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  1. I’m not sure. I bought them used a couple years ago thinking we were going to fish Ontario a little but only used them once on oneida. They do work great though
  2. I am looking for a bracket that mounts the dual rod holder to a cannon downrigger
  3. Do the planer boards have the double action tattle flags on them? Can’t tell from the pic if it’s that it just the flag. If it’s tattle flags I’ll take the package please
  4. yes it does. If you go to navionics.com and do chart viewer, that is pretty much the data you will have or better. (garmin now owns navionics)
  5. get ahold of fine tuned welding on facebook, he made me some track adapters with rod holders and downrigger mounts for my g3 which is like the lund ones. He does excellent work and very reasonably priced
  6. did you call fish307? they might have a part that supersedes that
  7. wire to snap/swivel then diver is what I do. Mono/flouro after the diver
  8. where is local? Im near utica. If close ill take it
  9. I’ll take these please. Will need shipped. Send me your PayPal
  10. Id be interested in the board schematics if you have them handy
  11. Guess i thought you were asking if you can use twili tip. I know a lot of guys use cheap rods, okuma glt, shimano tdr or diawa as long as it has the twili tip and the hold up fine
  12. I have okuma glt with twili tip, works great
  13. Im not sure much about the ps30 with trolling but I would research the views a little more and google trolling with livescope
  14. ps30 is just down view from what I understand, I would imagine if you put livescope in perspective view it would show down and back about 40 ft, plus you would have the same down view and forward view
  15. also before you set on the ps30, cabelas has the actual livescope for 1299 starting the 10th.
  16. I use the 93 and think it works great for it. scheels still has the 93 for 699 I believe
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