says is anyone selling heavy duty rod holders? looking for running dipsys. also looking for lund sport trac 42 degree mounts
  4. Ill take them please. Im in whitesboro so I can meet you tonight to pickup
  5. do you have 10 ready to go? if so ill send payment. thank you
  6. where are you located? interested in the 4 rigger rods
  7. so when is a good time for walleye in that area? we just bought a boat and wanted to come up there for some big eyes.
  8. I would like 2 12lb torpedos shipped to 13492. Give me total price and how you prefer payment please. thank you
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