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  1. the charger has to be compatible with lithium ion batteries for it to work. I believe those batteries also have a computer board (BMS) on them to verify stuff before it will charge
  2. my boat is just under 17 foot and has a 50hp Yamaha 4 stroke. I was able to install an electronic throttle button to lower my rpms even more a just in gear. I also put a 24v 80lb minn kota terrova on the front. If I'm trolling 1.5 or under I just use the minn kota and get several hours from it and especially on oneida walleye or perch fishing having spot lock is awesome plus with that I can set my speed and heading and don't have to worry about boat control while setting up my spread. If I'm over 2mph I use the big motor for speed plus use the minn kota for steering.
  3. I bought the VEVOR chamber sealer and I love it!!! I can fit a little bigger than a gallon size bag in there so I dont think a walleye fillet will be a problem, if it is cut the filet in half. I bet I can fit a whole chicken in the chamber
  4. I always pop all 3 of the units out of the cradle for travel
  5. yes they are a great unit. I have 2 93 units and a 106 unit with 2 livescopes on my 17ft boat. If you buy the unit dont open it until after monday. Cabelas is running 15% off if you use their card on mondays but not sure if they will have the sale price still
  6. I dont do the finger lakes but I fish oneida jigging and trolling. I have the garmin version and it works awesome!!!! I like it mounted on a pole mount because we spot lock and it doesnt work good with that feature (moves around to much). If you plan on trolling with it get a good pole mount, arclab and fingear seem to have good sturdy poles and mounts but pricey.
  7. they make a bigger propane heater you can hang on the wall for that purpose thats vent free. It would work way better than this small of a heater
  8. dakota has had reports of problems and not standing behind their warranty from members on iceshanty. Amped seems to be a better company form what ive heard reading posts. But with that said I just went with 2 deep cycle from walmart on my 17ft boat for my terrova. The weight to me wasnt a big deal and some people say those trolling motors dont like lithiums (burns them up) but I dont know if thats true.
  9. i would go copper if your looking for those depths. the longer the leadcore the less is will fall because of drag. or do 10 color with snap weight but copper would be better
  10. where are you located and what are you looking to get price wise on stuff? Id be interested in the rod/reels and stick baits
  11. yes, came in a couple days. very easy hookup to. hardest part was figuring where to put it and make the hole
  12. https://www.simyamaha.com/remote-variable-trolling-rpm-switch-kit-vts/
  13. go to simyamaha.com. It says backordered but they had them in stock, I just ordered one a couple weeks ago. maybe contact them before ordering. best price available too
  14. the blacks and scottys are sold. still have the roemer releases
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