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  1. if you want downrigger mounts made to fit that track system, look up fine tuned welding on facebook. He made me a set but mine was the 45 degree track. he also makes rod trees and really nice single rod holders
  2. I opted to put the transducer on its own pole. If its on the trolling motor and using spot lock the panoptix is almost useless with how much the trolling motor moves
  3. best bet is go to YouTube. there is channels that they deconstruct different batteries and tell you how the connections are and quality of components inside
  4. All items can be picked up near Utica or buyer pays shipping Spoons (bottom are all flutter spoons) $60 releases- 4 Blacks, 4 Roemers, 5 Scottys $100
  5. I have a brand new set of wire diver
  6. I’m not sure. I bought them used a couple years ago thinking we were going to fish Ontario a little but only used them once on oneida. They do work great though
  7. I am looking for a bracket that mounts the dual rod holder to a cannon downrigger
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